Chapter 2729: Ancestor

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The group exchanged glances of confusion. Well, they should be happy with the addition of such a powerful member. It meant that revitalization could be possible.

The problem was that Li Qiye wasn’t a real disciple. He came out of nowhere and they knew nothing about his identity and background.

How could they rest easy when an unknown person is in charge of their sect?

“Ah…” Chen Weizheng forced a smile and bowed towards Li Qiye again: “Senior, well, look, our sect is only a run-down place, just a puddle of water not fitting for a true dragon like you…”

“Afraid of me taking over and you won’t be the school master anymore?” Li Qiye asked.

“No, of course not.” Weizheng hurriedly shook his head and put on a righteous expression: “I do not care for status and power and am more willing to resign when there’s a better candidate available. But, Senior, with all due respect, we don’t know anything about you since we have just met…”

Weizheng was indeed telling the truth. He has always wanted to revitalize the sect but couldn’t because they had limited power.

He was the strongest in the sect as a True God. This was insignificant in Immortal Demon System.

Meanwhile, the young generation had limited potential as well and probably couldn’t surpass the previous due to the deteriorating condition of the sect.

Even if some supreme geniuses were born in their territory, they might not want to join Mountguard anyway since there were better choices available, such as Eight Trigrams Kingdom.

If say, Mountguard could produce someone stronger and more capable than him, he would be more than happy to pass on the leadership.

However, they knew nothing about an outsider like Li Qiye. Who knows what plans he would have for Mountguard?

“Don’t be idiotic.” Li Qiye replied: “What is there in this run-down place for me to scheme? Only trash is left now, so I am sitting here today to teach you worthless descendants in your progenitor’s stead!”

The group couldn’t even get angry after being called trash because this existence was too strong. The exceptional qualities and achievements that they once took relative pride in were nothing in front of him.

“Senior, are you saying that you’re an ancestor of our system, a sage of our sect…? Weizheng was very quick-witted.

“Curiosity killed the cat.” Li Qiye gave him the side-eye.

Weizheng shuddered, feeling that he was an ant standing before a massive behemoth from the primordial age. Not to mention him, even the entire sect wouldn’t be enough to fill this beast’s appetite. Thus, he no longer dared to speak due to fear.

Li Qiye stopped bothering with them and raised one hand.

“Boom!” Space rippled with numerous barriers emerging along with wondrous auras.

He activated a spatial rift to reach Mountguard’s library in order to take out two manuals. This astounded the hell out of the seniors here.

Though their sect has fallen, the actual foundation was still there. The library was blessed and strengthened by numerous emperors and sages, even their progenitor himself.

This meant that the defenses of the library were still as powerful as ever. Outsiders would find it impossible to get through.

However, Li Qiye just needed to stretch his hand. Not only did he cross through space, he easily got through the barriers and took out various manuals.

This heavily-guarded trove of information became his personal bookshelf. He could take whatever he wanted on a whim as if they were just ordinary books, not precious manuals.

The seniors thought that if Li Qiye could do this, he could also take anything from their sect, even the things hidden in the most mysterious and guarded locations.

Mountguard no longer had any secret or defense in front of this guy.

“The two of you fit these merit laws, do your best.” Li Qiye casually threw one scroll to Jiahui and Zhiting each.

They didn’t know what to do because learning the most powerful merit laws required merit points. Now, Li Qiye skipped all the necessary steps and gave them the original copies.

“Buzz.” He raised his hand again and took control of the spatial realm in Mountguard. Everything here was within his grasp so he had absolute supremacy.

“Rumble!” Majestic powers of the grand dao oozed out from the ground of the sect.

The disciples felt much closer to the grand dao. The entire sect seemingly changed into a sacred ground perfect for cultivation.

The dao power permeated every inch of the land. Runes started glowing on the ancient ruins - marks left behind by their sages and emperors. These marks disappeared before with time but now, they were returning once more. It was as if these great beings have returned to various locations around the sect.

If one were to listen to their chants in these ruins, they would improve greatly.

“I have stimulated and squeezed out the hidden potential of Mountguard’s foundation. If the present generation still amounts to nothing, then your foundation will wither and your sect will be at the end of the line, destruction will be imminent. This is your last chance, it’s best not to waste it.” Li Qiye declared.

With that, he told Jiahui to push him out.

Meanwhile, the remaining members in the hall stood there in a daze. Extracting the foundation meant that cultivation would be much easier in this generation. They would have a greater chance of revitalizing the sect.

However, the disadvantages and risks were immense as well. If they were to fail this generation, then their sect would turn to ashes.

“Senior, Senior!” Weizheng regained his wits and gave chase.

Jiahui stopped while the sleeping Li Qiye ignored him.

“Senior, may, may I inquire what we should do with the Virtuous Crown?” Weizheng hesitated before asking.

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