Chapter 2670: Invading

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The truncheon made from a mountain range smashed the sixty-four formations to nothing. This process astounded the crowd since Li Qiye didn’t resort to using any art or weapon of his own.

Just picking up and refining a mountain range more than sufficed. Li Qiye looked like a vulgar villager who suddenly had the urge to eat bird eggs. The guy then picked up a wooden branch then swung at the tree branch crazily to knock the nest off - certainly a rough and uncivilized thing to do.

“So barbaric.” One slack-jawed spectator said.

At this moment, Fiercest gave off an invincible and brutal impression. He didn’t have the bearing of a supreme master or the peerless grace of a progenitor. This was a brutal man that could crush the earth with one stomp.

In order to get the eggs, he wouldn’t mind destroying the nest or even uprooting the entire tree in the process. No, he would flatten the mountain where the tree resides too.

“That’s why he calls himself Fiercest, the guy is definitely ferocious enough.” Another first-time spectator smiled wryly.

On the other hand, the Eternals were amazed. Fiercest’s smashes earlier looked barbaric but they contained massive power.

Because of his innate power, he didn’t need to use merit laws and techniques. Dao transformations and derivation succumbed before his absolute might.

An adage stated that one strong man could take down ten skilled martial artists. This was definitely accurate but it understates the amount of strength required for the former to do so. Same case here for absolute power to triumph over dao profundities and complicated abilities.

“He’s at the progenitor level for sure, and above the myriad classification.” One Eternal became aware of Li Qiye’s potential.

Li Qiye’s strength was obvious but only the top beings present knew just how strong he was. Ordinary progenitors were no match for him.

“Boom!” Li Qiye casually threw the truncheon down and left behind a massive groove. Numerous mountains and rivers collapsed.

“That’s all the Mu can do?” He stretched and said.

People had a hard time breathing after hearing this nonchalant statement as if there was a hand gripping their throat.

The Mu was one of the three behemoths right now, standing at the peak of Imperial and looking down on the rest of the world. Alas, they were being shown such contempt right now.

The disciples of the Mu turned red with anger but none dared to say anything.

For so many years, experts visiting their clan were nervous. They acted subserviently, on the verge of kneeling. This was understandable. The Mu could have annihilated any other sect in this world.

Today, Li Qiye has destroyed their land and humiliated them in public. This was more than a disgrace to the clan but its members could only swallow this indignation. They knew that they were nothing more than ants in his eyes.

“Okay, come out and put up a good fight before facing the music.” Li Qiye walked forward towards the Mu.

His leisure style was one of invincibility and domination now, a unique characteristic of Fiercest. He was the only one who could bully the Mu like this.

Everyone waited to see how the Mu would respond. Normally, they would pray for the souls who dare to provoke the Mu or laugh at them for being so ignorant and arrogant.

Alas, people were worried about the Mu right now since Fiercest could definitely stay true to his words.

“How is the Mu going to stop him?” One ancestor took a deep breath. 

Those familiar with the Mu couldn’t think of another killing move from this clan that could take down Fiercest.

The Mu had no lack of methods and ace cards, but these things only worked on other people, not Fiercest.

“They’re done for if they don’t have an Everlasting present.” One Eternal was absolutely sure of this.

The crowd exchanged glances. The Mu didn’t have one right now. Their strongest ancestor might not even be superior to Lucidity King.

The king and his servant got annihilated earlier by Li Qiye and had to flee like dogs.

“Yes, they need one for sure.” Many sighed emotionally, aware of the gap between an Everlasting and everything below.

Normally, the top Eternals were untouchable. Alas, even an Amaranthine or Epoch Eternal wasn’t enough to deal with the threat today.

This was the unsurpassable gap between Eternals and Everlastings. That’s why the latter could actually harm a progenitor.

The only Everlasting right now was Solar Daoist but he might not help the Mu Clan, or so the spectators thought.

They realized that this might be the last day of the Mu Clan.

“Maybe only two behemoths will exist after today.” One person quietly said as Li Qiye drew closer to the clan.

“No, Nine Secrets will rule alone because of Fiercest.” An ancestor disagreed.

The atmosphere became increasingly tense as he got closer to the Mu.

“Li Qiye, you have gone too far!” An unflustered voice sounded.

Puresword True Emperor appeared right above the gate. His imperial aura was still surging and oppressive.

“The emperor…” People weren’t surprised at all.

If it was anyone else, it would be strange for such a powerful being like the emperor to show up in person. But now, he wasn’t a suitable opponent for the opposite different reason.

To put it frankly, he no longer had the qualifications to take on Fiercest after losing the previous battle. His fighting to the death today wouldn’t alter the fate of the Mu.

“It’s like throwing an egg at a rock.” Someone spoke with this cruel reality.

Li Qiye gave the emperor a quick glance before shaking his head: “You have lost already. Tell that Everlasting to come out so I can warm up before destroying your clan.”

The blatant disdain didn’t win the emperor any sympathy or indignation. Fiercest had all the right to look down on him right now.

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