Chapter 2240: Here’s A Gift, Now Scram

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Everlasting Monarch sat on the main chair with a cold expression. His disciples stood to his sides with their hands resting on their swords’ hilt and had a vicious glare, resembling a butcher sharpening their blade.

Remember, this was Longevity Valley, the orthodox branch of the system. Disciples from any other powers would be docile in its territory to the point of being overly cautious about their appearance and manner.

This wasn’t the case for these disciples, acting as if this was their own backyard. It was as if they were ready to fight at the first sign of discord, not giving a damn about Longevity Valley.

Time continued to pass and the valley still hasn’t sent any big shot to greet the monarch. This was certainly intentional at this point.

The monarch smirked. Not long from now, war and cries of anguish would engulf this place while he stood over all of them!

“The First Disciple of Longevity Valley has arrived.” Someone shouted.

Li Qiye and Fan Miaozhen came inside with a few other disciples.

He looked over at the monarch and said: “Why are you here?”

Such an imperious attitude angered the disciples on the other side. Their master has swept through the realms, a true big shot in the system and a minor True God.

The monarch’s eyes turned cold but he didn’t burst out in anger: “Who are you?”

“Monarch, he is our First Disciple and also my First Brother.” Miaozhen said.

“Miss Fan, I am here to see Longevity Sage.” The monarch coldly responded. [1]

“The sage isn’t someone you can see whenever you want. Spill it if you got something to say, don’t waste my time. “Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said.

“You!” The monarch’s eyes became severe: “The matters I want to talk about can’t be decided by a nobody like you!”

“Monarch, our First Disciple is in charge right now for all matters pertaining to the valley.” Miaozhen said.

Li Qiye looked like a junior in everyone’s eyes but Miaozhen’s words carried some weight in the valley.

“Fart if you must already, it’s your honor to be in my presence.” Li Qiye urged again.

“How impudent!” A disciple standing behind the monarch on the other side immediately shouted.

“Slap them.” Li Qiye ordered without bothering to look.

“Pop! Pop!” Miaozhen personally slapped the guy without holding back, causing blood to spill from the corner of his mouth.

This guy wasn’t bad but he was inferior to someone like Miaozhen.

He became furious but the monarch held him back.

“The valley is the leader of the system, even your emperor can’t be arrogant here.” Miaozhen’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

She wasn’t as nice as Yalan and Shaoyao, possessing enough decisiveness when it came to big matters.

“Very well, it is my fault for not educating him well enough.” The monarch glared at Li Qiye before speaking.

They weren’t in a rush before figuring out the valley’s true strength. He continued on: “It’s good that you can take charge. I came bearing good news, Everlasting and Longevity have been like family, no need for this aggression.”

With that, he clapped. The disciples outside carried chests to the hall and opened it.

“One chest of Clearflame Jade-eye; one pair of Lark Jewel; one hundred pounds of Redsteel Ore; one bottle of Exquisite Spirit Springwater; one Soultree Pin; one box of Dendrobium Orchid…”

The disciples called out the content before concluding: “A total of eighteen chests of treasures!”

The monarch stood up and smiled: “As I said before, I am here with joyous news. Longevity Valley’s Doctor Mu is amazing and beautiful, at the right age for marriage. My nephew Huang is a pillar of Everlasting, a rare genius. He and Doctor Mu are in love…”

“Monarch, watch your words.” Miaozhen interrupted him and straightforwardly denied: “My Junior Sister is a pure girl.”

She didn’t give any face to the monarch after hearing him spouting nonsense. 

“Ahem.” The monarch cleared his throat and continued: “All in all, the two are a good match created by the heaven and earth. Because of this, I am here under the order of His Majesty to propose while bearing some humble gifts…”

This was before the exchange of the eight words and ignoring whether the valley’s acceptance. The monarch brought gifts already, almost forcing a marriage. [2]

“Humble gifts indeed. Eighteen chests of treasures? More like eighteen chests of scrap metals. Take them away, return from whence you came.” Li Qiye interrupted the monarch.

“Clank.” Li Qiye also threw out something - a coin rolling on the ground. It exuded an imperial aura and true energy, suffocating the entire crowd.

“An imperial coin!” Even Miaozhen was astounded by this extravagant display.

Everyone stood there in a daze at the sight of this imperial coin. It was unbelievably precious. Other true stones of this level were extremely tiny. As for a coin cast from imperial metal? Not many individuals or even sects were qualified to create them.

But now, Li Qiye had just thrown one out, clearly an authentic piece too. Even in Longevity Valley, only the high-level ancestors could use them. Ultimately, it was a precious type of resource for a dao system.

Throwing it away like trash was insane. Of course, Li Qiye had the personal treasury of Insane Ancestor. One imperial coin was nothing since he had an outrageous amount.

Though the eighteen chests of treasures were worth quite a bit, they were still regular items, far inferior to a single coin.

Everlasting Monarch didn’t know what to do since he didn’t expect such a development. Longevity Valley didn’t need to break all friendly pretenses even if they were going to refuse this proposal. However, Li Qiye was trying to break them down with money.

“A bunch of poor wretches wanting to marry my Junior Sister? Simply frogs wanting to eat swan meat.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively and said: “Here, have this imperial coin, go back and buy some food.”

Miaozhen had a strange grin on her face. Using an imperial coin to buy meat? That could be an entire mountain of meat.

The monarch and his group were at a loss; some started thinking about whether they were really poor wretches or not?

After all, their treasures didn’t look like much anymore. The monarch took a deep breath and said slowly: “We come with sincerity but most importantly, the two are a great match; their social position and economic status are in harmony as well…”

“Poor wretches like you dare to utter that phrase?” Li Qiye insulted again: “My Junior Sister is far above your standing. Know your place.”

Miaozhen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Their sect naturally wouldn’t accept this marriage proposal. However, this refusal method was too aggressive like stomping on someone’s face or a backhanded slap.

She thought that she was fierce enough but after seeing him in action, she realized she was a bandit watching the bandit king.

“You need to watch your words, do not insult our kingdom.” The monarch’s expression sank.

Regardless of the proposal, Li Qiye’s attitude was too rude. All in all, the valley was the first to drop the friendly act and not giving their kingdom any face.

1. The I here is an imperious one

2. Eight words are a summary of fortune telling - one's birth data for astrological purposes, combined from year, month, day, hour. Each was replaced by two words, resulting in eight.

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