Chapter 2241: Crushed To Death

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“Watch my words?” Li Qiye smiled: “I told you already, it is an honor being able to speak with me. Your Everlasting is nothing. If I’m in a good mood, then it can stay around, but provoke me and I’ll treat it like an ant. Just one stomp is enough to crush it to death!”

The monarch’s expression rightfully soured. Everlasting wasn’t a random power. They were the strongest in Longevity System, capable of taking the rule from Longevity Valley. But now, he made it sound as if they were completely worthless.

This was a blatant insult to the kingdom. The monarch and his disciples’ eyes flashed with fury. No one has ever dared to treat them like this in this system. Their disciples could walk straight even before those from Longevity Valley. This was an unprecedented humiliation.

“Junior, think before you speak!” The monarch howled: “Everything has consequences, can you actually handle them?! It’s not too late to concede, I am benevolent enough to forgive you, otherwise…”

“Oh?” Li Qiye smiled without a care in the world.

The monarch glared at him and uttered coldly: “This marriage proposal came out of respect for both love and comradery, also to lead you all towards the right path…”

“So we’re the one reaching above our station?” Miaozhen interrupted him.

“Miss Fan, to be frank, the world has changed. You need to view it with a different perspective lest you want to die without understanding why.” The monarch smirked: “Leaving Doctor Mu aside, you also need to find a good groom. Our Crown Prince is looking for a concubine.”

The monarch spoke without any reservation, seemingly prepared ahead of time.

It was time for the disciples of Longevity to be angry. Miaozhen was their First Sister, respected by the entire sect. On the other hand, Everlasting was only a kingdom beneath Longevity Valley yet they dare to make this comment? It was a blatant challenge to the valley’s authority, an insult, even.

“Me, a concubine?” Miaozhen unexpectedly laughed: “Your Miracle Young Noble who only buys his fame wants to take me in as a concubine? He needs to look in the mirror first! Just another frog!”

“Miss Fan, you won’t be arrogant like this forever. Not long from now, you won’t even be qualified to be a concubine. He’ll just toy with you before throwing you away!”

“Pop!” His mockery was interrupted by a slap from Li Qiye.

He was simply too fast and the monarch didn’t have a chance to dodge at all before blood started to drip out of his mouth.

“Idiot, last chance to scram now and keep your dog life.” Li Qiye said.

“You’re dead!” A monarch like him had never been humiliated like this so he lost his cool completely.

“Kill him!” The disciples next to him began attacking with their weapons.

They weren’t weak, quite skilled at close combat arts even. Their slashes had great teamwork, trapping Li Qiye inside.

“Ants.” Li Qiye’s figure flashed before he started his rampage.

“Rumble! Crack! Crack!” These disciples got their bones broken. Some even turned straight into a bloody mush.

More than ten died just like that, no chance to scream.

The monarch roared and seized this chance to attack. His pagoda turned into a mighty mountain and flew straight for Li Qiye. This was an attack capable of destroying a mountain range.

“Child’s play.” Li Qiye created a huge palm and crushed the pagoda in the form of a mountain into smithereens. The palm continued heading for the monarch.

The monarch used his best art to try and stop Li Qiye but it was useless. He was blown out of Longevity Valley.

The guy was bloodied, who knows how many bones have been broken just now? He was scared out of his mind while trying to get up from the mud.

He wasn’t the only one startled. Miaozhen was stunned too - Li Qiye’s power far exceeded her expectation. This monarch couldn’t handle a single move from him.

Before the monarch could run away, a voice leisurely came from behind him: “Pretty tough bones, can still stand.”

“What, what do you want?!” The monarch turned pale and staggered backward, realizing that he had kicked a steel plate.

Li Qiye chuckled: “What I want? Hmm, gaze at the moon while enjoying tea with a few pretty ladies if I’m in a good mood. When I’m not, killing a god, maybe a few millions more. That’s not a bad way to kill time. Unfortunately for you, I’m in a bad mood right now.”

“I, I am the monarch of Everlasting with, with an army of millions, the trusted general of the emperor. If, if you do anything to me, my army will come and destroy Longevity!” He shouted.

“That’s great to hear.” Li Qiye rubbed his palms and laughed: “It’s been some years before my previous massacre. Recalling it makes me a little sentimental, mountains of bones and the stench of blood. Quite exciting, isn’t it? Your army will be an appetizer. My body has been rotting, lacking exercise.”

Everyone else thought that Li Qiye was only intimidating the guy, but not Miaozhen. She suddenly felt that he was speaking the truth, that he had massacred millions before and created mountains of corpses.

She shuddered at this thought, at the true butcher standing before her. His smile was the smile of a devil, even scarier than his angry expression.

“Do you not know that, that Everlasting is the strongest, far above your Longevity, and some of our members are beyond your imagination, not people you can ever afford to...” The monarch continued to howl while running.

He didn’t get to finish before Li Qiye gripped his neck. Resisting was futile for he was an ant right now.

“Tutor, save me!” He finally called out for help.

“Boom!” Light exploded outside the valley, heralding the hymns of swords. Numerous divine swords flew out of the ground and floated outside the sect.

“Clank!” These massive swords above the sky emitted a frightening energy.

Not to mention the disciples from Longevity, even the cultivators and mortals in the nearby towns were horrified.

“Boom!” The aura of a True God poured down like a waterfall.

Remember, this was the territory of Longevity. Someone exuding their aura in full like this was a blatant challenge to the sect’s authority!

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