Chapter 241: Immortal’s Blood Spear (1)

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Chapter 241: Immortal’s Blood Spear (1)

Zi Cuining was extremely shaken. Just what kind of weapon was the Immortal’s Blood Spear? She had previously assumed that it was a weapon refined by their ancestor, the Black Dragon King! However, this did not seem to be the case after listening to Li Qiye’s story.

Even a supreme genius who had seen torrential storms like Zi Cuining needed time to calm down. The matter today was completely beyond her expectations. And it wasn’t just that, this had great implications for the Heaven Protector City as well.

Li Qiye leisurely spoke while looking at Zi Cuining, who was holding onto the Immortal’s Blood Spear: “Since you wield the Black Dragon Spear and came from the Little Sea Village, I do not need to say much about your responsibility.”

“Just who are you, really?” At this moment, she didn’t believe that Li Qiye was only the prime disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

“This does not matter. What matters is… your mission!” Li Qiye leisurely continued: “I have something back in the Little Sea Village. You should know what to do since it is your mission! Go meet the elders of the village and bring that item here for me.”

Zi Cuining tried her best to see through Li Qiye and didn’t know the right words to say at this moment. Her mission was something unknown to the disciples and even the upper echelons of the Heaven Protector City! The Black Dragon Spear was the symbol of her identity, but she didn’t expect for it to turn into the Immortal’s Blood Spear!

“I want to report this to the elders!” In the end, Zi Cuining solemnly declared.

Li Qiye lightly nodded his head in agreement to say: “You should do so; otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to take that item. However, do not let the people from the Heaven Protector City know about my matter, including any of the remaining high elders!”

Zi Cuining took a deep breath and inquired: “Since you want this item, why not come with me to the Heaven Protector City?” She knew that her mission had to do with a particular item, but she did not know what it was.

“You want me to go to the Heaven Protector City?” Li Qiye smiled a bit before speaking: “It is not a difficult matter for me to visit the Heaven Protector City. However, I’m afraid my trip will turn the rivers into blood and create mountains of bones in your city! Your Patriarch, the Black Dragon King, surely does not wish for me to personally massacre countless Heaven Protector disciples!”

“Such bold words!” Zi Cuining’s countenance turned austere as cold glimmers flashed in her eyes, just like an angry goddess as her aura danced in the sky. Looking across the entire Mortal Emperor World, or even the Nine Worlds, how many people dared to bluster about massacring their Heaven Protector City!? Even an Immortal Emperor lineage would have to retreat in front of their might in dread!

Li Qiye looked at Zi Cuining and smiled: “You don’t need to be emotional or angry, I merely spoke the truth! With your current cultivation and power, it is enough to tower over the rest of the same generation in the Mortal Emperor World. You could even challenge existences from the last generation. However, in my eyes, killing you is very simple. With a single thought of mine, the Immortal’s Blood Spear will slay you…”

“… The Immortal’s Blood Spear is an unparalleled, vicious weapon in this world. It wouldn’t pale in comparison against even Immortal Emperor True Weapons. Why did I give you such a treasure? It is because I do not need it! Just like how I do not care about the might of your Heaven Protector City! I do not wish for rivers over there to turn into blood because your Patriarch, the Black Dragon King, was an excellent character; I do not wish for his disciples to die in my hands!”

Li Qiye’s words were as gentle as the blowing breeze and floating clouds, but they caused Zi Cuining to shiver.

Without a doubt, the Black Dragon Spear — the Immortal’s Blood Spear was an invincible weapon, but Li Qiye clearly did not place it in his mind. If it was someone else, would they be willing to give such a peerless weapon back to her after having it in their possession?

“Go back there and return my item to me!” In the end, Li Qiye left these words to Zi Cuining.

Zi Cuining took a deep breath to compose herself and put away the Immortal’s Blood Spear, then she eventually said to Li Qiye: “I will complete my mission, but I’m not sure when I can give you the item that you want.”

“I can wait, but do not test my patience. I do not wish to personally visit the Heaven Protector City. I especially do not want to see a scene where a rain of blood descends when I visit the city.” Li Qiye leisurely answered.

Zi Cuining snorted and was clearly dissatisfied with Li Qiye’s words. If it was someone else provoking the Heaven Protector City like this, she would have taught them a good lesson!

“Heed my words, be careful of Gu Zun!” Li Qiye gave his caution right when Zi Cuining was exiting through the door.

Zi Cuining immediately turned around and coldly glared at Li Qiye before speaking with a harsh tone: “Is this you trying to drive a wedge between us?”

Gu Zun was an ancestor of the Heaven Protector City as well as the most powerful existence in the contemporary times. He was once unbeatable in the Mortal Emperor World and had previously swept through the Nine Worlds. And it didn’t stop there, he was also a supreme genius that was qualified to become an Immortal Emperor! Even though their ancestor, Gu Zun, rarely appeared, he still had the most power at the Heaven Protector City. Some people even considered him the prime existence of the Mortal Emperor World in the current era.

Zi Cuining was a disciple and descendant of the Heaven Protector City. It was truly absurd for Li Qiye to tell her to be wary of her ancestor.

Li Qiye had no reaction towards Zi Cuining’s attitude. He simply smiled a bit and continued: “Whether you believe it or not, my impression of Gu Zun compared to the Heaven Protector City’s view on Gu Zun… Nevermind, it is meaningless to tell you these things.”

Zi Cuining only glared at Li Qiye and finally left in a hurry without saying a single word.

Li Qiye simply sighed after Zi Cuining’s departure. The items he left behind at the Heaven Protector City did not number at just one! He had an incomparable treasury at the city. The world would become crazy if they knew about the existence of such a wonderful treasury.

If Lu Changsun was still alive, then it would not be a difficult matter for him to open the treasury. Unfortunately, Lu Changsun — as the oldest disciple of the Black Dragon King — was no longer alive, and Gu Zun was now the one in control of the Heaven Protector City!

Unless he washed the Heaven Protector City with blood, it would not be easy for him to bring his supreme treasury away. Since the Black Dragon King paid such a high price, Li Qiye — as his master — did not wish to personally destroy his continuously growing foundation in the future.

Meanwhile, Gu Tieshou’s entire body was in a cold sweat. The descendant of the Heaven Protector City personally arrived ah, this was such a grand matter. The current Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect essentially couldn’t fall into the sight of a giant like the Heaven Protector City. However, their goddess personally came today, so it gave him a lot of pressure. He was truly afraid of angering an existence like the Heaven Protector City.

The Heavenly God Sect was nothing compared to the Heaven Protector City. Thus, only after sending Zi Cuining off did Gu Tieshou, who had been in fear this whole time, finally take a sigh of relief.

“Will there be any trouble from the Heaven Protector City?” After sending her away, Gu Tieshou came to see Li Qiye and tested the waters. He didn’t know what they talked about nor why she came to see him.

“I’m the only one who will find people to cause trouble. If others seek me out to cause trouble, then they are tired of living!” Li Qiye nonchalantly replied.

Gu Tieshou could only stay silent and wryly smile at Li Qiye’s arrogant words. This was the Heaven Protector City, damn! But alas, he was already used to Li Qiye’s arrogance.

Li Qiye looked at Gu Tieshou and shook his head a bit to say: “Our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s real power is too weak.”

“We didn’t have a lot of resources before.” Gu Tieshou replied with some helplessness. As someone who had protected the sect for so long, how could he not wish to see the sect grow stronger? Unfortunately, his heart was willing but his capabilities were insufficient.

“Keep working hard, we are starting to gain some resources now.” Li Qiye could only speak such words of encouragement. One cannot become fat from just one bite. There was still a long way for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect to go, and the most important thing was to train the young talents.

“I will bring the spirit medicines and dan grass here for you in two days.” Gu Tieshou had tried his best for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

Li Qiye nodded his head and replied: “We should start to recruit more disciples. Let Luo Fenghua take care of training the new disciples. This brat is rather gifted regarding this matter.”

Gu Tieshou nodded and agreed with Li Qiye’s course of action. In fact, compared to before, there had been big improvements in the sect in the last two to three years. Many newer disciples were not bad, especially the group of disciples from the Cleansing Jade Peak; they were particularly excellent.

At the same time, the group of disciples brought back by Su Yonghuang also increased the sect’s power quite a bit. However, there was still a long way to go and they required good governance before they could compare to existences like the Heavenly God Sect and the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.

Gu Tieshou brought the medicinal materials desired by Li Qiye three days later. It was enough to fill an entire hall. One could say that the sect’s entire inventory was all in this one place.

Having heard that Li Qiye wanted to refine some pills, Elder Sun — as the best alchemy master of the sect — was the first to come running. One had to know that Elder Sun greatly valued Li Qiye’s talents regarding dan creation, and he even wanted him to become an alchemist master of the sect.

In fact, Li Qiye also wanted to teach dan refinement methods to Elder Sun and the others, so he not only allowed for Elder Sun to come observe, but also the other alchemy masters that had a high aptitude as well.

“Take all the medicinal materials for the first and second transformations and prepare them well. We will place them in soon.” Li Qiye directly commanded after seeing the arrival of Elder Sun’s group.

“Putting in the materials so soon?” Elder Sun glanced at the mountain of herbs and said: “Umm, there are so many materials here… This would take two or three years to refine all of these into first and second transformation Fate Pills.”

“I have a plan.” Li Qiye commandingly spoke.

Seeing Li Qiye filled with confidence, Elder Sun did not dare to linger and commanded the disciples to follow Li Qiye’s command. He wanted to see what miracle Li Qiye will pull off.

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