Chapter 2491: Saber Versus Sword

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After leaving Great Desolate Mountain, the saber saint crossed through the area to reach Xiang Island. Qin Jianyao was already waiting for him.

“Long time no see, saber saint.” She stood there like a goddess holding her sword by the chest.

“Long time no see, Fairy Qin.” The saber saint picked up the saber hanging on his back.

It had the feel of a mountain, completely immovable.

“You have become stronger after several years, how many people can debate the dao of the saber with you now?” She sentimentally said.

“You’re too kind, Fairy Qin. The world is full of hidden dragons and tigers. Just this saber dao alone is not enough for pride.” The saint shook his head: “Back at the Li Clan, Jade-break True Emperor’s casual slash contained the profundity of the saber dao so I greatly benefited from it. So being proud of my current dao is simply being ignorant.”

The crowd exchanged glances after hearing this. People have heard about the dao discussion between him and two emperors before. It looked like this was indeed the truth since he confirmed it himself.

Jade-break and Puresword True Emperor stood at the apex of the young generation. They were far stronger than Eight Formation True Emperor. The fact that the saber saint could even have a dao discussion with them proved his worth and power. Not all were lucky enough nor qualified to do so.

“Jade-break True Emperor is an incredible talent.” Jianyao nodded: “His move must have been brilliant, but your saber dao is still quite matchless, especially for the young generation.”

The saint smiled: “You’re still too polite. It’s rare that I come back to Nine Secrets and coincidentally enough, this is our second meeting, a type of fate. Will you have a discussion with me? I occasionally think about your sword dao.”

“How can I refuse when you are in the mood.” Jiaoyao smiled, resembling a flower blossoming beautifully.

“Please.” The saber saint stepped into the island.

The crowd took a deep breath and started thinking.

“The saber saint is certainly superior to Yang Bofan, just look at the hospitality shown.” One youth became emotional.

Remember, when Bofan met Jianyao, he maintained a respectful demeanor. This was nearly the case for Tang Hexiang as well.

On the other hand, the saber saint spoke with her as an equal. He clearly had a higher status than Hexiang even though the guy was a fifth-level True God with the Imperial Guards under his command on top of having the support of the legions.

“Who will win? The saber or sword dao?” People curiously asked after these two disappeared deeper into the island.

No one could give a definite answer.

“Only talents like the saber saint and Eight Formation True Emperor are qualified to challenge Fairy Qin. Her sword dao is magnificent, just one glance is unforgettable.” Someone who has seen her in action praised.

The crowd was taking this casual bout very seriously.

Jianyao didn’t have support just because she was pretty or that she was from Calm Lotus. Of course, she was unreachable because of them, but she wasn’t only a pretty flower vase. Her own power was also exceptional.

She cultivated two secrets - Jie and Lie. Not many in the system right now had access to two - fewer than few, in fact.

She used them as the foundation and support for her sword dao. This allowed her to have great achievements down this path.

She rarely showed herself or fight, but those who have seen her sword dao before couldn’t forget about it. Because of this, very few people dared to challenge her. Even Eight Formation True Emperor would need to think twice.

Everyone naturally wanted to witness the fight between two traditional weapons used by two masters.

Unfortunately, the island was sealed since the two didn’t want others to watch. Only those on the island could actually see.

“Clank!” A while later, a sword hymn resonated. Its energy soared through the sky with an unstoppable sharpness.

“Clank!” At the same time, a high and steep saber dao cut horizontally through the air, capable of opposing anything in this world. No one could take a step further.

People could hear the clanking and hums of the sword and saber from very far away in Nine-linked.

Occasionally, the images and energy strands of these slashes would ravage the sky. One could only imagine the destructiveness of the battle.

All eyes were on Xiang Island right now. Despite not being able to witness it, they could sense the fierce battle raging on from the ripples and waves of energy. The real experts could sense the variations and transformations between their moves, switching from offense to defense, from having the advantage to otherwise…

“Will Senior Brother win?” Chuqing was worried back at Great Desolate Mountain.

Li Qiye turned briefly towards the island before looking away: “Strictly speaking about the thickness of the dao, your Senior Brother is not a match for Jianyao. She has trained in two secrets in Calm Lotus all of this time, accepting the gestation of this land so her energy is quite pure. One could say that she is blessed by heaven. But in terms of dao finesse, your Senior Brother is superior. He has immersed himself in the dao of the saber, already excellent but always strive to be better. Each slash, each cut… all have been perfectly refined. Moreover, he has fought in many battles so he has far more experience, knowing how to deal with perilous situations. Jianyao doesn’t have the same training. Her sword dao is profound but she lacks the ability to create a miracle before the clutch of death.”

He easily analyzed the fight as if he could see the winner already. Chuqing heaved a sigh of relief after hearing this while hoping that her brother would win.

The crowd didn’t let up on their observation. They wanted to know the final outcome.

“Clank!” With one last clank, the sword and saber pierced through the sky vault and left behind a lasting scar.

The energies slowly dispersed and the hymns stopped as well. The battle has finally ended.

A while later, the saber saint left Xiang with his saber tied to his back. His expression was unreadable - no one could tell the result. The crowd became disappointed.

“Who won?” The young ones still wanted to know.

“The outcome doesn’t matter.” An ancestor from a powerful clan shook his head: “I only know that this battle shows their supremacy in their generation, especially Fairy Qin. She has always been reclusive yet she can amaze the world with a single feat. If anyone wishes to court her, they better train like crazy and become strong enough to earn her favor.”

People smiled wryly after hearing this. Just how strong does one have to be to get into her sight? Perhaps one would need to at least be as strong as Tang Hexiang.

“Quite powerful.” Bingchi Hanyu became worried after seeing this: “I wonder what Fairy Qin is thinking. The situation doesn’t look good for Tianzhi. I hope he can understand the formation and come out soon enough.”

She wanted to pull Jianyao to her side because it would be very beneficial for Eight Formation True Emperor. Now, she wasn’t sure of Jianyao’s stance at all.

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