Chapter 2787: Eight Trigrams Mirror

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“Buzz.” A light illuminated the heaven and earth along with the river of time. Its appearance made everything else seem pale in comparison.

This pulsing ray could illuminate the ages and trace back to the past - capable of finding out anything.

It originated from an old mirror floating above Zhang Cangsheng. It was made from bronze and has seen better days.

The actual mirror itself seemed hoarse, not something that could reflect an image. It was in the shape of a trigram. The corners were done terribly - a sign of shoddy craftsmanship.

However, upon closer inspection, these flaws made it seem natural as if it came into being this way, not a man-made entity.

The flawed outlines no longer seemed ugly when viewed with the above perspective. It became natural and peerless.

“What is that treasure?” Even a fool could tell that all-illuminating mirror was a wondrous treasure.

“Eight Trigrams Mirror!” One Eternal put on a serious expression: “Another great treasure bestowed by the progenitor - the defining one of Eight Trigrams. In fact, it plays a role in his title.” [1]

“So that’s the mirror…” This was the first time many have seen this mirror.

Despite not knowing about its power, they knew that a gift from the progenitor would be incredible. Plus, Eight Trigrams had plenty of treasures but this mirror became its defining one. It must be very important to the kingdom and extremely powerful.

“Die!” The mirror shined on him, giving him a snow-white radiance. He flipped his hands and summoned a mountain seal.

“Boom!” The seal launched towards Li Qiye.

This was a very common offensive seal but still looked quite impressive when used by Zhang Cangsheng. All existences needed to pray for mercy. It wielded the power of three thousand worlds, seemingly unstoppable.

The seal was accompanied by a boundless light. This light came from the mirror itself and amplified the power of the seal, seemingly duplicating it countless times.

The original one was already powerful enough but this empowerment took it to the next frightening level.

“Rumble!” Thousands and thousands of these seals descended. Everything else was on the verge of becoming ashes. No one would be lucky enough to survive.

The Eternals here didn’t have enough power to stop the incoming onslaught.

“Break.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye and retaliated with his fist. 

“Boom!” It destroyed the myriad laws in a simple yet brutal manner, clearly more powerful than the mountain seals.

Meanwhile, Zhang Cangsheng took control of the mirror and added his power inside. The mirror became more resplendent; all of its runes lit up.

“Boom!” The mirror actually created an apocalyptic punch - exactly identical to Li Qiye’s attack and not weaker in the slightest. The strangest thing was that Li Qiye’s reflection in the mirror was the one punching. It aimed straight at the real Li Qiye.

The crowd was stunned. It was one thing to make many copies of the mountain seal. Who would have thought that this mirror would be able to duplicate Li Qiye as well in retaliation?

This was akin to two of him fighting each other - quite a magical yet unbelievable spectacle.

At the same time, Venerable Xian also unleashed a vertical slash, splitting the heaven and earth into two halves.

The three thousand worlds were immediately opened. Even the hardest thing in existence would fall victim to this slash. Time itself wasn’t spared.

Zhang Cangsheng released an ultimate punch while Venerable Xian mustered an incredible slash.

It would be difficult for anyone to handle this type of pincer attack. Even a progenitor could lose this battle.

Li Qiye didn’t turn around to face the slash. He swung his hand, causing his long sleeve to flutter like a true dragon leaping into the sky to stop the sure-kill slash.

At the same time, a glow encompassed him and made him look like an indestructible diamond.

“Boom!” The two punches finally collided. Just imagine, it was Li Qiye fighting against himself, so it was impossible for there to be a victor. The only loser here was the crumbling spatial area caught in the explosion stemming from the point of impact. 

This time around, his sleeve couldn’t stop the ultimate slash and was cut through. Severed pieces of cloth scattered chaotically.

Since his punch was canceled out by the mirror again, nothing was left to stop the incoming mountain seals. Thus, these mountains smashed mercilessly on his body since he made no attempt to stop this brutal hit.

“Boom! Boom!” Heaven fell and the earth broke down by this violent impact. Debris and mud splashed everywhere. Li Qiye was completely covered in dust and mud.

The crowd was completely impressed by the apogee of this move - simply beyond imagination.

“So that’s why he has that title.” People finally understood the meaning of Zhang Cangsheng’s title.

It had nothing to do with his status as a big shot in Eight Trigrams but because of the mirror above him. As long as this mirror was in his possession, he had the power to control and lord over everyone else.

The mountain seal from him and the ultimate slash from Venerable Xian were certainly impressive. However, that mirror created a perfect reflection of Li Qiye and the resulting punch carried the same force as the real thing.

This was the most frightening piece of that three-layer attack. It didn’t matter how strong one may be. They couldn’t best themselves.

“Is he dead?” The crowd’s vision was obscured by the falling debris.

“He must be wounded, at the very least. He only used one hand that whole time still.” An Eternal murmured.

Everyone thought that even if Li Qiye were to survive, he must be grievously wounded. No one in this world could come out of that exchange unscathed.

1. The full title for Zhang Cangsheng translated would be Eight Trigrams Controlling All The Common People. It sounded like a name at first but with this context, it becomes a title. I still don’t know how to make it sound nice. Controlling Eight Trigrams is hard to use even though it’s the most accurate and short. Eight Trigrams Controller is much better for usability in the narrative, but it’s not accurate. Zhang Cangsheng actually sounds the nicest since it can be a real name too. I will muse this after the arc is done for a potential edit

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