Chapter 2788: Untouched

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The dust dispersed and Li Qiye came out, still as nonchalant and cool as ever. It was as if he was only a spectator, not the target of that move prior.

He had no signs of wounds - not bloodied and mangled like everyone’s imagination. The mountain seals failed to crush his flesh.

The only visible damage was his shirt sleeve caused by the sword slash.

This made everyone gasp in response, including Venerable Xian and Zhang Cangsheng.

Remember, their move earlier was as murderous as can be. How could someone in this world come out unscathed? This was before taking the fact that he was one-handed and not using any treasure or weapon into account.

Those capable of this doing must at least be the brilliant progenitors at the immortal level.

The spectators, whether it be the powerful ancestors or the brilliant geniuses, were pale after seeing Li Qiye.

He stood there in a casual manner but everyone felt that his stance was enough to suppress the firmaments.

His ordinary presence devoid of any suppressive aura and bright divinity still left behind a shadow in everyone’s mind. They would never be able to forget it; nightmares would plague them later.

“Is he still a human?” A peerless Eternal shuddered, not believing his own eyes.

“When I get serious, I myself become afraid.” Li Qiye said while posing there.

This joke made everyone tremble. It revealed many things and made his power level even more unfathomable.

“What else do you got? Go.” He glanced at the duo in a carefree manner.

Zhang Cangsheng and Venerable Xian instinctively staggered backward. They suddenly felt fear towards this man standing before them.

Something like this was ludicrous to think of just a while ago. Zhang Cangsheng had plenty of achievements in his life back in Eight Trigrams, saving the kingdom multiple times.

As for Venerable Xian, he had lived long enough to meet progenitors and train emperors.

They have seen magnificent scenes and perilous periods before without feeling the same type of dread right now. They felt like they have made the wrong choice in opposing Li Qiye and that they have underestimated his power at the start.

Their initial plan actually didn’t focus on killing an arrogant junior like Li Qiye. The main goal was to build up Eight Trigrams’ status in the system and gain more authority in the process.

Who would have thought that two Everlastings like them couldn’t take on Li Qiye? They barked up the wrong tree this time around.

“I see, it’s my turn then if you won’t do anything.” Li Qiye smiled and said to the two frozen combatants.

“Boom!” His first move was waving his hand and making a half-circle. It didn’t look that special at the start but it instantly took in the heaven and earth then created the primordial chaos.

Next came the yin and yang along with a cosmic stabilization. This casual wave could create and destroy an era. He became the decider of life and death. Everything became trapped within the cycles of this untouchable half circle.

The duo became frightened by this shocking move. 

“Activate!” Zhang Cangsheng released all of his vitality and grand dao power. He became resplendent and sent all of his energy into the trigram floating above him.

“Buzz.” A bright mirror appeared in place of the trigram.

Li Qiye’s reflection was on its surface. This figure also waved in the same manner. Another half-circle appeared and pushed towards Li Qiye.

It had an identical amount of power as well with all the same oppressive affinities. Everything else became trapped in the same motion.

“The mirror is really incredible.” Many were in awe after seeing this treasure in action.

It seemed that possessing the mirror meant being unbeatable because it could always duplicate an enemy’s technique.

Thus, regardless of the enemy’s powerful merit law and profound technique, they would never be able to win while fighting against themselves. This allowed the user of the mirror to be unbeatable.

Of course, not just anyone could control a treasure of this level. Only Zhang Cangsheng could duplicate an attack from Li Qiye in all of Eight Trigrams.

Venerable Xian didn’t sit idly by either. He roared and his sword became blindingly bright. 

“Clank!” A sharp glint gathered before he thrust his sword forward in a simple manner. 

There was no technique and variation but it had the accumulated power of the sword dao and sharp energies from all over the world. It pierced forward with a peerless speed. Remember, this was the blade of a progenitor. Its power was not to be trifled with.

It had the same fatality effect as the stinger of a scorpion as it pierces through the victim’s throat. The thrust came at the exact same time as the duplicated move from the mirror. This was an example of great timing and teamwork.

It left behind an indelible mark as it crossed through the sky. Meanwhile, the half-circle technique destroyed the area then rebuilt it, resulting in an unimaginable force.

This move should be enough to push Li Qiye towards his death. Anyone else wouldn’t stand a chance at all.

Just right when the sword and half-circle were about to hit him, he slightly moved and his body dimmed down.

The world also quaked once in response. Everyone felt time slowing down. The most powerful masters actually felt it reversing.

This reversal only lasted for a split second, virtually undetectable.

His reflection in the Eight Trigrams Mirror also dimmed in the same manner. Meanwhile, the real Li Qiye disappeared from sight.

The sword thrust couldn’t pierce him because he had reversed time and was no longer in the same time-space. It suddenly changed direction and aimed for the reflection in the mirror instead.

Both Venerable Xian and Zhang Cangsheng couldn’t stop their attack on time.

“Boom!” Fiery sparks from the impact destroyed the stars above. They exploded like fireworks during the night.

The two ancestral weapons struck each other in a shocking manner.

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