Chapter 2638: Jade-break True Emperor

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A woman landed from the sky with an omnipresent aura towering above the rest. Her domineering style didn’t diminish her beauty in the slightest.

People couldn’t help feeling admiration and gasped after seeing her.

“Jade-break True Emperor!” Someone shouted in astonishment.

“The strongest and youngest emperor in Imperial right now…” Gasps could be heard all over.

All eyes were on her, especially the young male cultivators who were lost in admiration. They couldn’t avert their gaze from this woman dressed in sapphire blue. 

Many youths felt inadequate and didn’t even have the courage to look at her. They lowered their head and occasionally stole glances in her direction.

“The prettiest flower in Imperial, the princess of the Li, the empress of this world.” Many murmured, intoxicated.

“So the Li should be here too? Of course, how could they miss this awesome event?” One ancestor said.

The majority of Imperial considered this woman to be the number one emperor right now. Though she wasn’t the strongest overall, she was pretty much unmatched among the young generation.

Even the brilliant Puresword True Emperor was overwhelmed by her. During her rage in the past, she killed her way into the Mu. This slaughter firmly established her position.

Jade-break True Emperor - absolute hegemony. This particular phrase existed to describe her.

Because of her tough personality, her title became Jade-break. That’s why she attacked the Mu after another female disciple from her clan was messed with by Mu Shaochen. Her style and title were a perfect match.

In the beginning, people were surprised to hear the newcomer siding with Li Qiye. But now, after seeing that it was Jade-break True Emperor, it wasn’t that surprising.

“She’s so pretty and peerless.” Her admirers were in awe.

Her fame traveled across the world not only because of her domineering style but also because of her beauty. Some considered her to be the prettiest in Imperial.

So many geniuses have tried to court her but unfortunately, they failed to get into her grace.

She was the strongest emperor right now, so how could they be a match for her regardless of how talented they might be? 

Because of this, many became curious about the type of man that would eventually win her over. Perhaps one would need to go to Immortal Lineage to find one.

“Is she on the side of Fiercest?” People wondered after hearing her prior comment.

“Fellow Daoist Jade-break.” Puresword True Emperor’s eyes narrowed after seeing her.

They were the two youngest and strongest emperors right now so they had competed many times before. Puresword True Emperor has always viewed her as his biggest rival.

The esteemed king, deer merchant, and Tree Observer also raised their brows. They weren’t weaker than the emperor; the deer merchant was definitely stronger.

However, they were still very apprehensive when dealing with her. She had boundless potential on top of having the Li behind her.

Most importantly, Gu Yifei was her ancestor, a being only second to Solar Daoist. He played a big role in supporting Jade-break True Emperor’s assault on the Mu.

After all, the Mu was on the same level as the Li, This powerful lineage wouldn’t have let someone invade their clan without putting up a good fight.

Some believed that without Gu Yifei, Jade-break True Emperor wouldn’t have been able to leave the clan without grievous injuries.

Jade-break True Emperor descended from the sky and surveyed the area before bowing her head towards Li Qiye: “Dao Brother, we meet again.”

Li Qiye smiled and nodded: “We may meet at any place when bound by fate.”

The emperor turned out to be Li Yuzhen. They have met before back at the abyss and she only stated her name, not her title. She also didn’t put on the bearing of an emperor before him.

The crowd found this surprising and exchanged glances.

“Fiercest and Jade-break True Emperor know each other?” One expert questioned.

Another calmed down and said: “Maybe Fiercest is actually from the Li? That’s his last name too, Li Qiye. Plus, who else but the Li Clan can groom such a powerful person? I’m positive I’m right.”

“Makes sense.” Many agreed with this.

“No, the emperor and Fiercest are only acquaintances. If Fiercest was from the Li, he wouldn’t have answered like that.” One older cultivator paid more attention to the brief exchanges.

“You’re right.” Another older expert agreed.

In fact, people have speculated that Li Qiye was from the Li before due to the circumstances and his last name. But after this particular exchange from the two, this speculation was proven false.

“Hmph! This Fiercest is acting too arrogant, Jade-break True Emperor is the prettiest in our world.” The young ones felt bitter and said with indignation.

She was unreachable in their mind. Just earning a glance from her was an honor. To be able to speak to her was the greatest of glory. People would go crazy after the fact.

But now, she actually bowed and greeted him with respect. This was beyond their wildest dreams, akin to the blessings of three lifetimes. However, Li Qiye remained nonchalant and distant, stirring jealousy into the crowd.

The older seniors chuckled after seeing the bitter expression of the youths. One said: “Yes, she’s the number one empress right now, but don’t forget, Fiercest is like a rising sun at this moment, virtually peerless. It’s fine for him to put on airs before her. He’s capable enough to do so.”

“Well…” Another fan had no retort and closed his mouth again.

They had no choice but to swallow their indignation. Plus, Li Qiye treated everyone in this manner - this made them feel better.

“Empress, you’re not involved today.” Four Esteemed King said: “We will go to the Li to apologize if we have somehow offended you after dealing with the mess here.”

This group didn’t want Jade-break True Emperor to have anything to do with Li Qiye. Just Fiercest alone was troublesome enough. If she were to join in along with her clan, the situation would become dangerously dire.

That’s why the king interrupted their conversation and tried to steer them away from teaming up.

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