Chapter 2543: Pledge Of Loyalty

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The group rightfully hesitated at the thought of becoming someone else’s servants. 

“I agree.” Ill Lord was the first to speak with a solemn expression.

“Ill Lord!” The rest became startled since he was the strongest and most unreasonable among them. He was certainly not a coward either.

Keep in mind that during Lucidity King’s apex, he still opposed the king until the father-daughter duo overwhelmed him. Nevertheless, he put up a resilient fight.

Despite his sickly appearance, he was a tough and unyielding man, never accepting inferiority. That’s why the group felt shocked.

“There’s nothing shameful about this, we’ve already lost and got no more face to lose. To work under a peerless supreme is another form of glory.” Ill Lord sighed and said.

The group quietly contemplated. From their own perspective, they were powerful Eternals. But as for Li Qiye? This was a being at the progenitorial level.

One wouldn’t meet this level of power normally in Imperial. Even True Emperors more powerful than they would need to lower their head before this monster.

Like Ill Lord said, working under this man would be an honor. His strength lived up to his status.

“I agree as well, I’m nothing compared to Ill Lord, so there’s no shame in this.” Firefeather Scholar yielded.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s agree.” Eight-armed Golden Dragon looked over at Poison Phoenix Lady and Wild Bull.

“We agree to work under you, Young Noble.” The three submitted.

“Very well.” Li Qiye nodded and raised his hand to release their suppression. He released a seal into their true fate and said: “Do your best now.”

When his seal fell in their true fate, it was the same as them taking an oath. They must obey their promise of loyalty.

“Nice to meet you, Young Noble.” The group got up and bowed.

“Good, then let’s go.” He nodded.

“Where are you going, Young Noble?” Ill Lord asked.

“The place with the densest murderous energy is where I want.” Li Qiye said.

“It would be Death Pit, is that where you want to go?” The scholar took a deep breath.

“Indeed.” He chuckled.

“We can’t enter that place.” Wild Bull hurriedly objected: “It’s too bizarre and frightening. Any intruder will go crazy if they’re not killed by the energy there.”

“You have tried?” He looked at them.

“We can only be several steps near the edge.” Golden Dragon bitterly smiled: “The murderous energy alone is unbearable, let alone the various illusions. I couldn’t get far before my arms are corroded to the bones.”

“Ill Lord has gone the farthest out of us.” The lady said.

Ill Lord shook his head: “I didn’t get that far either, only a bit more than the four of you. I’m knowledgeable about this dao so I can handle the murderous energy, but the disruptive illusions are too much, akin to a heart devil. I would have gone crazy by continuing.”

“We’ve looked at every inch of this place already, but Death Pit is the only place that we can’t research.” Wild Bull said.

“You really wish to go in, Young Noble?” Ill Lord asked.

“Why wouldn’t I since I’m already here?” Li Qiye smiled nonchalantly.

The group agreed, especially because he was far more powerful than them. They couldn’t do it but this didn’t apply to him.

“Could it be that this place really has an item for immortality, and it is hidden in Death Pit?” Wild Bull became anxious.

“Immortality doesn’t come that easily in this world, and it might not be stored here.” Li Qiye said.

“But logically, there should be something because people can live longer here than outside without the aid of natural treasures.” The scholar pondered.

“It’s only an increase in lifespan, far inferior compared to true everlasting life.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Then what’s inside the pit?” Ill Lord also speculated: “It would be strange to have a life item stored in a place full of murderous energy. Such an object shouldn’t possess any murderous affinity. In my opinion, this energy is extremely evil, and so is the item it’s originating from.”

“But you can’t deny that we’ve been living for a long time here.” Golden Dragon said: “I think that without any surprises, we can live for another generation without a problem. Even that geezer Lucidity King can’t live longer than us.”

“I agree with this point.” The lady added: “This place is a mystery. If we were outside, we would need to be sealed while consuming natural resources to live for another generation. But this harsh and hellish place is miraculous for extending our life span.”

“When there’s smoke, there’s fire. That’s why there are rumors about immortality in this place.” Wild Bull laughed: “Isn’t that why the geezer worked so hard to throw us in here? It certainly wasn’t out of boredom.”

“That geezer must be salivating for this item.” The lady snorted.

“The old sages of Nine Secrets have also experimented, albeit with no success. Lucidity King used us for more information since he wants to live longer because he and Sun Lengying won’t last forever and will probably die of old age after this generation.” Ill Lord concluded.

“Young Noble, do you have any idea?” The lady asked with curiosity.

“We’ll find out once we get there.” Li Qiye smirked while staring at the horizon.

“I will lead the way for you.” Wild Bull began walking. The group had enough common sense to know that he didn’t wish to divulge any information so they stopped asking.

“Is Lucidity King really dead?” Ill Lord couldn’t help but ask along the way.

“You’ll need to ask him since I don’t care enough to look for his corpse. Plus, I’m very respectful when it comes to the dead.” Li Qiye joked.

“Hmph, good people die early while the wicked lives forever. That geezer should have died a long time ago. What more does he want? Are three generations still not enough?” Golden Dragon angrily said.

They were relatively jealous. Among them, Ill Lord was even older than Lucidity King.

However, they couldn’t walk freely in the world like Lucidity King. He spent three generations living normally while they were sealed underground or resting in special places. 

It was indeed a miracle for Lucidity King to live for so long in that manner. Of course, Ill King knew the secrets behind the guy’s longevity. It had something to do with Sun Lengying but Ill Lord didn’t wish to speak about it.

“As if you’re a good person. None of us are good people, we’re all murderers. The one who killed the least here is Firefeather Scholar.” The lady gave Golden Dragon the side-eye.

Golden Dragon coughed awkwardly. Though he hated Lucidity King, he was aware of the irony behind his comment.

“I don’t want that geezer to die so early either.” The scholar flicked his fan: “I want to settle our scores.”

“It’s all in the past now.” Ill Lord didn’t hold a deep grudge: “I just want to know if he’s still alive or not. Feuds don’t matter once we’re dead.”

The group became quiet. They have grown from this imprisoning experience.

“It is nice to be alive.” The scholar became slightly emotional.

“All in all, Lucidity King is as wily as a fox, always doing the unexpected.” Ill Lord had a contemplative gaze towards the horizon.

The group agreed with Ill Lord since he grew up with Lucidity King and understood the guy the most.

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