Chapter 2573: Watching The Mortal World

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Li Qiye watched her departing figure and said: “Run, little girl, or you will die without a grave.”

All in all, he has seen worse destruction before. A tiny city like this couldn’t even be considered a bubble in the river of time.

Billions and billions have died yet there were no records of their death, so the destruction of Mingluo would also disappear like smoke. At most, some would talk about it for a bit before the event falls into obscurity.

After all, several hundred thousand people or more would die after the destruction of any sect. The loss of Mingluo didn’t affect Imperial Lineage on the grand scheme of things.

He was already doing more than necessary by spreading the rumors of its destruction. The girl was also amusing so he spent more time to warn her. 

“Hmph.” She turned back and scowled: “Our city will never fall.”

Li Qiye chuckled and slowly closed his eyes.

She suddenly changed her mind after seeing his attitude and stared at him for a bit before asking: “What made you think this way?”

He didn’t answer, seemingly asleep.

“Hey. I’m talking to you, don’t play dead.” She glared at him with both hands on waist, unsatisfied at being ignored. 

He slowly opened his eyes once more: “What will you do if destruction is imminent?”

She couldn’t come up with the answer since this scenario wasn’t plausible in her opinion.

“Of course I will die with my city. I will fight to the death against any invader!” She resoundingly claimed.

“It’s just a city, all you have to do is leave.” He smiled.

She immediately barked back: “Impossible, Mingluo is my birthplace and home, I will protect it with my life.”

“Everywhere is home as long as you’re alive. No home if you’re dead.” He said.

“What do you know? Only Mingluo is our real home, everywhere else is nothing but meaningless land. Our sky isn’t that large. If our home exists, we will. If it ceases to be, so will we!” She asserted.

He looked at her and said: “Have you never thought about going somewhere else? To a stronger system?”

“Why should I? We’ll still only be ordinary disciples at a different system, not like we’ll become True Emperors by switching. Plus, there are several hundred thousand people here, not all of them can leave. If we accomplish nothing by leaving, then it’s better to stay at our home.” She reasoned.

He actually became silent as his eyes gazed at the horizon. Memories about people and things resurfaced.

Like the Indomitable Battalion of the Silver Fox Legion, they obviously could go far and find new places to stay since they were certainly capable. Alas, they returned to their home - the place they love so much.

The girl was right as well. Their sky and potential weren’t that great. The city was their everything. They didn’t know about the riches and colors of the outside world.

In Li Qiye’s eyes, Mingluo was only an insignificant city but for them, it was their entire world, everything in their short lifespan.

‘This is the joy of the weak, just one city is enough.’ Li Qiye became slightly moved.

“Hmph, no more nonsense, got it? Our city will be just fine.” She glared at him again before leaving.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have that much conviction in her voice. She unconsciously tried to cheer herself up and convince herself that destruction will never come.

He closed his eyes again; his body gradually became ethereal - seemingly melting with the space around him. He eventually disappeared without a sight.

Starting with the surrounding air, he fused with the dao land itself of the entire system. 

When the sun rose, Li Qiye’s figure slowly emerged from a different dimension. He meditated for an entire day without moving.

“Pop!” Space fluctuated when he opened his eyes as he finally returned.

“Come, I have prepared a nice net for you, no chance of escaping.” He smiled with a profound gaze: “Looks like this system really buried something amazing. No wonder why the creature would descend here.”

He had theories as to why this system didn’t fall to Myriad Lineage. White Orchid City’s disappearance only reinforced his idea. Now, he knew that there was something down there that he wanted. All of the recent events were related to this particular item.

He got up and stretched before looking outside: “Alright, let’s go for a walk.”

He entered the city once more. It was still as lively as ever. He casually walked around, wanting to be a part of the city.

The citizens kept themselves busy with earning money to get by. Perhaps they didn’t save much, just living day by day. Nevertheless, hard work was necessary to provide for their families.

This was another difference between mortals and cultivators. Mortals struggled to survive while cultivators had dreams about soaring to the nine firmaments.

He sat there and observed the merchants. What would their reaction be if they were to know that in just a few days, this entire place would be destroyed?

He smiled after thinking about this and made up his mind: “Fine, it’s convenient anyway.”

Lin Yixue has moved him since she made him recall the past. Of course, he didn’t suddenly turn into a good person.

Those in the past who have fought with him were mere memories deep in his mind, nothing more. He thought about them and their stories again after listening to the girl.

Thus, he decided to save the city if it’s possible and convenient.

“Perhaps this is fate.” He gently sighed. If it wasn’t for Yixue, he wouldn’t have changed his decision.

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