Chapter 2322: Retreat

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The unbeatable slash had nothing to do with cultivation and dao profundity, and especially not reliant on the quality of the treasure, or the sword in this case. Speed was the main and only focus.

Exceeding speed itself allowed him to break the shackles. Techniques and merit laws became useless; just one swing alone could take care of the enemies.

This paragon slash gave everyone goosebumps since it had nearly surpassed all boundaries. In a direct confrontation, even an Ascender wouldn’t think they could stop it.

“All are meaningless before understanding the creations, fortunes, and profundities of the grand dao.” Li Qiye said plainly.

The trio all had an austere expression. Even the crown prince who had cultivated his progenitor’s arts became serious with a touch of confusion.

They lost all confidence after seeing that slash. There was no sure way of stopping it, and failure also meant death.

“Leave, I won’t repeat this again, the next slash will kill.” Li Qiye casually stated.

All eyes turned towards the trio of top geniuses in Myriad. They were qualified to become True Emperors, but a choice must be made right now. Either to give up or to die.

They glanced at each other, unwilling to spare Conqueror just like that. After all, he was a fish on the platter now. A chance like this might not present itself again in the future.

Worst of all, they were famous experts. Calling themselves unbeatable might be too much, but they were still the top existences of the young generation. If they were to concede to Li Qiye’s threat just now before everyone, their reputation would go down the drain - something quite hard to swallow.

After all, it was humiliating for successors and even leaders of a system to be treated like this.

Eventually, Sword Sovereign coldly said: “There is always tomorrow.”

He had the urge to back off since he wasn’t sure of receiving an attack from Li Qiye without suffering damage. He didn’t wish to die in this place before enjoying his life as the leader of Sword Grave.

There would be other chances at taking Conqueror down as long as they were alive.

“Brother Conqueror, consider yourself lucky today. It won’t happen again in the future.” Coiling Dragon also begrudgingly backed off.

The crown prince glared at Li Qiye before leaping forward and disappearing into the horizon.

Sword Sovereign returned his sword to its scabbard and scowled at Conqueror. He didn’t wish to linger around and returned back to his peak.

Uttering some strong rhetoric was useless at this moment. It couldn’t reverse the tide so keeping quiet was the better course of action. This meant that Conqueror was saved.

Most didn’t find this surprising because Li Qiye’s slash was horrifically strong. This person was unfathomable. Opposing him right now was quite unwise. Nevertheless, a few still found this strange because these geniuses have been unstoppable. Older True Gods still needed to be polite towards them, not to mention their powerful backings.

“Strong and domineering enough to be matchless among the young.” An old expert was lost in admiration.

“Not necessarily, Young Lord Mu is still around.” A good friend of the trio snorted and countered.

“That’s true.” Another expert shuddered after hearing this name.

“I’ve heard about his numerous abilities and matchless talents. I’m sure he has some heaven-defying items too since he comes from above.” One ancestor commented with a contemplative stare.

A copious number of people feared him. Powerful systems also felt the same way.

Conqueror could finally breathe easy so his wounds recovered quite a bit. He bowed towards Li Qiye and said: “Thank you for your assistance during perilous moments. I owe you my life and will pay you back in the future, Brother Li.”

Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively as if it was no big deal.

Conqueror stood up and soared to the horizon. The situation here was unfavorable so he needed to leave.

The atmosphere calmed down after his departure. Though Coiling Dragon and Sword Sovereign were still around, they played nice on their respective peak and didn’t say anything.

Though they had ancestors around, this wasn’t the time for them to show off their real strength. The main goal was still Coinbeast City so saving their strength was crucial.

All eyes turned towards the distant ocean. People finally remembered why they were here.

“Faster, faster, the beast should be coming out any time now.” An experienced ancestor claimed.

He took out a bunch of coins at the True God level and scattered them in front.

“Ancestor, why are we doing that?” A junior was perplexed.

“Don’t forget we’re in Moneyfall. It’s impossible to enter Coinbeast City without money.” The ancestor smiled.

“Take out coins and split up for a better chance. Third Elder, you lead one group, same with you Sixth Elder. Remember, after entering the city, all disciples must obey the elders’ command.” The ancestor warned his fellow disciples.

The elders also took out true coins and piled them up in front.

In just a short time, experts prepared and made a pile of coins; some offered more, others fewer. Of course, others preferred to just watch from a high vantage point.

“Master, what are we doing?” One disciple asked his teacher.

“The only way to enter is to ride the beast, or so I’ve heard. Brute strength is impossible.” The master said: “An ancestor told me that we just need to present our coins. The beasts will pick the coins; the stronger ones will require more.”

“How are they different?” The disciple asked for elaboration.

“I’m not sure, but that ancestor told me that the powerful beasts can take you deeper into the city, so better chance at good eggs and dao bones. Of course, it’ll be safer too, so consider this as a protection payment.”

More and more people dropped coins down on the ground, waiting for the beasts to come.

A few ancestors went all out. Their pile of true coins was blinding, making everyone else envious and jealous.

Of course, the ones who could afford to do so were no slouches. They were either True Gods or came from powerful systems. No one dared to try and rob them.

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