Chapter 2326: Coinbeast City

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The one-legged, one-horned beast seemed to be of the thunder affinity and had a highly prestigious bloodline. All the other beasts kneeled down before this overlord.

An ancestor could sense its bloodline: “Is this a Kui from the myths? A divine beast?”

“Kui?” Many were shocked. This was a true divine beast, not a self-proclaimed one like many others. This level of beings only existed in the legends; fewer than few were actually spotted.

One keen ancestor noticed a minute disparity with its tail. It looked like a snake’s tail and kept on wiggling around, instilling a sinister atmosphere as if it was a lethal weapon.

“I don’t think it’s a full Kui, but rather, an offspring of a Kui and a Coiling Python, which is why it has this amazing bloodline.” He speculated.

A Kui’s tail wasn’t like this, so he instantly made the connection with another monstrous beast - Coiling Python.

Nevertheless, this mixed bloodline was more than enough to establish its supremacy over the rest of the creatures here. Its power far exceeded everything else. Even the gigantic ape and serpent earlier were prostrating on the ground.

What’s hard to imagine was how fast and precise each of its steps was despite possessing only one leg. It didn’t take long before it appeared outside of the city.

All the experts held their breath and didn’t dare to utter a single sound. This scene of worship was shocking enough, so who would dare to provoke this majestic beast? Perhaps one stomp from it could annihilate everyone here.

It moved to Li Qiye’s peak and swallowed the progenitorial coins there. The beast paused, clearly revealing its intent.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye pulled the two girls up to the beast’s back.

Coiling Dragon and Sword Sovereign were vexed to the limit. Losing the wealth competition was one thing, but this only added to the pain. When he sat down on that beast, he clearly surpassed everyone present because their beasts were kneeling down to his beast, making it seems like they were prostrating too.

Alas, there was nothing they could do. Who was to blame for his beast being so unreasonably powerful? They could only look up at him now.

Eventually, the beast brought the three into the city before the awed spectators. Before it left, no other beasts dared to move at all so they could only sit there and wait. It looked as if they were participating in a grand ceremony to send Li Qiye away; servants prostrating before the emperor’s march. This was too humiliating for the two youths.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, even the ancestors. 

“Rumble!” The flood resumed in the same frantic manner once more towards the city.

The first were the ape and serpent carrying Sword Sovereign and Coiling Dragon. Others either got trampled by them or have already moved out of the way. 

“Boom!” The mass began entering the city.  Once next to the gate, everything suddenly became different. The space here was boundless just like the sky.

 An illusion occurred- both beasts and cultivators shrank in size. The deeper they went, they became as small as a speck of dust. Of course, this wasn’t the case. They have only entered a different dimension - an open canvas of stars. Anything else would seem tiny in comparison.

Two possibilities were possible if one were to enter without riding the coinbeasts. A weak person would only enter a hall with nothing but empty walls. As for the masters who knew how to break the spatial barriers, they would find themselves lost in a boundless space. Thus, riding these beasts were crucial in order to enter the real location.

Countless beasts have entered by this point. Initially, this flood of creatures looked quite majestic and grand but once inside, it was no different from a tiny river. No, not even that, just a stream of water.

Gargantuan - the only word to describe this domain. Stars and galaxies floated above.

The flood of beasts suddenly dispersed into different locations, no longer needing to crowd together.

“Buzz.” Spatial fluctuation could be heard. These beasts began jumping on the different stars.

Having an intruder made the stars brightly flash, seemingly giving them a boost and allowing them to jump a greater distance. After reaching a particular height, the beasts would hit a barrier and create a ripple, ending with their disappearance. They would show up again in a faraway location and repeat the jumping process.

“This is spatial leaping.” An elder became startled after seeing this sight.

This phenomenon allowed for long-distance teleportation, even more effective than dao portals.

Who knows the mastermind behind this monumental feat? Perhaps this was its natural form, already like this since the inception.

The beasts leaped through space multiple times and traveled incredible distances. An Ascender flying would require an interminable period of time to go the same length.

The end of the path was a towering cliff, big enough to act as a sluice gate for the entire dimension. One could look up and down and would never be able to see its end.

Alas, the beasts didn’t stop and rushed forward.

“No! We’re gonna get crushed!” The riders became scared out of their mind.

Strange enough, contrary to dying horrifically, the beasts seemed to be jumping into a lake. They melted into the cliff, leaving behind a faint shadow that would eventually disappear like water ripples.

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