Chapter 2540: One Hand

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The group stopped talking as their eyes darted around.

“Why are you here?” Ill Lord became serious and asked.

“You tell me.” Li Qiye grinned: “This is a prison where the birds don’t even to shit. Logically, people shouldn’t live long in this place, so why are all of you still alive?”

Though the great powers all had long-living ancestors that could last for generations, they were sealed underground or in a location full of spirit energy. This hibernation process required great effort and consumed a copious amount of natural resources.

These advantageous circumstances naturally didn’t exist in this harsh prison. So, the prisoners here shouldn’t live for that long, especially elders like Ill Lord. However, they looked to be doing very well for themselves.

“Haha, plenty have died.” Golden Dragon smiled grimly.

He was right. Lucidity King threw more of his enemies in here than just the five of them. However, they were the only ones left alive.

“You are here for that legendary item of immortality?” Ill Lord concluded and asked.

Ill Lord was Lucidity King’s senior brother in War Saint so he had a great understanding of Nine Secrets System. Few in that place could match him right now in terms of knowledge about the system.

“And if I say yes?” Li Qiye didn’t hide it all.

“Haha, item of immortality.” Wild Bull thunderously laughed. His bell-like eyes became aggressive: “Brat, even if there is such an item here, it wouldn’t be your turn.”

“Not my turn? Then whose turn is it? Your turn?” Li Qiye was still as relaxed as ever.

“Hehe, in terms of status, you are indeed our junior, so we should have it first.” Wild Bull loudly said.

Li Qiye leisurely responded: “Unfortunately, the seniority argument won’t work on me. Be smart and stay out of my way if you want to live.”

The five changed their expression. Each of them was infamous for being powerful. Their title used to instill fear into the listeners and their fury could make the world tremble.

Though they were thrown into this prison by Lucidity King, this didn’t mean that they were weak. The king spent great effort to capture them alive.

Now, a junior who just got here was acting so arrogant and didn’t put them in his sight? They naturally couldn’t take it sitting down.

The scholar’s eyes narrowed as he slowly said: “So you are confident in beating all five of us together?”

“Only five people, just this hand is enough.” Li Qiye casually reached forward with one hand.

Ill Lord was astounded. Even Lucidity King couldn’t do anything to him in the past but this guy wanted to take them on using one hand?

This has reached the level of contempt. No one else in Imperial would dare to make this claim.

“Don’t bite more than you can chew, brat, you need to watch your words since you can’t take them back.” The lady smiled charmingly.

“I’m simply telling the truth. The truth is that I don’t really want to fight since if this were to get out, people will say that I bully the old and weak, that’s no good for my reputation.” Li Qiye smirked and said flatly.

The group’s expression turned unsightly. This comment was no different from if Li Qiye were pointing straight at their face and curse them or ruthlessly slapping them. As the saying goes, even Buddha will show his fury at times, let alone fierce characters like them. 

“Such a big tone. Brat, since you’re so confident, have a horn!” The bad-tempered Wild Bull roared angrily.

“Boom!” Having said that, he lowered his head and used his horns like spears against Li Qiye.

These horns were exceedingly tough, capable of stopping any weapon or piercing through any defense. If separated, they would still be incredible treasures.

Space was penetrated, resulting in two black holes leading to Li Qiye’s chest. The horns moved with lightning speed and rambunctious detonations, more than enough to drill through the earth.

“Boom!” Li Qiye used his palm to stop them.

The horns made contact with sparks flying everywhere but failed to cause any damage.

The rest of the group was shocked because they have fought against Wild Bull before and knew how tough these horns were.

A direct confrontation might result in their weapons being broken, but this guy’s bare hand could stop it?

“Crack!” Before they could calm down, Li Qiye casually twisted his hand and ripped out one of the horns. Blood went flying everywhere.

“Bam!” He changed to a palm strike, hitting the bull-man’s head.

The being’s gigantic figure toppled backward like a mountain. He turned pale and started seeing stars, unable to get up.

Wild Bull was evenly matched with them, Ill Lord being the only exception. Alas, he has been defeated by Li Qiye using just one hand.

“My turn!” Eight-armed Golden Dragon roared.

His arms soared to the sky like eight dragons baring their fangs and tearing the world to pieces. A draconic aura raged across a million miles like a tempest.

“Boom!” Eight palm strikes with the image of a dragon descended from above, heading straight for Li Qiye. The sharp claws could mutilate anything.

“Rumble!” In this split second, multiple hits loudly connected. When the group could see clearly, Li Qiye had gripped Eight-armed Golden Dragon by the neck, ruthlessly slamming him to the ground over and over again.

The ground in the vicinity was smashed and started cracking. The battered Golden Dragon was covered in blood from top to bottom while vomiting out some more.

“Ah!” Li Qiye also ripped apart his eight arms. He has become Zero-armed Golden Dragon.

This brutal carnage happened in a split second.

“Cease, brat!” Poison Phoenix Lady was next. 

“Buzz.” A blinding brilliance emerged behind her back. It was multi-colored and spread out like the tail of a peacock blotting out the sky.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” This brilliance shot out countless black rays. They were as fatal as poisonous needles - lightning-fast and virtually imperceptible. The sheer amount could turn the area into a sieve.

“Zzz…” When the golden sand was struck by these rays, smoke appeared from corruption.

Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye and still used the same hand, spreading it into a palm then quickly closing it.

“Pop!” Space rippled. The black rays filling the sky instantly shattered, disappearing without a trace.

The palm continued to press down, annihilating the brilliance emitted by the lady before she could even react.

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