Chapter 2384: Heavenrend Armor

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Wang Shihua could make others shudder just by the mention of his name. His greatest tale included wounding a young True Emperor, pushing this person to the edge.

Such a fierce character was now Shaochen’s guard, something quite unexpected.

This painted a better picture of the Mu’s power for the crowd. A famous Eternal from Myriad still needed to rely on them. Just how powerful was this clan in Imperial? Other systems in Myriad might not be a match for it.

“Heavenrend Viper? More like Heavenrend Insect. Those who try to stop me will die.” Li Qiye declared.

The crowd thought that only Fiercest would call Shihua an insect before everyone.

“Haha.” Shihua laughed; his expression unclear due to his veiled hat but his tone certainly changed: “Back then, a True Emperor wouldn’t dare to talk to me like this.”

“A man doesn’t dwell on his past accomplishments.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively: “Fierce in the past, just another servant in the present. Hurry and show off your skills so I can take care of both you and your master.”

Everyone could sense an anger building in Shihua, no longer able to stay as calm as before.

After all, he was a big shot but Li Qiye treated him as if he wasn’t worth a single coin. Self-restraint had a limit; even a Buddha could lose his temper.

“Boom!” A majestic aura erupted - chilling and sharp with gales sweeping away the clouds for ten thousand miles.

Everyone felt as if there was a large and ancient insect awakening underground, seemingly capable of devouring the time of others, turning them to ashes instantly. Its bloody jaws enjoyed the taste of time the most.

People naturally shuddered after feeling this terrifying aura. They felt that they were no longer in this world, now trapped inside the creature’s mouth.

“Clank! Clank!” Golden plates came together around Shihua to form a complete armor.

There was a substantial and evolutionary change after adorning this set of armor even though his face was still covered.

He was no longer an old man but more of a general with a brutal temperament. Just one wave of the hand could split the earth and destroy the stars.

The armor flickered brightly, but this light was different from the shimmering of metals. It looked surreal almost like the flow of time or the void affinity.

Because of this, the spectators got an illusion that he was everywhere in this area.

“Heavenrend Armor!” The one who recognized him earlier murmured: “He used it to defeat Warcloak True Emperor.”

Some might not have heard of Wang Shihua or Heavenrend Viper, but they have certainly heard of Warcloak. This was an emperor from Regalia System who ascended at a very young age. His talents were exceptional yet he was still defeated by Wang Shihua.

Shihua floated in the sky, seemingly in control of all. Though he wasn’t actually that high up in the air, he gave off an unreachable and awe-inspiring feeling.

“Come, time to fight.” He was direct and firm with his few words.

“Very well.” Li Qiye smiled and soared to the sky.

Everyone watched the incoming battle with bated breath.

“How is he compared to Dracoform Martial God?” Another asked.

“I don’t know, but we’ll find out soon.” An ancestor shook his head.

“Buzz.” Shihua melted into space and disappeared from sight.

“A stealth technique?” An expert asked.

“No, it’s a higher-level technique - void refinement.” An ancestor answered: “He’s an expert of spatial manipulation, his main offensive technique.”

“Boom!” A fist came out of nowhere straight for Li Qiye’s chest. The move wasn’t flashy but it contained a void affinity, giving it a transparent appearance.

Li Qiye waved his hand and space came sweeping by like a large wave.

“Boom!” Both the fist and the wave rumbled after the impact.

This wasn’t about technique or merit laws, just straight up spatial manipulation.

Few cultivators were versed in spatial manipulation, let alone refining the void. Shihua was clearly good at both.

“Break!” Li Qiye smiled and punched the air, only moving his fist a single inch. However, the power of this fist assaulted the nearby area, turning it into a black hole after a deafening explosion.

“Crack!” Pieces of broken temporal fabrics scattered everywhere.

However, these pieces suddenly had runes flowing around them. They came together to form multiple layers of armor to stop Li Qiye’s punch.

Though the layers eventually crumbled, it was still a successful defense.

“His armor can melt space.” An ancestor noticed something: “So he is capable of void refinement, but more importantly, this armor allows him to assimilate with the area around him.”

“Boom!” In the next second, Li Qiye was blown back down to the ground, buried in a huge pit of mud.

He stood up and everyone could see a totem mark on his chest with the shape of a circling dragon. A movement of the yin and yang started and the totem spread.

This dragon was the thing knocking him down. It seemed to be omnipresent in this area, the master of this spatial domain.

This meant that while one was inside this area, there was no resisting the dragon.

“Yin Yang Void-dragon Strike.” An ancestor had heard of this move - Heavenrend’s very best - the one that defeated Warcloak True Emperor.

“How is his injury?” This question loomed on everyone’s mind.

“Haha, Li, still arrogant now? Our Elder Wang is far stronger than that falcon god.” Mu Shaochen guffawed.

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