Chapter 2288: Not Quite A Negotiation

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The sage took her time thinking before quietly speaking: “I still don’t think it’s possible. This root is too significant to us, our valley will only exist in name after losing it.”

“How so?” Li Qiye smiled: “If a system relies solely on an immortal medicine, then what’s the point of the dao source and other foundations? Missing the dao source is the only way a system exists in name only. Plus, this isn’t a negotiation. I’m simply telling you that if it is impossible, make it possible.”

The sage shook her head: “That’s pushing it, why must we go this far?”

‘Not far at all.” Li Qiye chuckled: “I need it not for longevity but rather, its origin, roots, and profundities. All of these are beyond your level, so I will have it. It is useless in your sect right now.”

“Even if I’m willing, the elders might not be.” She eventually said.

“Then I’ll just forcefully take it. Don’t blame me for being rude then.” He said.

Her expression darkened as she glared at him: “That’s an exaggeration, we’re still a system.”

“So what?” Li Qiye smirked: “I don’t mind fighting against all of Myriad Lineage, let alone one system. When I make up my mind, I don’t give a damn about anyone, even across all of Three Immortals. If you are insightful and know when to back off, then your future will be bright. Doing the opposite is courting death.”

“You think our sect can be bullied so easily?” She angrily glared.

“No, I don’t think so. I simply think that I will kill whoever in my path, regardless of how powerful they are.” He said with gravity.

Anyone else would have erupted in anger right now after hearing such contemptuous words. Moreover, her sect had just destroyed Everlasting so they felt quite confident. Others would think that Li Qiye was boasting and being ignorant.

She, on the other hand, knew that he wasn’t messing around. His next action could be earth-shattering.

Though she was still bullish about her own sect, thinking that they could deal with any problem despite not being as strong as Yang Radiance and the martial court, she wasn’t quite confident when their foe was Li Qiye. She wasn’t sure of just how monstrous he truly was.

“I’m a reasonable person or I wouldn’t have become your First Disciple and help you destroy Everlasting. Be generous and I shall do the same. If I take your Longevity Root, I will also present a gift.”

Having said that, a poof came about along with a flame jumping in his palm.

“Myriad Flame…” She gasped with a changed expression.

“This is the fate between us.” Li Qiye said.

“A supreme fire seed, greatly related to our fire race.” She nodded.

She was also a firekin so this flame was precious beyond words. It could derive their race’s true profundity such as the fire shield used by Li Qiye earlier.

Moreover, that shield was only one part. They could create many more mystical abilities and items after obtaining it.

She wasn’t the only firekin at the valley either. Plenty of disciples came from the fire race because their progenitor was also one.

That’s why when she met him for the first time, she felt a unique fire seed. That’s why she mentioned the fateful connection between the two of them. It wasn’t just a random statement.

“I don’t need to blabber on about its value, this is something your progenitor desired but couldn’t have.” Li Qiye said: “if I were to leave it at your valley, which is more precious, this or the Longevity Root?”

This prompted another contemplation session for the sage. Their root had ties with immortality, but this was strictly a legend. No one in their sect could understand its true mystery, not even their progenitor. This resulted in the root’s limited effectiveness.

It would be an entirely different story if they were to have Myriad Flame. Outside of having many firekins, their main business was pill making and alchemy. This flame was very precious for alchemists.

They could come up with materials meant for making pills at the progenitor level, or their alchemists could reach the level for making the top pills, but without the right fire seed, they couldn’t do anything. This problem would be solved with Myriad Flame.

Moreover, this flame would also improve the existing fire seeds in the valley. This would allow for their alchemists to reach the next level.

It was an improvement in all aspects. Their alchemists and fire seeds greatly benefited from this. Their alchemy would be even more untouchable than now.

So, in terms of usability, Myriad Flame was superior to Longevity Root. The latter was mainly important for symbolic reasons.

At this moment, the flame was traveling from Li Qiye’s hand towards the sage. It eventually fell into her grasp.

“Go back and tell your ancestors that everyone will be happy with this and the future will still be bright.” Li Qiye said: “But if you feel that you can try to go against me, then that’s even better for me. I’ll gain more than just that root.”

The sage only sighed without responding.

“Of course, I don’t want war either because the girls in the valley are so beautiful, including a master like you. It would be so sad if I have to stain my hand with blood.” He smiled.

The sage put the flame away. This conversation was over now regardless of her sect’s intent.

She sat down again in the same pose as before: “I don’t question your abilities, but I do want to warn you about something. Be careful, people are watching you.”

“Oh?” He smiled, not giving a damn.

The sage continued: “The attempted rebellion isn’t a coincidence. Someone was working in the shadows perhaps a Young Noble from the Mu, someone from up there. He is quite influential here with numerous followers, but more importantly, his clan is unbelievably strong.” 

“Whatever, just a bunch of dogs and cats, can’t reach the apex.” He casually responded.

“Good.” She lightly smiled before speaking: “However, I’ve heard that Vermillion Martial Court wishes to have a marriage alliance with them.”

“I see, you wish to have the tiger bite the wolf again.” Li Qiye knew what she was doing.

“I don’t dare, I’m just stating the truth.” She went on: “Plus, I don’t need to egg you on about this matter since you want to kill whoever is in your way, so that phrase doesn’t apply here.”

“That’s true. Mu Clan or not, I’ll kill them all.”

The two of them chatted for a bit before the sage left. Li Qiye went back to meditating beneath the wutong tree. This zen state made a single moment seems like a thousand years.

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