Chapter 2789: Grabbing An Ancestral Weapon Barehandedly

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“Boom!” The entire Reincarnation Mountain seemingly got lifted off the ground from the vibration due to the impact.

People were scared out of their mind after the soul-crushing blast. The power of this exchange was apocalyptic. If this area wasn’t blessed with defensive measures, so many buildings would have collapsed already.

The ancestral sword and Eight Trigrams Mirror didn’t hold back on each other at all. The fiery sparks stemming from the point of impact instilled horror into the crowd.

This force swept through the world, suppressing the firmament like a cataclysmic storm. Many suffered from the pressure and were forced to the ground, unable to get up.

“Boom!” The duo lost control over their weapons.

The ancestral sword and mirror were damaged by the progenitorial force and got blown towards the horizon. They no longer obeyed the duo and fled away with haste.

“Return!” The two started chanting summoning mantra.

However, the weapons disappeared from sight, no longer to be seen again.

They were personally made from Everlasting Forefather and had their own spirituality.

The considerable damage frightened them. If this kept on going, both would be destroyed. That’s why they wisely disregarded the summoning.

The situation worsened for Zhang Cangsheng and Venerable Xian. Their complexion turned whiter as a result.

For Venerable Xian, he had plenty of artifacts but not one of them was on the same level of this ancestral sword.

As for Zhang Cangsheng, his very title originated from the mirror.

This was a great blow to them and heavily decreased their battle potential.

“What a shame, you two can’t fully control those weapons and have been abandoned.” Li Qiye’s leisure voice sounded.

Everyone looked over and saw him standing in the same spot as if he didn’t move at all.

“How can this be?” The juniors didn’t understand at all. The mirror had a perfect duplication but it was suddenly nullified.

“His speed is too fast, enough to reverse time, albeit only for a split second, but he still reversed time.” One powerful Eternal said: “He’s capable of doing that but not the mirror so it couldn’t reflect that action. At the same time, the ancestral sword thought that the reflection was him, resulting in friendly fire.”

“So heaven-defying, it’s such a clever way to beat the mirror.” People started praising Li Qiye after understanding the events.

Many believed that the duplication from the mirror was unbeatable. Who would have thought that Li Qiye could redirect the sword slash using his speed?

“So scary, we haven’t seen his arts and weapons yet, still just one hand so far.” All existences had fear in their eyes while staring at Li Qiye.

“Time to end this?” Li Qiye smiled at the two.

The duo couldn’t help but look up at the plate in the sky.

These techniques made the crowd think that a lot of time has passed due to their anxiety and anticipation. However, only a few seconds have actually gone by with these fast moves.

The plate wasn’t fully lit up yet, only a few places were finished by this point. It still needed more time before delivering its ultimate attack.

“Take him down!” The duo knew that they must buy time. Perhaps the plate would be able to kill him so delaying this until a full activation was essential.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Countless swords flew out from Central Sacred Ground like an ocean. It aimed straight towards Li Qiye.

They crossed through the far distance and instantly made it to Reincarnation Mountain. It was as if Li Qiye was only a few inches away.

Venerable Xian had a bloody glow since he started burning his true blood. Sharp rays emanated from him as he turned into a bloody sword.

“Clank!” A straight slash came down with a red glow. The world turned into an ocean of blood and nothing inside would be spared.

One gigantic sword along with countless little ones was definitely a murderous move.

At the same time, Zhang Cangsheng roared and spewed out a blinding heatwave. He also burned up his true blood and gathered dao power from Immortal Demon System.

This resulted in an explosion of ten thousand suns. This heatwave could burn everything in this world.

The gigantic battleship hovering above also emitted a frightening light. Bright saber slashes split out the sky and sent down strands of primordial chaos.

It looked like an unsheathed divine saber capable of severing the azure along with the Golden River below. Its sharpness was unimaginable.

The ship was no longer there, replaced by this great saber. The crowd became astonished after seeing this.

“So that is a saber, not a battleship. I see…” A junior murmured after calming down.

“Clank!” This snow-white slash should be a sure kill against anyone and successfully intimidated the crowd. It could destroy the world and slay gods and true emperors.

These were the strongest move from Venerable Xian and Zhang Cangsheng without their ancestral weapons.

Moreover, they normally couldn’t perform these slashes, not even in their peak state since they wouldn’t burn their true blood.

Everlastings like them didn’t have much longer to live so their true blood was very precious. They would never use them under normal circumstances.

Alas, they had no other choice since they would die in the next second if they didn’t put up a good fight.

Burning their true blood now, albeit begrudgingly, could save them from death by allowing them to use these incredible slashes.

“Break.” Li Qiye didn’t care at all and shouted.

A golden brilliance poured out as if a great Buddha was reincarnating. He then unleashed a fist strike.

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