Chapter 2390: Wave-riding Carp

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“Boom!” A second ocean instantly appeared and overlapped with the first to ravage all of Myriad. A second elephant emerged as well, no smaller than Dracoform’s own.

They made Myriad look so tiny in comparison. If this continued, everything would be crushed by their hooves.

“Another River-crossing Elephant.” The spectators weren’t surprised since Li Qiye had used it before.

Dracoform stared intensely at this opposing move and became perplexed. He didn’t know if this move was real or not; whether it was created by another merit law or actually trained by Li Qiye.

He felt that Li Qiye couldn’t have learned it because he wasn’t a disciple of their system. The majority of their disciples weren’t qualified to start learning it.

But if this was a copy, it would be an unbelievably real one. He didn’t think that there were methods in this world resulting in such a great duplication.

After all, this was one of the twelve variations created by Martial Ancestor. It should be virtually impossible to duplicate. Most importantly, Li Qiye’s strike wasn’t weaker than his at all.

Though Vermillion only had five variations left, Dracoform spent his entire life on them. How could someone else use these techniques to the same level as him?

“Where did you learn Vermillion’s secrets?” Dracoform asked with a serious tone. [1]

“Sounds like you’re accusing me of stealing your court’s arts. Very well, let me show you something you don’t have then.” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled.

Having said that, he instantly recalled the powerful technique without any problem, possessing full mastery.

“Splash!” He casually waved his hand and a carp jumped to the sky.

This carp landed on the ocean from the previous technique and swam without any difficulty, seemingly unrestrained.

It wasn’t large, especially when compared to the gigantic elephant. It looked pitifully small, more like the size of a dot. However, when it leaped, it gave the illusion that it could sway the entire world. The outlines of this carp were perfect and powerful, especially near the tail area - brimming with pure power.

“Wave-riding Carp!” Dracoform’s expression shifted.

Meanwhile, the spectators didn’t react too much because when compared to the massive elephant, this carp was rather inconspicuous. They didn’t notice anything special.

This wasn’t the case for Dracoform since he recognized it right away.

Another ancestor gasped after hearing him: “That’s another variation of Martial Ancestor!”

It wasn’t just another variation; it was one that Vermillion had lost! This was the reason for Dracoform’s astonishment.

Even though Mu Shaochen had researched their lost legacy, he couldn’t come up with a particular one, only able to derive some of the transformations. Nevertheless, the court gained confidence in his extraordinary talents.

But now, everything changed the moment Li Qiye unleashed this carp. It was the real thing.

Li Qiye’s River-crossing Elephant could have been an imitation using another method, but Dracoform knew that he couldn’t do so for Wave-riding Carp. Their court didn’t even have this move, so how could an outsider copy it?

He began thinking about what Wu Bingning had told him, that Li Qiye was versed in the twelve variations but he didn’t believe her. This was understandable because no one outside of their progenitor should know about it, especially an outsider.

“Boom!” Dracoform didn’t like wasting time speaking once he decided to do something.

The elephant raised its hooves and aimed for Li Qiye. Just imagine the sheer size of this beast - stars were being destroyed in the process.

It had enough weight to crush everything. Even a powerful dao system might not be able to defend itself.

“Splash!” The carp retaliated by waving its tail, igniting a great wave with enough force to extinguish the scorching fire of the sun.

This rather small carp could actually create a wave capable of flipping over the world? Its lower-body seemed to contain the strongest power once erupted.

“Boom!” This wave had enough force to contest with the elephant. This was destruction at an astronomical level.

The elephant only made it through the wave, unable to crush it completely. However, it was met swiftly with a second wave, one that was even higher than the previous and double the power.

Calling it a wave was an understatement. This carp was the harbinger of the apocalypse. Each wave could crush an entire world. More importantly, each successive one would be stronger than the first. 

“Boom!” The elephant stomped down again, causing the heaven and earth to howl. It became serious so its hooves started emitting divine light and dao affinities. A new dimension was open behind its back; the countless inhabitants there offered the elephant their worship.

This power of fate gave the elephant a surge in power. The two forces finally collided.

Myriad was living in fear since everyone could feel the quakes. People became afraid that another stomp could result in everything collapsing.

“Splash!” The carp sent out another tsunami in response.

This third one was of an entirely different magnitude versus the previous two. It drowned out the stars in the sky and extinguished the bright galaxy above.

“Boom!” The elephant finally lost and got swept away with the current and slammed into the stars. Everything in its path became its victims since they were so tiny compared to its massive body.

1. He says you here in a respectful manner, but translating it as Sir in the middle of a battle is overstating the respect

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