Chapter 2674: Power Offering

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The might of the rod earlier took the crowd like a storm. However, this next development left their bottom jaw on the ground. Not a single voice could be heard since everyone lost their wits. This scene pressed down on their chest, rendering them breathless.

That hit earlier was catastrophic. Eternals, invincible merit laws, untouchable treasures; all would falter.

Not to mention flesh and blood, even the strongest imperial treasure couldn’t have stopped it and would just be destroyed. Yet Li Qiye managed to stop it with his bare hands.

Any rational-minded combatant would never do so. Their arms would be crushed then the rest of their body.

Astonishingly enough, Li Qiye’s arms had a golden glow and were perfectly fine. People started wondering - are those arms actually made out flesh and blood?

“Is this real?” One person rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

“Just how strong is his physical constitution?” They gasped after calming down, understanding how perfect his body was.

“It might be the toughest body in existence, capable of stopping any weapon. That guy’s body is a supreme treasure.” One ancestor smiled wryly.

“Maybe it’s not just his innate constitution. Perhaps a supreme physique law?” Another Eternal said with admiration.

Who else could stop the rod in this manner? Fiercest did so without suffering any damage, proving his supremacy once again.

“I think when he gets serious, even progenitors will feel nervous.” One more Eternal murmured.

“Don’t forget about his unfathomable cultivation.” An ancestor nearby added.

The rod at this particular moment had the power of the dao source aiding it as well. The entire source was pressing down on Li Qiye yet still failed to suppress him. The rod was being pushed upward.

It was as clear as day that this daomization form of the emperor couldn’t take on Li Qiye. This made the members of the Mu sweat since their strongest ace card has proven to be ineffective.

“Boom!” The source lit up with more true dao water and progenitorial force aiding the emperor. The rod had a surge in power and pushed down with greater intensity.

Li Qiye stopped for a bit, also increasing his brilliance and chaos energy. His position became a world of chaos, perhaps he was the chaos itself. No existing power could ever suppress this world down.

Because of this, Li Qiye’s crossed arms continued to push the rod up in the air.

“No, no way, how can such a strong being exist?” The Mu disciples felt despair and screamed.

This was their clan’s limit; all of their resources have entered this rod yet Li Qiye prevailed.

“Does the Mu have anything else?” The spectators quietly sighed and lamented.

“Children of the Mu, lend me your power!” Puresword True Emperor opened his mouth but the voice coming out wasn’t his.

This voice was ancient and profound, worthy of belonging to the master of the universe.

“Is that the voice of the progenitor?” The Mu members were shaken, feeling their progenitor returning.

“We are willing to give everything to you, Progenitor!” These emotional disciples shouted and answered this sacred voice.

They could feel the summoning of their great patriarch. He needed them; their system needed them, so why shouldn’t they lend their strength? It was a glorious honor to do so.

“Laws like the heavenly clouds form a path to holy Zhongnan, three kowtows and self-reflection…”The members began chanting the most basic mental law of the Mu.

Every single disciple has learned this at the start of their cultivation and knew it by heart.

“Laws like the heavenly clouds form a path to holy Zhongnan, three kowtows and self-reflection…” This chant echoed across Imperial Lineage, tearing the sky apart with its proliferation.

The chants turned into the greatest flood in history and drowned out the entire world. There were billions of cultivators and tens of thousands of sects in this system. Their chant in unison was magnificent.

This was an unprecedented rally of solidarity before a common enemy thanks to the call of their progenitor.

The sound waves smashed into the stars above while making the ground tremble. The Mu System has never been so unified and powerful before!

“If they can survive this, a new golden age will come for them.” A strong ancestor was shaken at this sight and became envious.

Total solidarity was a force to be reckoned with. No need to worry about anything after reaching this state.

“Rumble!” The vast land of the Mu exuded boundless rays. The dao land was being woken up in full thanks to the chant of its members. Each inch of soil sent out its remnant power to every nook and corner.

A light ignited by the chest of these chanters, looking as bright as the sun. Their dao foundation emerged with loud explosions. It sent out dao runes towards the emperor that eventually fuse with him.

“Everything for the progenitor!” The members didn’t hold anything back since they have entered a fanatical state. 

Ordinary sect members and all the way up to the ancestors gave their dao runes to Puresword True Emperor.

The Mu’s source turned into an ocean, extracting all the possible powers from the land. This boost made it brimming with energy. The true dao water splashed around like gigantic waves.

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