Chapter 2575: Imminent Disaster

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“So what actually happened here?” She looked around and recognized the unique appearance of this ruin.

“I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone else does either.” Her master shook his head: “Our sect has no records of it, only a few lines. All in all, in just a single night, came the decimation of an invincible sect.”

“It was a great and shocking battle.” Li Qiye said: “Of course, it didn’t actually happen here. This place was wiped out from the mere shockwaves.”

“It’s that terrifying?” Youzheng took a deep breath: “Various accounts state that this place was very important to Heavensound. It has been blessed by numerous emperors and Eternals on top of wielding the power of a progenitor. In fact, some believe that the dao source is right here, so this place should be indestructible. What kind of power did this?”

The most shocking thing to him was that here shockwaves from a battle did this?

“Nothing’s surprising.” Li Qiye said: “Three emperors and numerous Eternals themselves failed, let alone this location and mere blessings.”

Youzheng shuddered in horror. He was only a Grand True God wanting to become an Ascender. A True Emperor was an unreachable being in his mind.

“A thing strong enough to annihilate those beings shouldn’t exist…” Xiyue looked at him with skepticism.

She seldom left the city and has only seen Stone Harmony. Now, Mingluo was the biggest city around.

An Ascender was already amazing enough to her, needless to say about Eternals and True Emperors. Not even in her dream would she see the sight of these beings being murdered.

“It’s because your world is too small. The real thing is vaster than your imagination, same with the experts in it.” Li Qiye said.

She turned red and gave him the side-eye: “Hmph… so what if my knowledge is limited. You’re speaking as if you’re a hundred times stronger than me.”

She thought that he could only be a bit stronger than her master because they were similar in age. Hearing the rather disdainful comment left her unhappy.

“Xue’er, you’re being rude again.” Her master glared at her.

“Just a tiny bit stronger than you.” Li Qiye didn’t seem to mind.

“Hmph.” She snorted again but didn’t dare to act out because her master was around. She had no choice but to swallow her anger.

“Young Noble, when you mentioned the destruction of our city earlier, is it true?” Youzheng hesitated before asking.

“Absolutely certain.” To which Li Qiye responded: “Three to five days at the earliest, or ten days or so at the latest. A disaster is imminent here.”

Xiyue immediately disagreed: “Master, don’t listen to him. Our city is just fine. It’s as tough as steel, so what kind of disaster can be coming?” 

“Be quiet!” He yelled at her because as the master of Stoneclearing he wasn’t as simple-minded as the young girl.

He asked with horror: “I don’t think we have provoked a master or a monster recently, so where is it coming from?”

“Have you heard of White Orchid? It disappeared in one night.” Li Qiye said.

“White Orchid?” Youzheng’s heart jumped while sensing something ominous: “I’ve, I’ve heard the news about it. He took a deep breath while his face turned pale.

The news took a while to travel the distance between the two cities.

“Master, White Orchid isn’t around anymore?” She became startled, having found out just now.

“Yes, I only heard about it this morning.” Youzheng said: “The geezers from Luo probably received the news recently too, but they didn’t want to start a panic.”

“Why is it gone?” She believed her master and also became aghast.

White Orchid was one of the largest cities in their system so this disaster naturally struck a chord with her.

“No idea, the entire city is missing; not a single survivor has been found. Only an abyss is left behind. It’s as if it evaporated from existence.” Youzheng’s expression was serious.

The disappearance of a great city was indeed a shocking matter to their system.

“That’s why your city isn’t doing that well. It’s next.” Li Qiye added.

“What?!” Youzheng blurted out in astonishment.

Xiyue loudly joined in: “No way! We’re at least ten times larger than White Orchid. The experts of the system are all here, so who can destroy…”

Her confidence tapered off towards the end. She didn’t believe him at all in the beginning, but the news of White Orchid filled her mind with anxiety.

“Just run far away from Mingluo. If you care about the citizens, then evacuate them. Consider it a good deed for karma.” Li Qiye said.

“It, it won’t happen. Stop daydreaming…” She instinctively denied out of fear.

He ignored her and closed his eyes again.

“Is there no other way outside of evacuating?” Yuzheng calmed down and asked for help.

“I’m afraid Mingluo will become a second White Orchid, so you tell me.” Li Qiye smiled.

Youzheng has never thought about leaving the city so he stood there in a daze. He looked around and said: “Where else can we go? This is our foundation. There is no Stoneclearing without Mingluo.”

“Mas-master, you really believe him?” She asked.

Youzheng looked at her and sighed: “We can’t run away from reality. We’re the largest and most populated city in Stone Harmony, so it makes sense that whatever it is, it will aim for us after White Orchid.”

“What, what should we do then?” She didn’t want to face this truth. That’s why she kept on reprimanding Li Qiye for spreading the rumors since it touched on her deep fear.

“Just run away, it’s already lucky that you will stay alive.” Li Qiye said.

“I won’t leave Mingluo! I’ll die with my home if I have to!” She glared at him.

Youzheng returned from his daze and stared at Li Qiye, suddenly realizing something: “Young Noble, you must be here because…”

Li Qiye finished the sentence for him: “Waiting for the disaster and the evil entity.”

“So you wish to save our city, Young Noble?” Youzheng became ecstatic.

He saw Li Qiye casually killing the tree demons with a single finger. He believed the guy must at least be an Ascender, perhaps even an Eternal. Maybe there was a chance for their city with his help.

“Who says I want to save it?” Li Qiye chuckled: “I’m only chasing after the evil thing. The survival of Mingluo has nothing to do with me.” [1]

1. Li Qiye is actually a tsundere

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