Chapter 2722: Polishing

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The sun circled and the seasons changed. Guo Jiahui continued to carry Li Qiye towards the peak of the divine mountain, one step at a time.

She exerted so much sweat and effort but was paid back with maturity - a transformation akin to a cocoon turning into a butterfly.

She didn’t even notice the cycle of the sun and moon. There was only a firm conviction in her mind - reaching the peak! This mindset of hers grew stronger the more she climbed.

She experienced days and nights, violent gales that nearly threw her off, dangerous snow and ice layers nearly freezing her, or the hot sun above nearly roasting her…

The torture here exceeded her imagination. Alas, they only served to accelerate her growth.

One day, she suddenly sat down and her normal state of mind returned, allowing her to notice something shocking.

She was actually standing at the ridge of the mountain now. It seemed like an independent world.

Her sect was nowhere to be found; the mountains and rivers over yonder were gone too. This area looked like a boundless space with celestials hovering right above. She could reach up and touch them.

She found herself insignificant in comparison, almost like a speck of dust. The peak was still visible, hiding in the deepest and highest area of this space.

The crossing meteors made the scene as beautiful as a painting. There were several planetary battleships floating far away from her. Just one of them could crush an entire system.

Who knows how long these ships have been abandoned? They had rust and damages all over. It seemed that they have left the battlefield and took anchor here.

Jiahui was astounded by the magnificent scene. This was her first time seeing something of this level. If it wasn’t for this ascension, she would never be able to witness it.

She realized that the previous struggle was completely worth it just to see this and couldn’t avert her gaze at all.

She eventually glanced over at Li Qiye and found him to be still asleep.

She nearly died several times or fell down from the pass but Li Qiye didn’t react at all, seemingly not giving a damn.

He had his reasons for doing so. If she couldn’t handle this little test, then she wouldn’t be qualified to stand at the apex in the future and uphold the great responsibility. That’s why he purposely let her suffer in order to stimulate her potential.

The girl couldn’t compare to other geniuses. If she wanted to surpass them, she needed to work harder and pay a bigger price. A failure here would imply that she isn’t worthy of his grooming.

Jiahui stopped looking around and carried Li Qiye forward again. She was far more courageous, unyielding, and decisive at this moment. Her body, mind, and the dao heart all evolved from this test.

Under this space, a girl was carrying an adult man across the winding and narrow road. Her shadow looked quite long and lonely beneath the star lights.

People would automatically think of one particular adage to describe this - the path towards the dao is lonely.


The seasons didn’t stop cycling beneath the foot of the mountain. Zhao Zhiting has been patiently waiting for those two and even built a wooden hut here.

In the beginning, she was anxious and impatient. As time passed, her dao heart became calm. She continued to cultivate while waiting.

This type of solitary training made her quite profound and greatly benefited her. Nothing bothered her, allowing her to have super concentration. Her cultivation soared like the wind, the same with her actual power. 

As time passed, the disciples of Mountguard have forgotten about Jiahui. Everyone assumed that she had died up there.

“Poor girl.” Only her master would occasionally stare at the mountain and shook his head with regrets. He couldn’t go pick up her corpse even if he wanted to because the mountain would just turn him to blood.


After countless changing of days, Jiahui finally carried Li Qiye to the peak of the mountain. She was still in a state of zen. It took a while before her wits returned.

She looked around and finally noticed that she was standing at the summit. 

“We’re here, Young Noble, we’re here!” She excitedly told Li Qiye but he didn’t react and share this moment of joy with her.

She certainly felt happy but wasn’t too crazy about it. Why? Because this was expected. She deserved this after putting in the effort and determination.

She found herself to be standing at the top of the world right now. The celestials and grand dao were all beneath her feet. She looked down and noticed that everything else was tiny in comparison.

This was an unprecedented feeling making her think that the arduous journey earlier was completely worth it.

The whole thing felt like a very realistic dream. In the beginning, this was something she didn’t even dare to dream of. Now, after the trials, she stood at the summit.

She wanted to scream and celebrate but she refrained from doing so. She gazed at the boundless space and eventually calmed down.

She thought that she had matured, no longer the timid and cowardly girl from before. She took a deep breath and looked forward.

There was a cave ahead, pitch-black without any light.

“Immortal Demon Grotto.” She knew exactly what it was.

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