Chapter 2389: A Single Determining Move

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“Boom!” Li Qiye stopped the tiger strike using his palm while people were still confused. He then quickly closed the palm without exerting much force. The entire motion felt so natural, allowing him to be fully at ease.

Everyone suddenly got a temporal discombobulation. It was as if Dracoform’s tiger strike wasn’t the first move but Li Qiye’s palm defense happened first. He spread his fingers then Dracoform finally attacked right at that spot.

The entire sequence was reversed, at least in the eyes of the spectators. The tiger strike that should have destroyed everything was nullified by Li Qiye’s defense.

The karmic cycle went from destruction to restoration - resulting in stagnation and sameness. 

Of course, Li Qiye was now gripping Dracoform’s fist; the two seemingly playing around. Only those who could understand the profundities of these two strikes were aware of their destructive nature - more than enough to crush an entire world! True Gods and Eternals would turn to ashes, contrary to the relatively tame scene.

Dracoform became austere because of the palm grab. Li Qiye wasn’t actually crushing his fist with force. In fact, he could barely feel the pressure. However, he found himself thinking that his fist was frozen like a still-image. This phenomenon spread to his entire body.

Li Qiye’s power control was perfect to an incalculable level and stopped his entire body from moving. If Li Qiye wanted to, he could even stop Dracoform’s hair from fluttering in the wind.

Just through Dracoform’s fist, Li Qiye stopped Dracoform from making any movement.

This suppression was virtually undetectable. His opponent would actually think that they wanted to maintain this stance. Each part of their body seemed to be cooperating in this action.

This was Li Qiye’s apogee, causing his opponent to mesmerize themselves. 

The weak cultivators couldn’t resist this ability at all. Li Qiye just needed to exert a little more force to take them down.

Dracoform’s entire body was cooperating with Li Qiye. If the latter chose to add power to break this delicate balance, Dracoform’s power would instantly implode.

This was akin to someone cultivating to their strongest state; all of their powers channeled to the peak. Just the tiniest mistake would result in qi deviation and death from implosion.

Dracoform realized all of this and justifiably became frightened with his eyes narrowing. The scariest part was that Li Qiye could have stopped his eyes from narrowing as well. No movement could escape his control right now.

In the next second, Dracoform broke this magical balance without any hesitation. He loosened his fist, slithering away from Li Qiye’s grip like a flying serpent.

“Boom!” After escaping from the suppression, the loss of balance exploded.  He staggered backward, crushing the void, before stabilizing his stance.

From start to finish, many couldn’t comprehend the level of the exchange and how dangerous it was. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Dracoform had went to hell and back just now.

The resulting explosion crushed the entire area, displaying the power of the tiger strike to everyone. They shuddered, thinking that only Dracoform could withstand the otherwise fatal explosion just now.

“If Dracoform Martial God is at the perfect mastery level with flawless control, then Fiercest is at the limit of apogee. No one can surpass that.” One ancestor understood everything and became dazed: “Fiercest can kill people with a wave of his hand. There is an immense gap between the two, not on the same level at all.”

The crowd took a deep breath after hearing this ancestor. How could the strongest in Myriad be this much weaker than Fiercest?

Though some knew that Li Qiye might be stronger than Dracoform, there should be a limit to his prowess. This didn’t seem to be the case right now.

“In both technique flexibility and power control, I am merely displaying my slight skill before an expert, way overestimating myself.” Dracoform solemnly said.

He was a master in this aspect but after the first exchange, he had no choice but to admit his inferiority, confirming what the spectating ancestor said to the crowd.

Dracoform only used the Black Tiger Strike while Li Qiye simply blocked with his palm. Nevertheless, just this brief exchange was enough for them to determine the victor. The spectators couldn’t believe it.

The stronger experts here noticed something even more. Dracoform had indeed lost and was one step away from dying as well. The danger of the exchange earlier was fully understated to the weak cultivators.

“Use your best moves now.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Very well, I will try again.” Dracoform inhaled and composed himself. Though Li Qiye was unfathomable, he needed to fight to the end.

“Boom!” Myriad Lineage was suddenly drowned out by a massive ocean, not just Vermillion.

The incoming of this engulfing ocean shocked the spectators, robbing them of breath.

“Ooo-” An elephant of an unimaginable size stepped into this ocean and created a tsunami capable of crushing the stars in the sky.

Just a splash had this incredible effect - one could easily imagine how large this elephant was. The thing was virtually a world of its own.

“River-crossing Elephant! One of the twelve variations!” The crowd became astonished.

Dracoform unleashed the move without any warning. Remember that Wu Bingning had used it before, same with Windchaser Matron. However, their result was far inferior.

Bingning looked like a child playing around in comparison. To put it bluntly, she didn’t live up to the potential of this art. They both clearly used the same move, yet the resulting devastation was drastically different.

“River-crossing Elephant.” Li Qiye smirked after seeing this technique.

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