Chapter 2576: Courting Death

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The master-disciple duo was surprised by Li Qiye’s response. They didn’t think he would refuse so quickly and with such conviction.

“Young Noble, you are a supreme master, please show benevolence and save the citizens of our city.” Wu Youzheng cupped his fist and bowed.

Li Qiye nodded his head slightly: “No need for that, it’s not too late to evacuate. Why wait for someone else to save you? Plus, I don’t care about the citizens here or there or wherever. This isn’t my land so it’s not my problem.” 

Youzheng had no response.

“Are you just going to watch several hundred thousand people die?” Xiyue loudly questioned him.

“And what are they to me?” Li Qiye wasn’t angry at her tone.

“You!” She glared and said indignantly: “Aren’t you a master? Is your heart made of stone and your blood runs cold? You’re no master, you don’t have the bearings of one! You’re just a cruel villain…”

“Don’t be disrespectful!” Youzheng instantly yelled at her and apologized: “Young Noble, please forgive my disciple’s indiscretion.”

“Master, why are you apologizing to someone who turns a blind eye despite being capable? He’s not worthy of respect…” She felt wronged.

Li Qiye looked at her and smiled: “Then you tell me why I should save them? They are strangers and I’m just a passerby. The world is vaster than you think with countless inhabitants. When a sect is destroyed, anywhere ranging from several hundred thousands or dozens of million people turn to ashes. Your city’s death count would only be at the level of a third-rate sect’s destruction, and this happens on a daily basis in Three Immortals. Ten thousand or so of these sects fall every year, not to mention numerous other problems and disasters. So, as you can see, your city is only a grain of sand in the desert. If I try and save everyone who is in need of saving, I would never have the time to do anything else. What about you? Do you think you’re merciful and kind enough to save everyone? How many have actually done so in history?”

Yixue couldn’t come up with a quick response. She wasn’t aware of the cruelty and dangers in the outside world.

Youzheng sighed as well. Unlike his disciple, he understood that if Li Qiye actually has the capability to save the city, his doing so would be out of mercy and kindness, but the opposite was logical as well.

Why should he save Mingluo City? Plus, the citizens here might not even appreciate his action. Some would think that it was his duty, that it was expected as a matter of course.

Li Qiye continued while looking at her: “No one will save you or those around you. You need to do it yourself. Hoping for a savior is irresponsible and showing laziness towards your dao. Plus, even if someone wants to play the role of a savior, then where do they start when so many are in trouble? Who is worthy of being saved? Who will make the rules and selection criteria? Thus, a savior will not save a particular city or race. They will only watch over the world itself and defend it when necessary - focusing on the grand scheme of things instead of saving individuals.” [1]

She slowly digested the meanings behind his words. In the beginning, she thought that Li Qiye was being cruel for turning a blind eye. But now, her thinking slightly changed.

“You are right, Young Noble.” Youzheng gently sighed and cupped his fist towards Li Qiye.

They couldn’t force him to do anything. After all, each great master was eccentric and their ideals impossible to grasp.

Their conversation came to a halt because two newcomers have entered the ruins. Two youths; one walking in front and one lingering in the back.

The first had expensive clothes - a multi-feathered robe with phoenix engravings. The feathers came from special birds and emitted spirituality.

He wore a shiny golden crest, looking quite impressive. Each of his actions showed arrogance and pride as he looked down on the world.

The youth in the back was the opposite. His clothes were shabby in comparison, but his demeanor showed that he was a crafty one.

The well-dressed one carried a jade plate. After entering the ruins, this plate started glowing and shaking. He then told the one behind: “This place.”

“Very well, don’t worry, Young Noble Mu, I will order people to tidy up the area.” The one behind hurried said with nothing but reverence.

The other youth nodded and put away his jade plate.

The two of them then noticed Li Qiye’s group of three.

The crafty youth came over and cupped his fist towards Youzheng: “So it’s you, Senior Wu, nice to see you.”

“Same to you, Virtuous Nephew Xu. This young noble is?” Youzheng returned the gesture and asked about the well-dressed youth. He heard the name “Mu” earlier and felt his heart skip a beat.

The well-dressed one also walked over with a smile on his face: “Yingjian, introduce us.”

His eyes were fixated on Lin Yixue, full of desires.

Yixue naturally sensed this gaze and slightly shifted over behind Youzheng.

“This is Young Noble Mu, a student of Puresword True Emperor’s First Disciple.” Xu Yingjian started the introduction: “Young Noble Mu, this is the sect master of Stoneclearing and Miss Lin.”

Mu Chengjie’s cultivation wasn’t great but he was a favorite of his master. Moreover, in a small location like Mingluo, someone like Chengjie was considered a big shot.

Plus, the Luo also had deep ties with the Mu.

Youzheng was stirred after finding out the youth’s identity. He didn’t dare to show slight and immediately cupped his fist: “So it is Young Noble Mu, it’s an honor to meet you.”

“You’re too kind.” Chengjie nodded proudly; his eyes were still on Lin Xiyue the entire time: “Yingjian, I’ve only got here and don’t know anyone. If Miss Lin is from the city, how about having her as my guide?”

“Well…” Yingjian didn’t know how to answer this direct request.

Youzheng naturally read the situation perfectly well. He instantly responded: “I know this city very well, may I be your guide?”

“An old man like you is no fun.” Chengjie became even more straightforward and waved his sleeve: “Miss, how about it? Take me around Mingluo and when you visit my clan later, I’ll be your guide then.”

This was both a threat and a tempting offer. After all, the Mu was an unreachable behemoth compared to this tiny city.

1. There is a wordplay here that is hard to translate. “Savior” is made up of two main words - 救(save) and 世(age; generation; era; world), so “save world”. The words for saving people are 救(save) and 人(people) - “save people”. So Li Qiye’s line is, “a savior is made up of these characters 救(save) and 世(world) for a reason, not 救(save) and 人(people). I can’t replicate this in English, so I kept the meaning with the last line

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