Chapter 2292: Ways To Open

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Li Qiye slowly re-emerged after some time had passed. Strands of light came out of the ground and gathered on his palm, eventually forming Heaven Reckon again.

The ruler changed quite a bit - its light became more luminous with signs of returning to the origin, changing from complexity to simplicity. Everything became part of a singular scale, easy to grasp.

He seemed to have fallen asleep while the ruler continued to exude rippling radiance. All mysteries were hidden within.

When he opened his eyes again, they profoundly glared at the far horizon: “I see. I’m a reasonable and cultured person, so I’ll start with peaceful measures first.” Having said that, he set off with a smirk.

This place was far bigger than any single system. No one knew of its exact size. At this moment, people were coming and going to find treasure grounds and fortunes.

“Over there, it’s an official ground.” A senior looked at a mountain ahead and told his group of disciples.

These juniors didn’t notice anything special at all. One of them asked: “Master, what is an official ground?”

“It’s a place with a marked price. As long as you pay it, there is a chance.” The master responded.

“And if there isn’t?” The disciple inquired again.

“Those are wildlands with no known price. People can throw money there and get nothing in return. Of course, if one is lucky enough, they can become rich by just spending one coin. A lot of people gamble there.” The master patiently explained.

“That’s the only difference?” The disciple continued.

“Official grounds are much safer and easier to escape from.” The master answered.

“We want to buy that mountain?” Another question came up.

“We don’t have that much money, only that little area.” The senior pointed towards the east.

“Who do we buy it from?” The disciple saw that it was deserted.

“No from anyone.” The group got there and the master said: “See that sign? If there is a sign, it’s an official ground. No sign means that it is a wildland.”

The juniors looked down and saw a symbol of a golden coin on the ground. It seemed like it originated from an ancient era. The carvings have faded for the most part.

“How much is it?” A different disciple looked at the symbol but didn’t understand anything.

“It hasn’t appeared yet, we need to ask.” The master shook his head and smiled.

With that, he threw a coin at the symbol.

“Clank!” The coin disappeared right away. The symbol lit up and revealed a number after a buzz.

“What the hell? Wanting true coins for a price check? it wants to squeeze us dry.” One of them complained.

“That’s why the rich do very well here. Without money, taking a single step is hard, let alone finding treasures.” The master smiled.

“It, it wants 30,000 true coins at the True Warrior level.” One disciple stuttered.

The group looked around and became speechless. This land had less than ten fields yet it wanted such a high price? 

“It’s too expensive.” They shared this sentiment because they weren’t from a big sect and had limited money.

“Have to try.” The master gritted his teeth and took out a spatial pouch. He counted the coins and took out exactly 30,000 true coins of the True Warrior level. He naturally didn’t want to spend so much because it wasn’t easy for them to save for it.

“Get back now, if something bad happens, just run. You’re not strong enough to handle anything dangerous.” The master told his disciples.

After the youths retreated far away, the master finally threw down the coins.

“Clank.” All the coins disappeared after touching the ground.

“Crack!” This area suddenly cracked in many places. Finally, an item underground came out in the same location as the symbol.

It emitted strands of lights with an ancient aura.

“Yes! Looks like a treasure talisman.” The group saw this talisman and didn’t know what it was. Nevertheless, its aura was quite impressive.

“Quite a profit, 30,000 true coins for this item.’ The master became excited.

“Master, we have to put it away lest others notice.” A smart disciple rushed over to take the talisman.

“Watch out!” The master noticed a disturbance underground and became startled.

Alas, it was too late. Blood splashed everywhere. A long tentacle dripped out of the ground and penetrated this disciple’s chest, resulting in instant death.

“Master…” The boy’s eyes widened in disbelief. His master couldn’t save him.

“Second Brother!” The others screamed.

“Don’t come over.” This master decisively pushed everyone back right when more tentacles came out of the ground.

They surrounded the talisman. Each was as black as ink with scales and thorns - quite a terrifying spectacle.

People didn’t know what kind of monster was underground after seeing them.

“Go call your First Uncle and the others, we’ll fight our way in together.” The master didn’t want to lose this talisman and told one junior.

This youth immediately went to ask for help.


These things happened quite often in Moneyfall. The result and the accompanying emotions varied as well.

On a particular flat mound, someone was dropping some true coins.

This stimulated some cracking noises before a beam shooting to the sky.

“Lotus Lamp, this is an ancient artifact!” The expert became ecstatic and left right away with the treasure. Others would become greedy after finding out.

“So lucky, spending only 3,000 True Hero coins for an ancient artifact, that’s some heaven-defying luck.” Greed and envy engulfed the area.

“Clank!” Someone else spent a massive amount of coins and the place suddenly collapsed.

Before people could reach, a howl came about. Long teeth appeared before a massive bloody jaw. It swallowed everyone instantly while biting down on their bones.

“No…” Some people managed to scream before being eaten alive.

After devouring everyone, the jaw retreated back to the ground.

“Shit, aren’t official grounds safer?” A spectator in the distant shuddered.

“Yes, relative to the wildlands. But the higher priced areas are proportionally more dangerous.” An older cultivator explained.

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