Chapter 2678: Everlasting

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Solar Daoist nodded with a faint smile while hearing the cheers. However, his eyes had a strange look to them, unnoticed by others.

As he stood there coolly, the spectators saw him as someone on the verge of ascending to become an immortal. 

“Where’s Fiercest?” Others calmed down and looked towards space, wondering about Fiercest after being struck by the barrage earlier.

He was nowhere in sight among the boundless space above.

The daoist’s eyes narrowed while looking up: “The heaven and earth are lofty; all living beings are just ants, so avoid arrogance.”

There was an implicit charm in this statement that boosted his image to the crowd. Their expression changed while looking at him, thinking that he was an enlightened being above ordinary people. His status certainly rose in their mind.

“That’s a master for you, worthy of being the number one expert.” One of them sighed.

“All living beings are ants, that’s true, and you’re one of them.” Suddenly, someone chuckled in response.

Only one person would dare to say something so disdainful towards the daoist right now - Fiercest.

The shocked crowd looked up at the sky again and sure enough, he stomped through the stars and made it back in no time. The vastness of space only took a few steps for him to overcome.

People saw bloodstains on him; his clothes were ripped in some places too. That ambush was clearly effective.

However, keen observers became serious and afraid. They could see that these were only minor lacerations.

Remember, the daoist used his sure-kill move while Li Qiye was preoccupied with the emperor. That should have been enough to render anyone to ashes. This only further served as another testimony to Fiercest’s physical toughness.

The daoist himself raised his brows while looking at Li Qiye. He waited for the perfect moment to strike earlier and believed that the guy would come out grievously injured, not with minor scratches like this.

His evaluation of Li Qiye’s power was no longer accurate - a reason for apprehension. However, he definitely wouldn’t give up because this was a rare opportunity for him.

Li Qiye lazily stared at the daoist and said: “You must be Solar. I see, only a tiny grasp at the door of the Everlasting level. Basically, just a slightly bigger ant.”

This wasn’t the first time Fiercest referred to the daoist as an ant. However, publicly saying this in front of the guy showed true contempt.

The crowd smiled wryly. Fiercest was the only one in the world who would do something like this in front of the daoist.

Plus, it made them wonder. If an Everlasting was still an ant, then what about the rest? Could anyone else right now earn Li Qiye’s approval?

The daoist’s eyes turned cold with rays shooting out. These rays seemed to be tangible and real, causing others to shudder. They resembled ice needles that could pierce the heart.

“There are as many masters as there are trees in the forest, you are too conceited.” The daoist said. He didn’t outwardly show anger, demonstrating his poise - one befitting that of an Everlasting.

“That only applies to you, not me.” Li Qiye retorted. He then gestured at the daoist: “Come, come, that ambush earlier was actually not bad. Show me what you got.”

The daoist’s old face slightly turned red. Of course, it wasn’t because of the taunting but because that a senior like him chose to ambush a junior before everyone. This wasn’t an honorable move at all.

“So be it.” He snorted in response: “As long as I’m around, I will not let you massacre the innocent. I will uphold justice in Imperial, for that is my responsibility.”

He said all of this in order to justify the embarrassing ambush earlier. Nevertheless, those experienced with life knew that an ambush was an ambush. That’s something unable to be masked under the guise of justice.

“Yes, yes.” Li Qiye chuckled: “You’re a warrior of justice, the defender of righteousness in Imperial Lineage while I’m a heinous villain. However, evil always seems to defeat justice when I’m around, so get ready to die.”

Having said that, his primordial tree appeared and exuded strands of light.

Meanwhile, the crowd exchanged glances. Regardless of their actual morality, no one wanted to admit being a villain standing on the side of evil. After all, that would only serve as ammunition for criticism. Evil would always be the enemy of justice.

Moreover, this situation right now was only a personal feud between Fiercest and the Mu and had nothing to do with justice and evil. 

Of course, Fiercest didn’t seem to give a damn about either one.

“That’s true strength, not only in cultivation but also dao heart.” One ancestor commented after hearing this.

“Come, show me your ‘hundred suns severing the samsara’ again.” Li Qiye smiled at the daoist.

The daoist considered this move to be his ultimate creation. In fact, people showed fear just from hearing its name, something he took pleasure out of.

But now, Li Qiye’s blatant disregard for the move left him enraged.

“Alright, boy, you’re courting death!” The daoist showed a different tone after the repeated insults. Even saints would become furious at times, let alone him.

“Come.” Li Qiye ignored his attitude.

“Buzz.” The suns around him started rotating with greater speed while the temporal lines stretched outward and became brilliant.

“Watch carefully now.” The Eternals became tense as they opened their eyes wide, wanting to get a good look of this move.

“Severing the samsara!” The daoist roared and performed his temporal attack.

The lines moved through the ages while crisscrossing, seemingly depicting the passage of time in everyone’s lives.

The suns followed these lines and also surpassed any physical constraints, instantly slamming into the target.

“It’s coming!” People became frozen as if these rotating suns were crushing their own timeline.

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