Chapter 2726: Return

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The divine bridge spanned across his ocean of knowledge, seemingly crossing to the other shore. The shaken old man felt as if he could see the sun behind the clouds now, a chance to break through the dao.

This was a shackle that has plagued him for many years but a single action from Li Qiye woke him up.

In all of Immortal Demon System, no one else had a deeper understanding than him regarding Everlasting Forefather’s Samadhi Dao.

There was no doubt that Li Qiye was far superior in both dao comprehension and actual knowledge of the forefather’s dao compared to him.

This shouldn’t be possible because few could exceed him in all of Immortal Lineage, let alone an ordinary-looking youth like Li Qiye.

“Thank you, Senior.” The old man calmed down and bowed deeply.

Li Qiye had already closed his eyes and stopped moving. Jiahui didn’t say anything and quietly carried him down the mountain.

The old man continued bowing towards the departing duo until they were gone.

He then took a deep breath and returned to the corner of the cave, entering a statue-like state of meditation. The cave regained its peaceful state - the same as before since the ancient days.

Spring left then winter soon followed. Budding sprouts could be seen below the divine mountain. The fish and birds have left their caves and came out searching for food.

There was a wooden hut at the foot of the mountain. Zhao Zhiting has been training here and had great improvements recently. Her peace of mind amplified her cultivation effectiveness.

She seemed more mature and looked quite charming while concentrating. Every morning, she would look at the stone pass and wait for Guo Jiahui.

The days passed and Jiahui was nowhere to be found like a stone thrown into the ocean. Nevertheless, Zhiting continued to wait.

She was confident in Jiahui’s return because of Li Qiye. Nothing would happen to Jiahui when Li Qiye was around even during his slumbering state.

Today, she also gazed at the pass just like any other day, more so out of habit instead of optimism. However, she actually saw a figure walking down the winding path, one familiar yet not.

She thought she was only seeing things in the beginning and rubbed her eyes. However, the figure was approaching closer.

“It’s them!” Astonishment struck her.

She knew that these two would eventually return but seeing them in person still left her ecstatic.

“You’re finally back!” Once Zhiting calmed down, Jiahui with Li Qiye on her back were in front of her.

“You’re really back, really back…” Zhiting rushed over and hugged them deeply with tears pouring down.

“Senior Sister.” Jiahui was moved and reciprocated the hug.

There was someone who still waited for them after that arduous journey. Others probably have forgotten about them by now. That’s why the two started crying.

“Enough, go take a bath now, the smell is unbearable.” An insipid voice interrupted this emotional reunion.

The two became startled and separated. Zhiting looked over and saw that Li Qiye still sleeping.

Jiahui shook her head towards Zhiting. The young noble was too unpredictable in both his actions and thoughts.

“You have matured.” Zhiting took a good look at Jiahui.

The latter felt like a completely different person - someone as tough as a mountain that had withstood the battering of the elements who could face any problem without batting an eye. Indeed, the tortuous journey had polished and transformed Jiahui.

Meanwhile, Mountguard School was as peaceful as always. Its disciples were training hard.

It has been a long time since Jiahui left. Very few disciples remembered her and her suicidal attempt at climbing the mountain.

The seniors assumed that she had died up there. After all, elders like them couldn’t go up there either, let alone an ordinary disciple.

Today, many disciples were training in the training ground in front of the entrance. They saw two people coming from the distance and became startled.

“Isn’t, isn’t that Senior Sister Zhao? She’s back from her cultivation session?” Many disciples knew that she was cultivating at the base of the divine mountain.

“Wait, that’s Junior Sister Guo!?” An older senior brother noticed that girl walking next to Zhao Zhiting and recognized her.

“You’re right!” His peers started shouting.

They couldn’t believe it and opened their eyes wide to take a better look. They saw Li Qiye on her back as well. It was indeed Guo Jiahui.

“I can’t believe it… someone actually came back alive from the divine mountain…” The shocked disciples murmured.

“It’s a miracle, did she actually go up there?” Another wondered.

“Senior Sister Guo is back! She’s back from the divine mountain!” It didn’t take long before the news of her return swept through the sect like a storm.

“What did you say?! Back from the divine mountain?” Even her master, the other elders, and the school master couldn’t believe it.

“It-it’s a miracle…” School Master Chen Weizheng was shaken. This regular disciple has done something none of them from the previous generation could.

Zhao Zhiting and Guo Jiahui were quite busy after getting back to their place. Jiahui needed to wash up in order to avoid being chastised by Li Qiye again.

Meanwhile, Zhao Zhiting was meticulously taking care of Li Qiye.

They didn’t even have time to chat after finishing up their task due to a guest.

“Congratulation, Junior Sister.” Li Jiankun bowed towards Jiahui for accomplishing this admirable task.

“Thank you, Senior Brother.” Jiahui returned the courtesy in a calm manner. This new temperament of hers truly surprised Jiankun.

“The school master and the elders wish to see you.” He told her.

Jiahui and Zhiting glanced at each other and Zhiting nodded.

“I’ll go see them then.” Jiahui said.

“Push me there.” Li Qiye spoke.

Jiankun was shocked and looked over. Back when they found them, Li Qiye only flashed his eyes once. He didn't know that Li Qiye could speak.

“Junior Sister… what’s going on?” Jiankun didn’t know what to say.

“He’s our Young Noble.” Jiahui and Zhiting prepared the wheelchair for him.

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