Chapter 2324: Big Spender

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The progenitorial coins astounded everyone. Not to mention ordinary cultivators, even the ancestors from the great powers never got the chance to see them. The lucky ones only got to look, never actually touching one.

Though Ling Ximo was only holding ten or so coins, this was more than enough. Unless one could take out the highest grade of imperial coins, a pile was still worth less.

Her hand was shaking; this was her first time seeing and holding them. She could sense the power emanating from them, as if each coin was a separate world with boundless power, more than enough to crush the heavens and suppress the gods.

They have been refined by progenitors and wrapped by true energy. Otherwise, someone as weak as her wouldn’t be able to hold one.

The girl carefully laid down each one on top of a large rock, not daring to show any slight as if that would mean being disrespectful to the progenitors. No one would make fun of her slow actions because they would definitely do the same, afraid of breaking them.

These several coins were enough to grant a lifetime of benefits and wealth. Who wouldn’t be careful around these peerless pieces?

Even Wu Bingning who was mentally prepared was shaken. She thought that Li Qiye would take out a large number of imperial coins, perhaps even those from twelve-palace emperors. The extravagant nature of this act surpassed her expectations.

People held their breath, palpitating while watching the scintillating coins gestating a thousand stars within. The ancestors salivated with greed.

Myriad had ten thousands of system, but few actually had progenitorial coins. The ones that did would treat them as precious ancestors. The low-ranked ancestors never had access to them.

After all, these systems have been passed down for so long. Even if their progenitors have left some coins behind, most would have been expended already.

Moreover, time kept on changing, same with the ruling parties. The descendants of the progenitors might no longer be the ones in charge of their systems. Thus, the chance of these systems possessing the coins was even less.

In the case of Coiling Dragon System and Sword Grave, they weren’t the descendants of their system’s progenitor. Taking out imperial coins for transactions was one thing, but using progenitorial coins was a different story. Their treasuries might have some, but they weren’t qualified to use them and could only dream about it.

Coiling Dragon Young Noble and Sword Sovereign turned black. They were bragging about their imperial coins earlier to the point of provocation. 

Meanwhile, Ling Ximo took her time displaying each one in an orderly manner but it wasn’t to show off. She was simply showing respect.

Alas, in the duo’s eyes, it looked like she was bragging and slapping them on the face. Li Qiye just needed to throw some coins down and immediately took them down a notch in a ruthless manner.

Each coin laid down by her was a resounding slap on their face. The longer she took, the more the two became more awkward and embarrassed. Once all of them were lined up, the duo looked away, not wanting to see the dazzling coins.

Bingning couldn’t help but smile. Ximo didn’t do it on purpose but this was a great blow to the other two.

At the same time, the cultivators who laughed at Li Qiye earlier didn’t dare to say a single word, feeling the same way as Coiling Dragon and Sword Sovereign.

“Just spending money?” An ancestor bitterly smiled: “I could try my whole life and wouldn’t be able to get this much spending money, not even a single coin.”

His domination was out of control right now, robbing everyone of their breath. Acting tough in front of him now was asking for trouble.

This move from him concluded the wealth competition. Who else would dare to try right now?”

“Boom!” In the faraway ocean, the wind and waves roared. Gigantic tidal waves appeared, signaling the coming of a storm. It was as if the entire ocean was being lifted up.

“They’re here.” One ancestor spotted with his heavenly gaze.

“Rumble!” More detonations came from the distant, seemingly taking a long time for the sound to arrive.

Finally, the ocean was being lifted like a carpet. The dark expanse at the bottom was rushing towards shore and engulfing the sky.

“The coinbeasts are coming.” An ancestor could see ten million miles away with his gaze and saw the dark tides.

Others followed suit and sure enough, countless coinbeasts got on shore and began running like crazy for this city. Some spread their wings and started flying.

There were too many of them so they looked like a land tsunami. Plus, more and more were still leaving the ocean with no end in sight.

Who knows how many beasts were actually living under the sea but it looked like doomsday right now.

“Rumble!” The entire area was quaking.

The terrifying tide of beasts rushed through everything in its path. Nothing could stop it. The towering trees and lush thickets were green once but not for long.

Moreover, the large beasts slammed through the mountains. Debris went flying, resulting in a magnificent scene.

People gasped and finally understood the flat pathway before the city connecting straight to the ocean. It wasn’t man-made; the tides of beasts were the culprit.

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