Chapter 2671: The Mu’s Source

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The emperor had no retort in mind. Accepting inferiority was quite difficult but the emperor needed to do so.

He normally had plenty of pride but still had enough self-awareness or he wouldn’t have been able to become an emperor. He knew that going all out right now was meaningless but there was no other choice. 

A fight to the death was necessary since taking half a step back meant returning home already. He had no other places to retreat to. If he didn’t stop Fiercest, the guy would destroy his clan.

He felt regrets about opposing Fiercest but there was no medicine for it. One wrong step resulted in losing everything since no one could predict the future.

“I’m really no match for you.” The emperor said: “But take one more step and I will use my life to oppose you. No one is allowed to destroy the Mu as long as I’m around, I will protect it with everything.”

His voice was calm and sincere, lacking the usual heat from a final statement. It had no trace of arrogance or politeness either. These were the words from his heart.

The spectators were impressed by this statement and felt respect towards him. All cultivators had the responsibility of protecting their clan and sect.

For many people, it was fine to lose everything in order to fulfill this responsibility. Right and wrong didn’t matter here.

The emperor was a supreme genius but he shared the same burden as any other member of his clan.

“Protecting one’s clan until death is worthy of respect.” Li Qiye nodded and said: “I will grant your wish, your death first then the destruction of your clan later.”

The emperor took a deep breath. It seemed that this moment was inevitable the moment his younger brother provoked Li Qiye.

Fiercest was the type who would never yield to anyone or any system for that matter. That’s why all of his conflicts escalated.

Today, if their clan could survive this, then the future would be full of possibilities. The other possible outcome was total destruction.

“Very well, till death then!” The emperor strong answered.

The truth was that he didn’t have that much confidence right now, not even with the help of the daoist or their clan’s best hidden-card.

He felt that his clan wouldn’t be the last one smiling due to Fiercest’s bottomless abilities.

“Dao Brother, let’s start.” He maintained the poise of an emperor, not shaming the reputation of this level and his own.

“You first.” Li Qiye had both hands behind his back: “Your clan needs to go all out right now since it is really your last opportunity. If you can’t stop me, nothing but ashes will remain.”

“So be it.” The emperor readied himself, no longer being polite.

“Boom!” A dao glow erupted around him. The system resonated back by sending boundless imperial rays and progenitorial auras.

A progenitor seemed to be coming back to life; his aura reached every nook and corner of the Mu System. As the glow on the emperor changed, the imperial rays gradually turned into the rays of a progenitor. 

The more potent rays illuminated the entire system and gave birth to numerous visual phenomena as far as the eye can see - the prostration of numerous emperors; true dragons and immortal phoenixes dancing in the air; the changing of the sun and moon…

The power of the system was waking up thanks to the dao of Puresword True Emperor. This power was far more powerful than the previous one back in Stone Harmony due to the distance.

“Buzz.” A pure progenitorial light surged from the depths of the clan. Each strand was shiny and perfect, on the verge of physical materialization.

“Pop!” The grand dao forces of the system were activated and rose like a tsunami.

Farther to the clan was an expanse of brilliance. Everyone saw a massive lake of light with currents consisting of the myriad laws, the dao of the Mu’s progenitor, and accumulation of powers through the ages…

Everything in the world seemed to be originating from this bright expanse. It could give birth to three thousand worlds, True Gods and emperors, and peerless lands of bliss…

“The dao source of the Mu and the grand dao of Progenitor Mu Yun!” Someone shouted after seeing the sparkling lake.

The ancestors nearby became envious of the Mu. 

Every system has its own dao source but these dao sources were hard to activate. Being able to control the power of a system was an extraordinary matter. More importantly, doing so across an extended period of time was virtually impossible for a single sect.

Why? Because the dao source would change in accordance with the ebb and flow of the system. In other words, the revolutions.

For example, when a new king took over, it was time for his sect or clan to learn the profundities of the dao source, allowing them to use its power. A few generations later, a different sect would take over.

This wasn’t the case for the Mu. Since its foundation, the clan always had control over its dao source.

Normally, the descendants of a progenitor would be able to keep their dao source for upward of ten generations or so until they were replaced by a different sect of the system.

Thus, the Mu Clan’s achievement was a miracle. It made sense why it was able to rise again after being destroyed by Magnificence True Emperor.

“Boom!” The forces of a progenitor coming from the dao source drowned the world.

“Venerable Progenitor!” All existences in the Mu System could sense it. They bathed in this pure power and could sense their progenitor’s incredible might.

Some disciples had tears streaming down their cheeks. They saw hope of being able to fight Fiercest with this power.

“Please protect us, Progenitor!” They got on their knees and showed the greatest reverence towards their founder.

“Rumble!” Thirty-six dao platforms emerged, surrounded with runes and had one ancestor each on top.

“The Mu’s elder ancestors…” An Eternal recognized them.

These ancestors formed a great momentum while standing in the sea of runes.

“The Mu isn’t holding back at all.” Someone sentimentally said.

These elder ancestors were their strongest ones, their secret ace card.

In their clan, Puresword True Emperor was the one who had the greatest understanding of their progenitor’s grand dao. However, he was still too young so his own abilities and cultivation leave much to be desired.

Thus, they were using the emperor as the tip of the sword while these elder ancestors served as the body on top of borrowing the force of their dao source.

Everyone watched with bated breath. Perhaps only Fiercest could push the Mu this far.

“This battle will decide everything. If the Mu loses, their name will be erased from this world.” An ancestor said with a serious expression.

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