Chapter 2571: Lin Yixue

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With keen observation, one would find that the architectures have been destroyed by quakes. From the broken remains, it was clear that numerous palaces and halls used to stand here. Perhaps this served as the central area of this city.

Beggars were curling up by the broken walls, enjoying a sweet dream while basked by the moonlight.

Li Qiye chuckled and casually kicked them. Being woken up wasn’t a pleasant experience, rage would be the first reaction.

However, the beggars were dazzled by the gold ingots in his hand.

“The end of days is coming here, so go ahead and have a good meal. At least you won’t be starving as ghosts.” Li Qiye gave the ingots to them.

“For, for us?” This was nothing to Li Qiye but for these beggars, the ingots were no different from a pile of golden treasures.

“That’s right.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Thank you, thank you, Sir!” The beggars almost cried from excitement and quickly gathered the ingots.

This seemed like a dream to them. Some started pinching their thigh and found the pain to be a proof of reality. Tears finally started streaming down.

He told them: “Go tell people that Mingluo is about to fall and that they should run as far away as possible. Maybe they can survive, with enough luck.”

The beggars were surprised but how could they refuse after taking someone’s gold? They nodded: “Don’t worry, sir, we’ll definitely let them know.”

Li Qiye didn’t care and entered the ruins.

The first thing the beggars did was having a great feast, tasting all the delicacies they never got the chance to in the past. After filling their stomach with meat and wine, the beggars didn’t forget about Li Qiye and started spreading the message.

“Destruction is coming”. This message spread through the streets and alleys and actually became a hot topic in the tea houses. Only very few actually paid it any mind.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Li Qiye since he has done his part. Their survival was up to fate.

He sat down by a broken section of walls, enough to shield him from the winds and rains. He entered a state of meditation, seemingly sleeping.

He has experienced both the life of a king and the style of a beggar in the past. Everything was just temporary like the clouds in the sky.

After one night of dao meditation, his body seemed to be taken roots and became one with the ruins. Strings emanated from his bottom and dug down to the ground. Being exposed to the elements didn’t bother him in the slightest. 

“Hey.” He was interrupted when the sun started to rise.

He opened his eyes and saw an exquisite pair of boots, made from the skin of a wind leopard with silver shoes and bamboo jades carved on the top. They emitted an affinity of the wind. This was clearly a treasure allowing its user to run even faster, especially for escaping.

He looked up and saw a girl standing in front of him. She was around seventeen or eighteen years of age, wearing a green dress and brimming with life.

She was blessed with her looks - clear and soft skin and great features. Of course, she wasn’t on the same level as Liu Chuqing or Qin Jianyao.

Compared to them, she would seem like a daughter from a humble family. It was still refreshing to see.

Her full breasts indicated her maturity. The way she arched forward showed her competitive nature.

“My name is Li Qiye, not hey.” He smiled at her.

“I don’t care if you’re Li Qiye or Li Baye.” She snorted in an arrogant manner: “I, Lin Yixue, am not here to make friends.” [1]

She was clearly inexperienced when dealing with people, already stating her real name.

“I don’t want to be your friend either.” Li Qiye didn’t move from his spot.

She took another look at him. This man slept here last night, clearly lacking money.

“You gave gold to those beggars last night?” She wondered how he could afford to give those ingots to those beggars.

“I believe so.” He chuckled.

“Where did you get them? Are you a thief?” She looked at him with skepticism: “Be honest or I’ll teach you a lesson. Mingluo doesn’t allow petty crimes and with my sect around, troublemakers are only asking for it.”

She glared at him as if he was a thief. Once she confirmed her suspicion, she would definitely teach him a lesson.

“I can afford that much.” He leisurely said.

“Really now?” She obviously didn’t believe him.

“Of course. You can go ask those beggars again.” He patiently said.

She didn’t think he was lying due to his calm demeanor.

“Are you here for my money?” He retorted: “This desolate place is indeed a good place to rob people.” He looked around after saying this.

She turned red, trembling angrily before placing her hands on her waist: “Who do you think I am? I am from Stoneclearing Sect and have plenty of treasures, you think I would care about your little wealth? Stop your slander!”

He smiled after seeing this. The girl clearly lacked life experiences, probably has never left this city before.

“Then why are you here?” He continued: “Don’t tell me you’ve taken a fancy to me and want to take me back as your husband?”

“...” She pointed at him with her trembling finger: “You think I, Lin Xiyue, would like a hick such as yourself? Piss on the ground and have a look at your reflection first.” [2] 

“I’ve done so before and found myself to be handsome beyond comparison and attractive beyond reasons. Want me to show you?” Li Qiye leisurely said. He decided to play with her since he was bored.

“You’re, you’re so shameless!” She turned red and took several steps back, afraid that he might actually pull down his pants.

“Just playing with you, little lady.” He chuckled and waved his sleeve as if he were swatting a fly: “If there’s nothing else, run along now, don’t bother me.”

This comment of his finally reminded her of her original intention.

She took a deep breath to calm down and glared at him: “I, I’m above this pettiness and will forgive you.”

“How kind of you.” He chuckled: “You’re not only pretty but nice as well, definitely the number one beauty in Mingluo.”

What girl didn’t like hearing such praises? She snorted while unconsciously raising her chin slightly upward. Though she didn’t say anything, it was clear that she enjoyed the comment.

“Unfortunately, your head is empty though, just a decorative vase.” Li Qiye added the second part.

1. Qi is seven, Ba is eight. Basically, it’s like she’s saying - I don’t care if you’re Mike or Michael

2. I initially translated this as, “take a look in the mirror first”, since the meaning is the same. The original phrase can be jarring but it is a very common derogatory retort in Chinese. However, keeping it literal is necessary for the incoming lines

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