Chapter 2489: Waterwatch Saber Saint

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Bingchi Hanyu sat quietly, perturbed, after hearing the recollection of her follower. Something of note was that the king didn’t do anything from start to finish. One couldn’t confirm whether he was hiding his skills and his true power.

“Could Nine-linked Mountains be supporting him in the shadows?” She thought about this possibility.

This sect has always kept a low-profile and didn’t care for external matters but their power was unquestionable. Just their few disciples were enough to change the tides.

“But why?” She didn’t understand why this sect would want to help a king famous for being useless.

Nine-linked remained neutral even during Lucidity King’s era so it was quite perplexing for them to help the new king now.

“Return to the clan with haste and report this to the ancestor.” She mused before giving orders.

After dealing with everything, she wondered again: “Go to Myriad Formation Kingdom and report to Eight Formation True Emperor. Tell him to act with prudence for this king will want revenge.”

Another follower affirmed before leaving in a hurry.

This didn’t lessen her anxiety at all. The clan swapped Bingchi Yujian for her instead so that she didn’t have to marry the king. She had no problem with the engagement with Eight Formation True Emperor either.

They didn’t have strong feelings for each other and were friends at best after several meetings. Nevertheless, she was still satisfied with the clan’s choice.

In terms of innate talents, skills, status, and appearance - he was indeed a good match for her, a couple created by the heavens.

Moreover, it was wise strategically. This alliance would allow for Eight Formation True Emperor to become the king; this was only a matter of time. Unfortunately, the fallen king seemed to be abruptly emerging again.

She was worried because her side had already broken all pretenses with the king. If the king were to successfully regain his throne, he would definitely take revenge against them.

“Just what kind of person is he?” Hanyu shared the same restlessness as Jianyao.

Despite being arrogant, she wasn’t a girl with big breasts and a small brain. Of course, her breasts were indeed large enough to cause blood to boil. Many were instantly seduced the moment they saw her enchanting beauty but she wasn’t just a flower vase on display.

In the end, she sighed softly, aware that this situation was out of her control.

Though she was the princess of the Bingchi, she wasn’t much in the grand scheme of things. There were things outside of her control, such as her own marriage. The only thing within her grasp was guiding the ship towards the most suitable groom.

“I hope we can get through this.” She said, seemingly dejected.


The mood at Nine-linked Mountains remained somber. The proud youths were tucking their tail between their legs and felt a bit suffocated.

This atmosphere finally changed with the arrival of a certain person.

He came carrying his saber on his shoulder, accompanied by billowing saber intents and flashy visual phenomena. Many could sense this saber intent and instantly looked over.

He looked relaxed and at peace while wearing a violet robe. His temperament was one of nobility.

He wasn’t especially tall but had eyes like the morning stars, sharp brows, and a heroic presence.

Though his saber was resting in its sheath, people could still sense its sharpness - more than enough to cut through the celestial bodies. His sharp aura dragged for thousands of miles behind him.

Strangely enough, the aura wasn’t unbearable and aggressive. It was rather free-flowing and natural. He didn’t try to exert the aura in full either or let it run wild.

Some saber users had a massive aura as well, like a reservoir filled with water. When necessary, they would release it and let it rampage through the nine heavens.

This particular youth’s aura, on the other hand, seemed to be innate and natural - akin to the always-flowing current in a river. He didn’t need to actively release it.

Because of this, the spectators actually felt comfortable instead of the usual prickly sensation.

“Waterwatch Saber Saint!” Someone recognized him right away.

“He’s here? Is he back from his vacation or did he have a good cultivation session?” His arrival caused quite a stir.

“This guy is really comparable to Eight Formation True Emperor, no, maybe even one level higher.” An older cultivator sentimentally said.

This famous youth was the successor of Waterfront. Some even believed that he was already the pavilion master but the sect has yet to publicly announce this. He might be the strongest member of the young generation right now.

He didn’t share the same reclusive style as Jianyao nor enjoy the fame of Eight Formation True Emperor; he was just a saber - unrestrained and lofty.

Virtually everyone in Nine Secrets has heard of Eight Formation True Emperor before. He spent most of his time in the system as well.

This wasn’t the case for the saber saint. He preferred to travel the world with only his saber as a companion. This was why he wasn’t as famous as the emperor.

However, for most cultivators, no place was better to train than their own system. After all, cultivating the system’s merit laws in the dao land received added benefits and efficiency. That’s why the emperor preferred to train in Nine Secrets.

Despite being away from home, the saber saint still had amazing achievements. Everyone believed that he could fight a good match against the emperor.

“He sparred against Jade-break and Puresword True Emperor before. It’s not an exaggeration to say that those are two of the strongest emperors of the young generation in Imperial Lineage. It’s fine to say that he could take on Eight Formation True Emperor as well.” An old expert praised.

Jade-break was the current emperor of the Li and Puresword was from the Mu. Either of them was currently stronger than Eight Formation True Emperor.

During his journey across the world, the saber saint had sparred with both of these emperors so he was very experienced in battle.

He walked the path of the True God instead of the imperial path but he could still take on the emperors.

Eight Formation True Emperor have fought against Eternals before but not against the other emperors, so he lacked experience compared to the saber saint in this field.

That’s why the public had a high evaluation of the saber saint. They believed that he was one of the best candidates to be the next king. Unfortunately, he seemed to lack interest in the throne and never stated his stance.

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