Chapter 2290: Will I Still Be Able To Call You First Brother?

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Myriad Lineage became lively with many impatient souls climbing up the paper boat and offering their coins.

Plenty of black boats was available since so many came out of the black portal. It could be said that no matter where one was in Myriad, even in the most remote region, they would be able to see these boats.

That’s why as long as one’s pocket was filled, they could climb up these boats and reach Moneyfall in the shortest amount of time. Of course, the longer journeys required more coins.

Li Qiye descended from Herb-plucking not long after Moneyfall’s appearance.

The three sisters have been waiting for the entire time, an order from the sage.

“Senior Brother, are you going back to the valley now?” The quiet Mu Yalan was the first to ask with a wanting expression.

Though they didn’t know what he and their master talked about, intuition told them that there was a rift.

Of course, they truly wanted for him to come back. The valley needed someone like him. Plus, they enjoyed the time spent together in the last several days.

“No, not right now.” Li Qiye shook his head while staring at the boats in the sky. He then turned towards the direction of the black portal, peering through the great distance to see through it.

“You want to go to Moneyfall?” Miaozhen knew right away.

“Yes, I’ve been wanting to go there so its appearance now is saving me a lot of time.” He spoke, eyes slightly batted.

Others were there for treasures and fortunes, but he wanted to meet an existence in that place.

“I’ll go with you then, it’s nice to have a companion.” Miaozhen blinked and smiled cutely.

“Us, us too.” Both Mu Yalan and Qin Shaoyao wanted to tag along.

“No, if you’re going to go, do it with the valley lord.” Li Qiye looked at one boat and said: “I still have some business that might be a bit troublesome.”

“You want to go to Imperial Perish!” Miaozhen was smart enough to deduce this. He was someone who wasn’t afraid of anything, so something troublesome must be quite horrifying. She immediately thought about a place that fits the description - Imperial Perish.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye’s eyes became profound. He knew that he must go there due to all the memories he had obtained.

“Imperial Perish…” Both the other girls naturally knew this place.

“That’s too dangerous.” Shaoyao’s expression turned pale: “There’s no leaving that terrible place. Several True Gods have died there, even Sacredheal Progenitor never returned.”

All eyes were on Li Qiye now. All the girls have heard from their seniors about this horrifying place.

Not to mention True Emperors, even one progenitor have died there, the creator of Sacredheal System. A progenitor was an invincible existence, virtually unmatched outside of their peers. Alas, Sacredheal never came out.

It wasn’t because he was weak but rather, that place was too much to handle. No one tried to do so later on. Thus, the three girls were justifiably concerned.

Li Qiye smiled: “It’s fine, just a quick look. I don’t have plans to stay there for long.”

The girls smiled wryly. Just taking a look at Imperial Perish? Nevertheless, this was Li Qiye they were talking about.

“Go back to the valley now.” He told the three: “If you really want to go, the valley lord will pick a good time.”

They could only nod their head since they needed to report his journey to Imperial Perish to the sage.

“Senior Brother…” The reserved Yalan called out and hesitated for a moment before continuing: “Will, will you still be the First Brother of the valley?”

All three stared at him with hopeful eyes. Though they didn’t stay together for that long, he left a deep impression on them. In fact, they benefited greatly from the interactions as if he was a real First Brother.

Though their master didn’t say anything, they knew that things have gone south and that Li Qiye was only the First Disciple in name. He could leave at any moment or worse, a fight could break out.

He chuckled after seeing their glimmering gaze before answering: “That’s not important whether I’m the First Disciple or not. At the very least, we are indeed connected by fate. Everything is possible in that case.”

Having said that, he flashed into disappearance and emerged again on top of a black boat. He casually threw a coin down as well.

“Clank.” The coin melted, causing a ripple on the ground before disappearing.

The boat turned and shot out like an arrow towards the portal with amazing speed. It was crossing through the spatial fabrics. One would be left wondering how a paper boat could have such power.

The girls watched his boat fade out in the horizon before withdrawing their gaze.

“Let’s go back.” Miaozhen sighed and told the other two.

Their sect won completely during the ceremony and destroyed the ambitious Everlasting. They should be happy right now but alas, their mind was heavy - aware that certain things were wrong between Li Qiye and the valley.

They saw their master’s expression and perhaps a fight could even break out. This was something they didn’t want to see the most. After all, they have fought together with Li Qiye before.

The boat brought Li Qiye towards the portal. Along the way, many other boats were doing the same thing.

Some had one passenger while others carried large groups. The more people, the more coins were required.

Both the young and old were excited, eager to try for the treasures and fortunes at Moneyfall.

The boats arrived quickly to the portal. Still more boats were coming out while some from all over the world were about to come in.

When these boats touched the black hole, they seemed to be swallowed up - a bit of a daunting scene.

This horrifying scene instead stirred the crowd into excitement. One youth actually shouted: “Here I come, Moneyfall!”

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was as nonchalant as ever inside his boat.

“Poof!” His boat entered the portal. A black tide suddenly engulfed him as if the portal was an ocean instead.

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