Chapter 246: Reigning over the Nine Worlds and Sweeping through the Eight Desolaces

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Chapter 246: Reigning over the Nine Worlds and Sweeping through the Eight Desolaces

Qingxuan Xiong’s statement caused some debates amongst the spectators, especially a few undying old men, they were even more shaken. One year ago, the War God Temple buried a coffin on an Underworld Boat; could it be that the War God Temple was currently in a collapsed state?

“It is also not the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s turn to cover the sky in the Grand Middle Territory with one palm.” At this second, another voice resonated in the sky without any trace of anger.

An old man wearing a hemp robe was standing in the sky. No one saw how he got there; there was another man with a powerful royal aura standing next to him. It was Demon King Lun Ri!

The old man spoke without anger and converged his blood energy. One could not see his strength, but even Demon King Lun Ri could only be an attendant next to him!

“Master!” Li Shuangyan became spirited the moment she saw Demon King Lun Ri. At this moment, she understood that her speculation was correct!

“Ancestor Mu!” Even National Teacher Qingxuan Xiong of the Ancient Kingdom turned pale before the sight of this old man and took many steps backward.

“Mu Chen!” An undying old man who had just arrived saw this person from afar and became terrified.

“What! The legendary disciple of War God Mu!” In just a short period of time, all the old undyings who were enemies of the War God Temple immediately went into hiding.

The news of the Heavenly God Sect attacking the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was spread throughout the Grand Middle Territory. After hearing the news, a few old undyings immediately flew here with their swiftest speed in hopes that they could fish in troubled waters and steal the sect’s Emperor Laws during the chaos!

However, the moment these reclusive old undyings saw Mu Chen, they seemed like mice encountering a cat and immediately fled. Many of these reclusive old undyings were renowned even before the Difficult Dao Era; they were Heavenly Sovereigns and Heavenly Kings, but they lost all of their courage the moment they saw Mu Chen.

“Is he really the disciple of War God Mu?” These words frightened everyone. The name War God Mu was like a resounding thunder to all. Even though he was not an Immortal Emperor, he lived for two generations. This was already invincibility.

“Even if he isn’t War God Mu’s disciple, he is still an ancestor of the War God Temple!” A royal lord with a pale expression also went into hiding the moment he saw this old man.

As for the group of Gu Tieshou, they were in disbelief that an actual ancestor of the War God Temple had came. Any character from the War God Temple would have been an extraordinary person. However, their ancestor personally came to save the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; what kind of great favor was this?

The ancestor even said that anyone who touched the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect would be making enemies with the War God Temple!

Even Qingxuan Xiong, who came from the Ancient Kingdom, lost all of his colors and couldn’t believe it while staring at Mu Chen. Outer-sect Elder Jiang coming personally was enough to surprise him, but the appearance of their ancestor completely left him dumbstruck!

Outside of Qingxuan Xiong and the old undyings, who were renowned before the Difficult Dao Era, very few of the younger generation knew who he was.

“Is this old man that powerful?” A Royal Noble couldn’t help but ask a high elder from the previous generation of his sect.

His high elder’s expression turned sour and immediately stopped the Royal Noble’s words before whispering: “A real heaven-defying existence; he’s rumored to be a disciples of War God Mu himself. Even if the Ninth Ancestor of the Ancient Kingdom personally comes, only death awaits him.”

This Royal Noble didn’t know Mu Chen’s preeminent past, so he was frightened after hearing such words. The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom had nine ancestors, and the ninth one was the most powerful. He had challenged Immortal Ta Kong before; even though he was flicked away by just one finger from Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, it was a defeat filled with honor. In contemporary times, some people placed the ninth ancestor of the Ancient Kingdom on the same level as the ancestor of the Heavenly God Sect. Today, the ancestor of the Heavenly God Sect was considered invincible and unreachable by the Royal Nobles all the way to the Ancient Saints.

“Why did he come here!?” A few old undyings exclaimed as they noticed Mu Chen, sending shivers all over their bodies and draining their faces of color. “This is a monster of the legends. Shouldn’t he be suppressing his blood in the Era Blood Stone right now? Why did he come here today?”

A previous generation supreme elder of a great sect took a deep breath with chills running down his spine as he started to murmur: “What is the current situation of this Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect? To actually make a War God Temple’s ancestor personally take action for them… This is really unexpected.”

“Go back from where you came!” At this time, Mu Chen decisively spoke. In his eyes, even the ten thousand cavalrymen and the absolutely talented Mortal King of the Heavenly God Sect and even the Azure Mysterious National Teacher could not stop him. He threw in one carefree phrase that symbolized his supreme will.

With an aghast expression, the Heavenly Jewel Mortal King didn’t dare to say anything. Even if their ancestor came here today, he would not be able to change the situation!

“You want to leave?” However, the forever-calm Li Qiye — at this time — spoke: “Since you have arrived, don’t think about leaving.”

The moment his words came out, many Named Heroes and Royal Nobles who were spectating became confused. The Mortal King and Qingxuan Xiong immediately changed their expressions as well.

“Little Demon, don’t be so unreasonable!” Qingxuan Xiong continued on with a cold tone: “Today, it is not because I am afraid of your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, it is simply sparing some face for the War God Temple!” Although he could not contend with an existence like the War God Temple’s ancestor, but as the National Teacher of the Ancient Kingdom, he simply did not consider the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect as anything and especially did not care for Li Qiye.

“The War God Temple’s face?” Li Qiye nonchalantly retorted: “Even without the War God Temple, I will still massacre all of you today. Anyone who offends me shall be killed without mercy, even if they have an Immortal Emperor backing them!”

Many people now assumed that the arrogant Li Qiye had become too defiant and unruly just because of the War God Temple’s backing. However, no one dared to say anything in the presence of an existence like Mu Chen.

Qingxuan Xiong quickly glanced at Mu Chen, but Mu Chen did not reveal any attitude. He then glared at Li Qiye with a fierce gaze and coldly asked: “Little Demon, if we want to leave, you think you can stop us with just you?”

“Kill all of them!” Li Qiye was too lazy to glance at Qingxuan Xiong and slowly declared: “Let everyone in the Grand Middle Territory know that there is no mercy for those who offend me!”

After his words fell, no one took any action. Gu Tieshou was in a daze for he was without any option at this point. He then bit his teeth and shouted: “Go, kill all of them!”

“Is the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect crazy? They just avoided a calamity yet now they want to go on the offensive!?” A sect master couldn’t help but murmur.

“Just with your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect?” Qingxuan Xiong snorted while the Mortal King’s gaze also turned cold. If the War God Temple chose to not interfere, then their ten thousand experts would absolutely massacre all of these people.

“I’m not talking about you guys!” Li Qiye shook his head towards Gu Tieshou, then he signaled with a hand wave to tell the Cleansing Incense disciples to stop.

“Boom boom boom boom!” The moment he finished speaking, four stone giants descended from the sky and stood around Li Qiye’s Tetra-War Bronze Chariot!

After seeing these four stone giants, Demon King Lun Ri was astounded and almost cried out. Even Mu Chen was shaken as his eyes became serious with a profound light: “Tetra-War Stone Protectors!”

“Today, I shall let you experience the true power of my Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!” Li Qiye calmly stood above his chariot and declared: “Kill all of them!”

“Kill!!” The four stone giants actually spoke in human language and took action in the blink of an eye. They walked forward step by step before stomping down.

“Open the formation!” The feet that were as gigantic as the heavens itself rendered the Mortal King in horror. He crazily roared and commanded his disciples!

“Ommm—” The grand formation initiated as the ten thousand cavalrymen of the Heavenly God Sect chanted their battlecry: “Kill!”

In an instant, blades and blades of gigantic divine sword lights soared into the sky, wanting to stop the monstrous feet from stomping down.

“Boom!!!” But after an explosion shattering the heaven and earth itself, all the gigantic divine swords were broken; they could not repel the four giant stone feet.

“Ahhh!” Miserable screams resounded through the sky as a rain of blood poured down when the giants’ feet stomped on more than one thousand experts of the Heavenly God Sect, crushing them into minced meat. At this moment, no Life Treasures nor Foreign Dao Mysterious Weapons were able to stop the four stone giants.

“Retreat, retreat, retreat…” With a horrified expression, the Mortal King realized that he greatly underestimated the terrifyingness of these four stone giants. He opened a dao path into a dao gate and ordered the cavalry to immediately retreat into the dao gate in order to teleport away from this place.

“We reign over the Nine Worlds and sweep through the Eight Desolaces!” Even though Li Qiye maintained a nonchalant expression, his heart was quite moved. He recalled when his Tetra-War Bronze Chariot soared in the sky with the four Tetra-War Stone Protectors as its defense. In the battle to massacre the immortals, it was a bloody battle all the way until the heaven’s destruction! How great was that battle? How many legendary existences lost their lives!? It was one battle to massacre even immortals as their heroic spirits covered the sky!

Today, he once again witnessed the noble aspiration of that year!

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