Chapter 2492: Ma Mingchun's Arrival

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No one knew the result of the duel between the saber saint and Qin Jianyao, but their energies and weapon intents took a long time to dissipate in the region. The crowd needed a moment to regain their composure.

Suddenly, this brief lull was interrupted by something else.

“Boom!” A blast resounded across Nine Secrets. Next, continuous rumbles that made the world quake and the air tremble.

People saw a river of stars crossing through the sky with a silver color. It seemed to be descending from above straight for Nine-linked.

“Rumble!” This earth-shaking momentum scared the fish and birds. They either became frozen or hid in their lairs.

The sects and experts were naturally startled. They ran out and looked towards this silver river surging like a primordial beast, capable of destroying everything in its path.

“That’s the Central Legion…” A spectator saw everything and cried out.

In the beginning, this impressive flood made people think that a disaster was coming. Upon closer inspection, it was an army consisting of millions. They marched with lightning speed, traveling thousands and thousands of miles per day.

“You’re right…” His friend became startled after getting a good look.

The troops wore silver armor, the same with their horses. This resulted in a scene of stars illuminating the sky. The flood of stars coming from the sky seemed to be unstoppable. No sect or person dared to stand in front of their rampage. A thousand-mile path in front of them was wide open.

Anyone could see that they were furious, seemingly blazing with fire, and would kill anyone trying to slow them down.

The most terrorizing member as the old man in front. He led this legion as if he was leading a tsunami. His silver armor made him look like a rising moon; its luster pierced the eyes of the spectators.

He exuded the aura of an Eternal all around him. On top of his head was a floating pagoda shrouded in primordial chaos energy - as abundant as the ocean.

This pagoda could crush the firmaments, rendering others out of breath. When it came crashing down, it could turn anyone into a rain of blood regardless of how strong they are.

“Central Commander, Ma Mingchun… He’s a real Eternal…” Some people gasped and said.

The guy was indeed one of the strongest Eternals in Nine Secrets. Some even said that he couldn’t be weaker than any of the five Supreme Ancestors.

He was also the strongest commander in the six legions, hence their support for him.

“Who is he mobilizing again? Which poor soul had provoked the legion?” The clear fury of the torrential march left people astonished.

Ever since the disappearance of Silver Secret, War Saint Dynasty went under the rule of the six legions. The Central Legion became the strongest and no one would dare to insult them. This sky-splitting legion could completely scorch the earth below.

“I heard his only son, Ma Jinming, was killed by the king right here in Nine-linked.” Someone else revealed.

“He’s poked the hornet's nest. Does he want to go all out against Central Legion?” One person took a deep breath.

“It’s no big deal.” Another person said: “The Central Legion led the other five into rebelling and surrounding the imperial palace. All of them have betrayed the king, so they are considered rebels in his eyes. It’s understandable why the king would kill Mingchun’s son.”

No one responded. It didn’t matter why the six legions surrounded the palace but Li Qiye was the only rightful king of Nine Secrets. The moment they maneuvered against the king, they became traitors and could never wash their hands clean of this act. The seal of betrayal has been marked on them.

Of course, this was a sensitive issue and many powers didn’t wish to talk about it due to the potential consequences.

“Is he using the entire legion just for revenge? That’s too much.” Someone else said.

Some exchanged glances. Back in Lucidity’s era, he would never dare to do so even if his child was killed. Not only would he lose his head but Lucidity would also exterminate the rest of his clan.

“The six legions are listening to Ma Mingchun completely, especially the Central Legion. The elites of that group are all from the Ma Clan, so who would dare to say no? Plus, the boy was his only son too. It would be strange if he were to let this go.” An older expert sneered.

This wasn’t something a commander should do except he was completely untethered. No one else could stop him from doing so when he had total control of the Central Legion.

“Boom!” The march continued on at a rapid pace and finally made it to Nine-linked Mountains.

The great army suddenly stopped yet still maintained a perfect formation right outside. This was indeed an impressive showing of discipline - perhaps proportional to their might.

Though Mingchun was furious and ready to kill, he still had a sliver of reason and didn’t dare to directly march inside the mountains.

No one in history has dared to do so, not even Lucidity. That would be insulting Nine-linked, or could even be construed as an invasion - becoming enemies with the sect.

“That’s General Ma and the Central Legion.” The ones inside Nine-linked Mountains were startled to see the magnificent scene.

“He’s here for revenge.” Everyone knew what he wanted to do.

Some simply wanted to watch while others had a gloating smile on their face, especially the young geniuses. It would be a joyous occasion if Mingchun could kill the king.

“Please hand over Li, Nine-linked.” Ma Mingchun stood outside his eyes shining on the entire area. His aura took the breath from every spectator. The suppressive force of his pagoda was even more frightening.

This was an Eternal with a massive army behind him - a force to be reckoned with.

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