Chapter 2577: The Mu? No Big Deal

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Remember, a sect like Stoneclearing could be found anywhere in Imperial Lineage.

Plus, Stone Harmony has declined so it didn’t have any powerful lineage. The strongest one right now was the Luo Faction of Mingluo City, Xu Yingjian’s sect.

All in all, one couldn’t rely on any backer in Stone Harmony because everyone was weak. On the other hand, the Mu was among the top three behemoths in Imperial Lineage.

Being able to climb up to this behemoth was an honor for a sect like Stoneclearing. Moreover, Mu Chengjie was Puresword True Emperor’s grand-disciple. His future was quite bright, so currying his favor was a good opportunity.

That’s why Chengjie could be so unbridled. In his mind, taking a woman from this tiny place was no big deal. As long as he stated his identity and added some good words, so many female disciples would jump into his lap.

The same would apply for this girl ahead. He couldn’t help wanting to do things because she looked so innocent and soft.

“No thank you.” She refused right away.

Youzheng had a serious expression. This wasn’t going to be good for their sect. Offending the Mu meant sure death since this clan could crush them like ants.

The swift refusal vexed Chengjie. His expression turned ugly - this village girl dares to refuse the grand-disciple of an emperor?!

“Being able to enter our clan is a supreme honor.” His expression sank.

Youzheng quickly mediated: “Young Noble Mu, she’s young and naive, please don’t be offended.” 

He didn’t wish to antagonize the Mu. That’s not a clan they could afford to mess with.

“Old man, be smart and stand aside.” Chengjie didn’t look at the old man since his eyes were still on Yixue. He threatened: “Girl, I want you to be my woman tonight, it’s not too late to follow me.”

Such overbearing haughtiness made Yingjian lament his luck. Alas, there was nothing he could do outside of serving this young master.

“Pah!” Xiyue had nothing but contempt for this youth and hid behind Youzheng.

“Foolish woman.” Chengjie had enough of the humiliation and his eyes turned cold: “Obediently follow me now lest I become angry. At that point, it’ll be too late even if your seniors want to hand you over!”

“You!” Xiyue became furious.

“Why is there a dog barking here?” A leisure voice suddenly interrupted.

It was naturally Li Qiye speaking; his eyes still closed.

The two youths turned towards him since they didn’t notice him before. He looked too ordinary so Yingjian thought that he was only a regular disciple from Stoneclearing.

“Ignorant fool, don’t stick your nose in my business!” Chengjie didn’t give a damn about Li Qiye due to his normal appearance.

He revealed a murderous intent and threatened: “Break your arms and legs now then apologize or I will kill your entire clan!”

He no longer held back his brutality because there wasn’t a single sect in this system that could stop him. Not to mention his grandmaster, just his master alone could destroy the entire place. That’s why if he wanted a woman here, he will have her on top of killing everyone standing in his way!

“Slap.” Li Qiye still seemed to be sleeping while uttering one word.

“Pop!” Blood gushed out of the youth’s mouth along with broken teeth. His mouth changed shape as a result.

“Young Noble Mu!” Yingjian was shocked to see this.

Chengjie composed himself but still had a twisted grimace. He shouted: “Little animal, you dare to hit me?! I’m gonna cut you to pieces!”

“Clank!” He summoned a pair of gloves made from shiny pieces of metallic scales.

“Boom!” He furiously smashed downward like using two hammers, aiming straight for Li Qiye’s head. This carried enough force to break a mountain.

The enraged youth wanted nothing more than to smash the guy into a pulp so he went all out, mustering the majority of his true energy. Only by smashing the guy’s head into mashed potato would he be able to satiate this fury.

Alas, the result was unexpected. Yingjian thought Li Qiye’s skull was about to be broken.

However, Li Qiye easily stopped the dual-smash with a single finger.

“Ant.” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at the youth. He added more force to his fingertip.

“Crack!” The gloves shattered.

Keep in mind that this treasure was personally crafted by Chengjie’s master using precious metals, extremely tough. Unfortunately, they broke like dried branches right now.

“Ah!” Even his hands crumbled with blood staining the broken pieces of the gloves. They were pulverized completely.

“Brat, do you, do you know who I am?!” Chengjie tried to run but couldn’t. There seemed to be an invisible hand grasping him tightly.

“Do ants have names?” Li Qiye calmly said.

“My, my grandmaster is Puresword True Emperor! The strongest being in Imperial! My Mu Clan is the strongest lineage in Imperial!” He boisterously revealed his backing.

He believed that the title of his grandmaster alone could scare anyone in this godforsaken city.

“I have heard of them.” Li Qiye smiled; his eyes still closed.

“Then what are you waiting for? I command you to release me! Hurt a hair of mine and the Mu will not spare you. You can run to the farthest ocean and my grandmaster will kill you all the same!” He bellowed.

“Young Noble, spare him this once.” Youzheng quietly begged. Just imagining the army of the Mu coming to this place made him shudder.

“The True Emperor is invincible under the heaven and can kill anyone regardless of the distance. Please show mercy.” Yingjian added, horrified. He wouldn’t be able to answer the superiors since he was Chengjie’s guide.

“All are ants. I’m planning to take a trip to that clan and flatten them anyway, so this is just fine.” Li Qiye said.

The group became stunned. The Mu and the great emperor were untouchable existences in their mind, but Li Qiye only viewed them as ants? Isn’t that insanely arrogant?

“Little animal, just this sentence alone of yours is punishable with the extermination of your nine clans…” Chengjie screamed.

“Pop!” Li Qiye slightly flicked his finger and what’s left of the youth scattered away with the wind.

“So noisy.” He said after rendering the youth down to blood.

The group was horrified and stumbled backward.

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