Chapter 2539: Ill Lord

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The four of them turned and stared intensely at Li Qiye, wanting to see some clues.

“Brat, what sect are you from?” The impatient Wild Bull was the first to speak.

“Some said I’m from War Saint Dynasty but who knows?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“War Saint Dynasty? The geezer’s kingdom.” The four exchanged glances.

“Hahaha, brat, what great crime did you commit to be thrown into this heavenly prison? It won’t be an easy fate. Hmm, only that geezer will throw people in here.” Eight-armed Golden Dragon smirked at Li Qiye.

Firefeather Scholar pondered for a moment and said: “In terms of time, one generation has probably passed. We should live longer than the geezer, so he should be dead now.”

He then asked Li Qiye: “Who is in charge of War Saint now?”

“Lucidity King can’t die that easily. He and Sun Lengying are miraculous and can live for three generations without a problem.” A sickly voice interrupted the group.

The four of them quickly turned their head and saw a gray-robed old man slowly walking over with a wooden stick.

He was feeble, shaking three times with each step as if a breeze could sweep him off his feet. Moreover, his eyes were muddled and black. The guy seemed to be on the verge of death.

The four made way for him in a respectful manner.

“Ill Lord.” Even the hot-headed Wild Bull became proper after seeing the old man.

The old man judged Li Qiye with his muddled eyes: “You’re from War Saint Dynasty? Those thrown in here are all strong, but I don’t see Dou or Zhe in you.”

“You sound very confident in your assessment.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Brat, you probably don’t know this but if you’re really from War Saint Dynasty, then you’re talking to a forefather. Ill Lord is even older than Lucidity King. You won’t be able to trick his vision.” Poison Phoenix Lady chimed in with a smile.

“So the five of you are the strongest enemies of Lucidity King that were thrown in here, or so people said. And you, Ill Lord, are the strongest among them.” Li Qiye looked at the group and said.

“Brat, there’s something else you don’t know. In terms of status, Ill Lord is Lucidity King’s Senior Brother.” The scholar shook his head and said.

Li Qiye didn’t expect this and smiled: “I see, that is indeed a bit surprising.”

“It’s all in the past, I’ve left Nine Secrets System a long time ago.” The old man didn’t mind at all.

His title was Ill Lord. Others considered him to be Lucidity King’s greatest enemy.

For a long stretch of time, Lucidity King couldn’t do anything to him. People believed that Lucidity King was inferior in terms of power. In all of Imperial, maybe only Gu Yifei of the Li Clan could take him.

However, when True Emperor Jiu Ning appeared, Lucidity King’s authority reached its apex. He himself was a monster while his daughter was an emperor with eleven or twelve palaces. 

This culminated in Ill Lord’s defeat. He was captured and thrown into this prison.

Though most knew about their rivalry, few were aware that they were actually martial brothers.

Ill Lord displayed incredible talents in his youth. The two brothers have always competed with each other in their sect.

In fact, Lucidity King might not have gotten the throne back then if Ill Lord had continued to stay in War Saint Dynasty. The two walked on different paths. Ill Lord chose the heretical dao and abandoned the merit laws of War Saint Dynasty. 

He came up with a dao of pestilence and left Nine Secrets System. This was why few knew of his background.

Ill Lord asked: “I believe it has been three generations now, how is Lucidity King doing?”

Though he was thrown into the prison by Lucidity King, he showed no sign of anger and referred to the king like an old friend. He didn’t call him “geezer” like the other four.

“People say that he’s dead.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“So early?” Ill Lord didn’t expect this: “They shouldn’t have died this soon."

“How did he die?” He asked again.

“From old age.” Li Qiye smiled: “Well, it’s normal to die after living for so long, living forever would be aberrant.”

“What about Sun Lengying?” 

“No idea, his whereabouts is unknown but he’s still alive.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

Ill Lord’s voice became serious: “Then it’s impossible. Lucidity King can’t die from old age when Sun Lengying is still around. The two of them found the same fortune back then, able to train on nether ground. In fact, one can say that their teamwork is how they have managed to live for three generations.”

“I don’t know anything about that.” Li Qiye shrugged, not really caring about this issue.

“It’s a shame if that geezer is really dead, I still want revenge.” Poison Phoenix Lady said with resentment.

“It would be worse if he is still alive, enjoying life and living it up. We’ll be even more vexed since we’re trapped here. We can’t get out to find him anyway.” Firefeather Scholar said while waving his fan.

“Hmph, if I can go outside, I still won’t let him off so easily even if he’s dead. If it wasn’t for his trickery, you think I would be captured by the likes of him? To be trapped in this place and never see the sun again for an eternity?!” Wild Bull said with hatred.

“Who is in charge of War Saint right now?” Ill Lord asked Li Qiye after a moment of contemplation.

“I am.” Li Qiye smiled: “I’m the current king, the only number one in the world.”

“You’re number one?” Wild Bull, Poison Phoenix Lady, Eight-armed Golden Dragon, Firefeather Scholar, and even Ill Lord gave Li Qiye another assessment.

“Brat, you’re quite bold.” The scholar smiled: “The world is vast, hegemony is impossible for you. Even the powerful Lucidity King wouldn’t make that claim.”

“Hahaha, don’t tell me the kingdom is done for after the geezer’s death? No one is capable anymore and the throne fell on you?” Wild Bull laughed boisterously.

“Lucidity King passed the throne to you?” Ill Lord thought about something and stared intensely at Li Qiye.

“That’s right, he said we are connected by fate, so he passed the throne to me. And who would waste a free pie landing from the sky? So I’m the king.” Li Qiye looked very innocent and borderline stupid right now.

Everyone believed him. Well, it was the truth anyway.

“Because of fate? If I didn’t know Lucidity King well enough, I would actually think you’re his illegitimate son.” The lady said.

“That geezer became senile from old age? What is this about fate?” Golden Dragon also stared at Li Qiye, thinking about the ridiculousness of the whole thing.

“No, he’s only a scapegoat.” Ill Lord shook his head: “Think again about Lucidity King. He wouldn’t have reigned for three generations if he were that simple. There’s a reason why all of you were captured by him.”

The other four became silent. Golden Dragon wasn’t completely convinced. He muttered under his breath: “Hmph, if it wasn’t for that bastard Sun Lengying ambushing me, I could have taken Lucidity down!”

“Hey, don’t tell me others took your throne then threw you in here?” After a quick assessment of the guy, Poison Phoenix Lady thought she knew why the youth was in here.

“No, I jumped in myself.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“What?!” The group was stunned.

“Brat, do you know anything about this place?” Wild Bull stared at him as if he was an idiot.

“Yes, Great Desolate Heavenly Prison, there’s no coming out.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Then why did you jump in? Are you sure you’re not crazy? Doing so is suicidal!” The scholar’s eyes narrowed.

“Not quite, all of you are still alive and kicking despite being in here. Who knows, maybe staying outside would have ended in an earlier death.” Li Qiye joked.

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