Chapter 2727: Virtuous Crown

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“Junior Sister, I’m afraid that’s not proper. The meeting is a private matter of our sect, an outsider can’t be there.” Jiankun said.

“It’ll be fine, Senior Brother.” Jiahui didn’t want to waste words explaining. All she needed to do was listen to Li Qiye.

“Junior Sister, the elders might become angry.” He reminded again with good intention.

“No need to say more, Senior Brother. Junior Sister Guo knows what she’s doing.” Zhiting shook her head towards Jiankun.

She knew that Li Qiye would always stick with his decision and not allow anyone to say otherwise.

“Very well, do as you please, Junior Sister.” Jiankun gave up and gave Li Qiye a strange look.

He didn’t understand the situation at all. Her decision in taking care of Li Qiye could be construed as kindness, not wanting him to die in the wilderness.

Jiankun could understand that. However, taking Li Qiye up the divine mountain was perplexing, the same with her decision of bringing him to a private meeting.

He knew that her return was considered a miracle. Perhaps she would be viewed highly by the upper echelon from now on.

This was a good chance for her so she should take advantage of it. Bringing this person along could make the seniors unhappy and she might lose this rare opportunity.


The elders, hall leaders, and even the school master of Mountguard have gathered at the conference hall. In fact, virtually all the influential figures from the last generation have shown up.

This rarely occurred unless something big was happening. Today, they were here because of one disciple - something even stranger.

School Master Chen Weizheng sat in the main seat with the elders to his left and right, watching Jiahui’s group come in.

They weren’t surprised to see Zhiting tagging along. After all, Zhiting has been waiting all this time for Jiahui and even built a hut there to wait.

They could sympathize with the girls’ great relationship. However, to see the person in a wheelchair being pushed in was a different matter. This put a frown on their face.

“School Master, elders.” Li Jiankun bowed and retreated to the side, aware that this wasn’t his place to speak.

“Ridiculous.” Her master said seriously: “The elders and the school master summoned you for official business. How can you bring an outsider in here? Take him outside.”

Jiahui paused for a moment before bowing: “With all due respect, Master, School Master, and elders, the young noble certainly has a reason for being here.”

In the past, she viewed these men as unreachable existences. Now, she knew that Li Qiye belongs to the apex. Even that old man in the Immortal Demon Grotto needed to be subservient towards him, let alone others.

“Such insanity, we can’t allow a mortal to enter our sect’s important ground!” A different elder shouted.

Jiahui wanted to respond but was afraid that no one would believe her anyway. Plus, telling the whole truth could make Li Qiye unhappy and the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Where did you get that crown?” The school master noticed the crown on her.

“From Immortal Demon Grotto, given to me by the young noble.” She bowed towards the school master and said.

‘What?!” The scene became rowdy right away. Some even got up from their chair and stared at her in disbelief.

“From Immortal Demon Grotto…?” One elder couldn’t believe it.

“You really made it to the top?” Another was skeptical.

Jiahui continued: “Yes, I climbed the stone pass and made it to the cave at the top.”

Jiankun’s jaw dropped to the ground after hearing this.

The skepticism here was warranted since it has been many years since someone from Mountguard made it to the top. In the present day, very few in the entire system could reach the cave. But now, an ordinary disciple had done it. How could anyone believe this?

“You, you really made it to the grotto?” Another person asked again.

“Yes, Elder.” Jiahui was very calm and composed now even when facing these seniors.

“Impossible, just impossible…” The elders and hall leaders began discussing quietly in the background.

Everyone assumed that she made it to the ridge before going back down. This was already a miracle.

“I do not, School Master.” She shook her head, not knowing anything about the crown. She has been wearing it after Li Qiye bestowed it to her.

“Its name is Virtuous Crown, do you know its origin?” Chen Weizheng took a deep breath and said.

“That’s Virtuous Crown?!” The hall erupted with rowdiness. All the seniors couldn’t believe it.

“The lost Virtuous Crown?” One elder stared at the crown in disbelief.

“That should be it.” Weizheng said with a solemn expression: “Our last sage couldn’t wait to see the next reincarnation from our progenitor and left the crown there for a worthy successor. From then on, the world never saw it again.”

The group exchanged glances. If this story was true, then Jiahui had indeed made it to the cave.

“The crown is proof that you have entered Immortal Demon Grotto.” Weizheng said, not expecting a normal disciple to inherit this crown.

“Yes, School Master, I wouldn’t dare to lie.” Jiahui bowed with sincerity.

“But Jiahui is only a junior, is this suitable? For her to have the crown?” An elder objected.

“Yes, the crown has always been the defining treasure of our sect, worn by our greatest members. Letting an ordinary member wear it will be disgraceful and shaming our sages. Plus, the treasure might be lost too, and we’ll become sinners in that case.” A different elder joined in.

“How about the sect takes it back first and reward Jiahui with another treasure. Her bringing it back from the grotto is a great contribution that deserves a big reward.” A hall leader suggested.

“Yes, the Virtuous Crown isn’t just a symbol of the sages, it is also an extremely powerful treasure that can’t be lost.” Other elders joined in.

All eyes were on Weizheng now. He was the most powerful cultivator in Mountguard on top of being supported by all elders.

The school master pondered for a bit before answering: “Jiahui is only a junior at our sect yet she has accomplished what none of us can despite trying for a lifetime. This means that her possession of the crowd is deeply rooted in fate and that she has passed the trials of our sages and progenitor. If that’s the case, then she is qualified to have the crown. Plus, it has been missing all of this time anyway until now thanks to her. It’s fine if we lose it again. Her cultivation might be shallow now but who knows later on? Her future accomplishments might be worthy of it.”

This answer from him was logical so the group started thinking.

“Hmm, you’re not too idiot and might be one of the saving graces of your sect.” A voice interrupted the silent rumination.

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