Chapter 2672: Gluttonous Battle Rod

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The thirty-six elder ancestors and the dao source of the Mu looked quite mighty inside the brilliance.

These men looked like deities from a heavenly kingdom with the authority to deliver judgment upon everyone else.

Everyone watched with bated breath. The momentum of the Mu was extraordinary at the moment. One could say that they were at the peak of their potential, showing off all of their resources.

“Boom!” Puresword True Emperor slowly took out a rod with a brutal aura.

It was as if a primal beast capable of devouring the heaven and earth was emerging. It had an ivory shade, clearly made from the bones of a primal beast. It had numerous ancient runes carved on it filled with the presence of a progenitor.

This progenitorial rod transformed the emperor into a destructive beast. He was affected by its aura and also exuded a chilling and brutal presence.

“What is that weapon?” People were surprised because of the two conflicting auras. The Mu normally had a stately aura, the opposite of this primal rod.

Who would have thought that the Mu would possess such a fierce and beastly weapon? Everyone felt as if a beast could leap out at any moment and devour them.

“Gluttonous Battle Rod.” One old Eternal recognized it unlike the rest of the crowd.

“I’m more and more impressed by the young emperor. He’s definitely the best genius from the Mu. His comprehension and dao heart are both excellent.” This Eternal added.

“Is this rod that mighty?” The spectators wondered.

“Very. It is the cruelest weapon from Progenitor Mu Yun.” The Eternal elaborated: “Rumor has it that the progenitor once met a monstrous primal beast named Gluttony. Its power rivaled even him. The progenitor did everything he could before killing the creature. He then used its dao bones to create this rod. The bones still contain the ferocious affinity of that beast, that’s why its users would also be affected by its violence and enter a crazed state. Anyone with an unstable dao heart would have their eyes turning red and kill everyone in sight, not leaving a single grass intact. However, the emperor looks to be fine, still himself. It’s indicative of his firm dao heart.”

“What a shame that he was born in the wrong generation. If it wasn’t for Fiercest, Puresword True Emperor would definitely go on to be someone on the same level as Emperor Zheng or Magnificence True Emperor, leaving many pages about him in the historical record… it’s really a damn shame…” The Eternal became emotional. 

Many others shared this same sentiment. Being in the same generation as Fiercest was tragic indeed. All the geniuses became hopeless because their talents and abilities became meaningless. He would overshadow all of them and make them feel inadequate.

“Puresword True Emperor really has a lot of potentials, far superior to his little brother. Well, I do admit that his little brother’s talents are probably unmatched. He can understand any dao or mystery with a single glance. Unfortunately, his moral characters are terrible and his dao heart too easily shaken. That guy wouldn’t have accomplished much.” A different ancestor sighed.

People exchanged glances after Mu Shaochen was brought up. Everyone knew of the youth’s incredible talents. His fame actually exceeded his older brother who was an emperor.

Alas, Mu Shaochen didn’t put effort into learning and eventually wasted his innate gifts.

The attention turned back to the battle. One person looked at the rod and said: “Gluttonous Battle Rod, it looks comparable to a progenitorial weapon. That plus the dao source, is that enough to fight Fiercest?”

The crowd found this fight to be more even now after the Mu revealed their ace cards.

“Buzz.” The dao laws of the thirty-six elder ancestors rushed to the sky. They didn’t hold anything back at this moment, releasing all of their vitality.

Space had ripples while making room for their grand dao domains.

“Splash!” When they activated their domains, the dao source of the Mu started floating up in the sky, seemingly wanting to leave the true dao water in the lake.

The ancestors then derived various grand dao to activate the runes on the dao source. The runes came together to form thirty-six different symbols. Each was majestic and all-encompassing.

“Pop!” The dao symbols separated themselves from the source. They looked perfect, containing invincible laws and profound mysteries.

“What is that?” People became curious about the intent of these ancestors.

“Boom!” The symbols continued changing and evolving until they fused together to form a supreme scripture.

The scripture pulsed with a transcending light, seemingly written by the progenitor himself.

Before the crowd could calm down, the scripture instantly attached itself on Puresword True Emperor’s chest then fused with him.

“What’s going on?” A confused spectator asked.

“That’s the scripture of a progenitor.” An ancestor explained: “Progenitor Mu Yun imprinted this scripture into the dao source during the foundation of this system. It is his grand dao and the representation of his will. It has thirty-six chapters too, the clan’s method for taking this out was impressive. It looks like they have carefully planned for a fight against Fiercest.”

The emperor almost exploded with light after the fusion. Dao light sprayed outward akin to the birth of a new world.

He underwent a monumental change, no longer possessing a physical body with flesh and blood. He became the grand dao of a progenitor. His existence consisted of flowing dao runes. His eyes resembled two oceans with progenitorial runes transforming within.

“Rumble!” Loud explosions shook the world during this daomization process. He turned into a giant, no longer the same entity as before.

“The grand dao of the progenitor is possessing him, his body is serving as a container.” Everyone looked up at the massive figure.

His head touched the nine firmaments while holding the rod with both hands, looking just like a supreme war emperor. One smack from that rod could annihilate the entire world.

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