Chapter 2676: Severing The Reincarnation Cycle

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Precious drops of imperial blood wet the ground. The emperor himself looked like a figure made of blood. His grand dao and foundation have been grievously injured. Who knows how much longer he could last?

He would have been rendered to a blood mist long ago if it wasn’t for the help of the dao source and every other disciple in the system.

“Ugh…” He spat out more blood as more bones crumbled. Though his body currently served as a vessel for the progenitorial grand dao, both were still being destroyed.

“Crack.” The supreme grand dao from the scripture earlier began to shatter. If this continued, nothing would be left of the emperor.

Nevertheless, he gritted his teeth unyieldingly regardless of the consequences, never giving up even till his last breath.

His loss would result in losing his system. The disciples would lose their homes and become weak, subject to being bullied by all.

He had no choice but to keep his back straight even though his spine was broken. He kept his head up for he shoulders the hope of the entire system.

“This can’t be…” The members saw his agonizing struggle and lamented. The emperor’s fall would also be the time for their demise.

They truly experienced despair. Normally, they always considered themselves superior to others, especially towards the weak or smaller sects.

They thought that they were imperious and could decide anyone’s fate. Alas, arrogance and pride no longer existed today. Darkness and impending doom loomed above them. Alas, they were powerless to stop it since Fiercest was too strong.

It didn’t take long before the powerful ancestors and brilliant geniuses of the Mu found themselves insignificant and feeble.

“It’s over for the Mu.” The crowd took a deep breath, amazed that the Mu’s full forces failed to stop Fiercest. The gap was too great.

They shuddered while looking at the emperor’s bones breaking. The mighty Eternals and proud geniuses felt their legs trembling. Some have even dropped to the ground.

The emperor in this progenitorial state should have been unbeatable but he still got crushed. Fiercest clearly had enough power to destroy any system with a single punch. That’s why everyone turned pale with fear in their eyes. Some lacked the courage to look straight at him.

“Hundred suns severing the samsara!” An archaic voice suddenly sounded.

Bright temporal lines suddenly appeared before anyone could react. They crossed through the myriad ages and all dimensions.

Multiple bright suns started rotating with these rays and crushing various fabrics of reality along the way. Their target was Li Qiye.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” They instantly struck him on the temporal scale. This no longer had anything to do with speed and space.

The rotation of these suns sent him flying and exploding along the path. He slammed into numerous stars before disappearing from sight.

The crowd became slack-jawed at this sudden reversal. Who would have thought that this invincible being would be blown away in this manner? He might even be wounded.

“What, what’s going on?” Their head became empty so they stuttered. This reversal was a miracle.

“Look, who is that?” They noticed an old man standing on the highest peak of the Mu.

He had a transcending appearance while wearing a daoist robe. He seemed to be alone and distant. Everything else was ephemeral.

Suns rotated around him in accordance with the temporal lines. They seemed to not be from this world, existing in another spatial dimension instead.

The young cultivators and many experts didn’t recognize him. Of course, they were shocked that he could make such an impressive move.

“Solar Daoist!” An old Eternal shouted after recognizing the guy. [1]

“Solar Daoist?” People stared at him with reverence right away regardless of who they are. After respect came fear.

Solar Daoist has been an invincible existence since a long time ago, even before Gu Yifei. Rumor has it that he was the number one expert back then.

Later on, he entered his final cultivation hoping for a breakthrough. People assumed that he had died there. Later on, it became Gu Yifei’s era after he proved his supremacy.

Though Gu Yifei never claimed the position of number one, everyone in Imperial certainly thought so.

For a long period of time, even Lucidity King was very careful when dealing with Gu Yifei and referred to him as “Dao Brother”.

Now, Solar Daoist has returned after breaking through his cultivation bottleneck to become an Everlasting!

1. The character for day and sun is the same. With this context, I’ll change him to Solar

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