Chapter 2385: Space Refinement

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The large pit instilled fear into the crowd. Heavenrend Viper truly deserved his fame. No wonder why he could defeat a young emperor in the past; the guy was really strong.

“I’m old now, my hands don’t move as well as they did before, not merciless enough.” Shihua lamented.

“Old indeed.” A leisure voice came about. With a loud bang, Li Qiye leaped out of the pit and was up in the sky in no time.

Everyone noticed that he was untouched, not even a scratch could be found. Of course, they weren’t surprised either. That’s Fiercest for you - able to withstand a hit from the viper without any problem.

He patted away the dirt on his clothes and said: “It’s not easy to see a space user with a special move so I decided to play with you. Who would have thought that it is only a void refinement trick and nothing else, what a shame.”

“Your turn then.” Shihua became serious after seeing how ineffective his strongest move was.

He knew that it was mighty. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have injured Warcloak True Emperor but this guy took it with his body and came out unscathed.

Shihua knew that his opponent was a monster with that tough exterior.

“I have no special move, just some common punch and kick, no big deal.” Li Qiye smiled.

With that, he flashed and appeared before the viper. Shihua was startled and quickly made a distance.

However, he found his spatial manipulation to be useless, unable to cross through space as if something was locking it. His armor was exuding a blinding light yet he wasn’t moving.

Li Qiye has already controlled this area. No one could move without his permission. He casually unleashed a vertical palm strike without using his own power. It utilized not just the power of space but also the entire heaven and earth, including the stars and galaxies in the sky, and the weight of three thousand worlds.

In other words, however vast the world and space were, that’s how much weight would gather in his attack.

Though Shihua used his best techniques and exuded his armor’s greatest state, that’s still wasn’t enough to stop this attack.

“Boom!” Wang Shihua’s armor shattered under this massive strike.

Keep in mind that even an imperial weapon couldn’t harm it at all but Li Qiye’s bare hand was more than enough.

Shihua’s blood didn’t only come out from his mouth but also everywhere else since the strike crushed his bones and body.

He slammed into the ground like a meteor and recreated the scene of Li Qiye earlier. Blood stained the ground; his fate remained unknown.

The world became quiet while everyone became slack-jawed. Everyone knew just how strong Fiercest was, but to break Heavenrend Armor with a single blow? That’s unimaginable.

Wang Shihua was clearly stronger than the falcon god yet he couldn’t stop a single blow from Li Qiye. This wasn’t a fight on the same level at all.

“How dull. That’s all you can do with spatial manipulation?” Li Qiye shook his head with disappointment.

The crowd smiled wryly - the guy wasn’t weak; Li Qiye was just too strong.

Mu Shaochen was shocked, not expecting Li Qiye to be at this level. In Imperial, an Eternal like Heavenrend Viper was still top-notch. He shuddered, wondering who in his clan could actually stop Li Qiye.

“Boom!” Heavenrend Viper jumped out of the pit; his bloody form was a clear contrast to Li Qiye earlier.

His entire body was crushed. The guy would be long dead if he wasn’t an Eternal. Any other True God would have turned to ashes.

“Crack!” His broken bones quickly came together. This was the power of an Eternal. Nevertheless, his pale face clearly indicated how much energy he had spent to do so.

People heaved a sigh of relief. If another strong character were to fall to a junior like Li Qiye in one move, they wouldn’t know what to do. Such unfairness was too unreasonable.

“I spared you because I feel that you still have something up your sleeve. Dying without showing it off will be very regrettable, so I’m doing you a favor. Go for it.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

This came as a surprise to the crowd so they all stared at Heavenrend Viper. They thought that the previous attack was already his strongest.

“Hahaha, the younger generations have already surpassed us.” Wang Shihua laughed. These words actually came from the heart since he finally gauged Li Qiye’s strength.

“I meditated in Imperial for one hundred thousand years with my original form and got some success.” He was no longer arrogant like before.

“Never had a chance to go all out in Imperial so I will not waste today.” He slowly floated up in the sky.

The crowd naturally became excited, wanting to see what his true ace card was. After all, the culmination of one hundred thousand years worth of meditation should be incredible.

“Do it.” Li Qiye lazily said.

“So be it.” Shihua slowly took off his gigantic hat that has been hiding his face. The resulting scene made people shiver with goosebumps.

He had a big mouth with two rows of sharp and long teeth taking a major portion of his face, even pushing his nose and eyes together. It would have been better if they lined up perfectly without gaps, but this wasn’t the case. It was scarier than the jaws of a beast, making people feel nauseous.

When he spoke, the rows of teeth moved and intertwined, seemingly capable of chewing everything into mincemeat. People couldn’t help but imagine this gruesome image of blood and flesh being gnawed.

“Shit…” Some felt their souls leaving in fear with a chill running down their spine. People finally understood why Shihua has been hiding his face.

It was simply frightening. Without the hat, he would scare people wherever he went.

“Excuse me.” Shihua seemed to be used to this reaction.

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