Chapter 2323: Wealth Competition

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Coiling Dragon Young Noble and Sword Sovereign also spent their coins in an extravagant manner. The pile of imperial coins certainly represented a monstrous sum.

“What a showing.” People took a deep breath after seeing this. They surpassed many ancestors with this enviable move.

But this didn’t come as a surprise after a moment of reflection. Coiling Dragon was a successor while Sword Sovereign was directly in charge. They had the power of a pseudo-True Emperor, the pillars of their systems.

“Coiling Dragon System is truly wealthy.” A few people voiced their admiration.

Though the two put on an aloof expression, they were enjoying these comments. Such vanity was comforting since it represented their prestigious status and wealth. The shock and awe only added to it.

Coiling Dragon was still young and competitive. After showing off his imperial coins, he looked at Li Qiye with contempt.

They still didn’t get over the humiliating defeat earlier, so now, he felt superior on the wealth front, enough to sneer at Li Qiye.

Others noticed his expression and turned to look at Li Qiye. It was clearly a challenge, letting the guy know that he was rich and influential.

People naturally became interested. They wondered to see how much Li Qiye can handle.

“This venting quarrel will be quite a show, we’ll see who can pile up the most coins.” One expert murmured.

Everyone knew that the two weren’t a match for Li Qiye in terms of power. Perhaps competing in wealth could yield a different result.

Thus, the atmosphere became intense again. Sword Sovereign also noticed this. 

He didn’t have that many imperial coins on the ground so he decided to add more. Coiling Dragon didn’t back off either and did the same. It didn’t take long before a wall of coins was formed in front of them.

This naturally impressed the crowd - no different from throwing gold away.

“It’s nice being rich. A few systems can’t even produce that amount.” Another commented.

Both Sword Sovereign and Coiling Dragon stared at Li Qiye in unison.

They had no competitive drive in the beginning, but the change in atmosphere turned this event into something beyond gaining entry to the city. They wanted to get some face back after losing to Li Qiye earlier by suppressing him with money, letting him know that he couldn’t compare to them in other aspects.

Li Qiye seemed immune from the stares. His eyes were closed, seemingly asleep on his chair. Ximo didn’t dare to say anything, this amount was already sky-high to her. Meanwhile, Binging only chuckled and remained quiet.

The two didn’t shout at Li Qiye but only snorted in an arrogant manner, clearly displaying their thoughts.

“Hmph, pretending to be asleep because he has no money.” A few youths who were fans of the duo didn’t like Li Qiye.

“Just be real, no need for this.” Another sneered.

“You’re both wrong, he’s the ant-feeder guy who spent a lot of coins for those ants.” An older cultivator reminded them.

“Those are only low-level coins, can’t reach the apex. Coiling Dragon Young Noble and Sword Sovereign are using imperial coins right now, one is worth a million of his. Plus, it’s not like he can compete with the soaring Coiling Dragon System.” Another supporter laughed.

In fact, people were eager to see what Li Qiye would do. A concede from the start would be quite boring.

“Will he go big?” The crowd eagerly awaited.

“Judging by his ant-feeding antics and Bewildering Palace, he shouldn’t lack money, but I don’t know if he can take out imperial coins.” An old man analyzed: “After all, imperial coins are too precious. He might be the leader of Insane Court, but that system has been in a long decline. They haven’t produced a True Emperor in a long time, maybe they have spent all of their imperial coins…”

“As for him being the First Disciple of Longevity? That’s hard to say too, his role seemed to be in name only, more of an adviser. The valley can’t give him that many imperial coins. Of course, the other two’s imperial coins aren’t the best type, but nevertheless, few in Myriad can take out that much. Even if he can take out some coins, I think both the quality and quantity will be limited.”

This analysis was both logical and well-informed. 

“You’re right, that’s why he’s pretending to be dead right now.” A contemptuous response sounded.

Everyone felt that Li Qiye wasn’t as rich as Coiling Dragon and Sword Sovereign. They could still sympathize because of the difference in background.

At this moment, Li Qiye finally opened his eyes, still looking quite drowsy.

He looked at the sky and said: “Not much time is left, the beasts are coming on shore.”

He then took out a little spatial pouch and tossed it at Ximo: “Little girl, I have some pocket money here, scatter them on the ground as payment for the beasts.”

Everyone stared at Ximo and the pouch in her hand. This was the first time experiencing something like this for her so her hands were trembling while holding the pouch.

She opened it and took out everything - amounting to about a dozen coin in her palm.

“Pfft, that’s it? Even if they’re at the imperial level, that can’t compare with the young noble and sovereign.” Someone said with disdain while watching from far away.

“Indeed, lacking quite… wait a minute!” A sect elder felt the same way, but something told him otherwise: “That’s, that’s not imperial coins! Those are progenitorial coins!” 

“Say what?!” Everyone became startled upon hearing this.

They stretched their neck forward to get a better look. Sure enough, upon closer inspection, each coin in Ximo’s palm was filled with true energy and an aura capable of crushing the firmaments!

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