Chapter 2824: Can’t Handle Losing

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The rain of the fruits seemed like an unreal legend. Things like this should only happen in dreams. Of course, the dreamers would jolt into consciousness from being overly excited.

Nevertheless, this was reality, not an illusion.

“Pinch me real quick.” A student asked his friend nearby.

The painful sensation made him realize that he was indeed awake.

The same shock struck everyone with disbelief. How could he get so many fruits at the same time? Not even a True Emperor could replicate this feat.

Zhou Qiushi and the others could feel the tangible fruit in their palm, letting them know that this was actually happening.

Zhang Tingyu stood there with his mouth open wide enough to fit a duck egg. His jaw nearly dropped to the ground.

“This… this can’t be…” He murmured, unable to accept the irrefutable reality.

“Unfortunately, it is.” Li Qiye smiled and said while taking a bite out of a White Hair Fruit.

He immediately spat it out and threw down the rest too. It disappeared back into the earth.

“So hard to eat, only meant for street vendors.” Li Qiye smiled, treating the big fruit as if it was disgusting.

This outrageous and wasteful act of his made some students want to strangle him to death. They stared at the disappearing fruit and felt deep pain. Some of them couldn’t get a single one at all.

A fifth-ranked fruit, and the finest type among them… Not to mention ordinary students, even the ones from the four great academies considered them precious. Only very few in Immortal Lineage could afford to treat it like a regular fruit and consume it for mere pleasure. Normally, a White Hair Fruit would be viewed as an immortal fruit. People would take their time relishing just one.

“You should have given it to me! I don’t mind if you’ve taken the first bite!” One student yelled in agony and felt indignation.

Only Du Wenrei remained calm, thinking that this was to be expected.

“You have lost.” Li Qiye turned his sight towards Zhang Dingyu.

“No, impossible!” Dingyu turned pale while staggering backward.

He thought that five fruits would have been enough for sure but he ended up losing in such a terrifying manner. The sudden reversal caught him off guard.

“Nothing’s impossible about it. It’s a loss so start crawling around the valley while barking.” Li Qiye said flatly.

“...” Dingyu continued to retreat. Everyone could see his face turning red.

To do so in public was unacceptable. There was no way he could remain a “human” after suffering such humiliation.

In the beginning, he made this arrangement since he was certain of victory. He had imagined the dozens of students from Repentance crawling and barking. It would have been quite a scene - enough to satisfy his ego and make him feel great.

Alas, the loser ended up being him.

He didn’t know what to do right now. He naturally wouldn’t start crawling. What a joke. How could a student from Dawn do something like that?

“This is the consequence of betting and losing. Start crawling, everyone is waiting to hear you bark.” Li Qiye added.

“You!” The red-faced youth trembled with rage. He eventually shouted: “You have to be cheating, there’s something wrong with this!”

“Cheating? As if such a thing is possible.” Li Qiye smiled: “If you know of a way to do so, let me know, I’m listening.”

The crowd exchanged glances. Li Qiye was able to knock dozens of fruit down with a flick of the finger.

This was indeed unbelievable but they saw it with their own eyes. Li Qiye had no way of cheating the system. Plus, plenty of experts and masters were present. They should be able to tell if he did something in secret.

“There’s no magic spell that can do so. The only thing we can really attribute it to is luck.” A student from a big academy stated.

After all, plenty of people have tried numerous ways to get these fruits down outside of knocking. Even progenitorial merit laws were useless.

This land has been gestated by Desolate Saint’s power of light. No one else had more power than him in the system.

“Don’t embarrass yourself any further by going back on your words.” Li Qiye looked at the youth.

All eyes were on Dingyu now. Li Qiye’s victory was as clear as day. There was no way for Dingyu to renege on the bet.

“You people from Repentance are willing to do anything to win! Hmph, your ancestors are treacherous criminals and sinners who have done heinous deeds. I’m sure you scums have prepared something sinister beforehand in order to trick everyone here…”

Some of the gazes had disdain in them now. Though certain students here really did look down on Repentance, Dingyu’s dishonest and shameless act wasn’t doing him any favor.

“Boom!” He couldn’t finish before getting stomped down to the ground.

“You dare to hit me?!” Dingyu bellowed.

The assailant was actually Du Wenrui, not Li Qiye.

“Crack!” Wenrui raised his foot and stomped down on the youth’s back.

“Ahh!” Dingyu screamed in agony due to bones being broken.

“Young one, a senior like myself doesn’t interfere with the business of the young generation. You all can do whatever you want. However, playing dirty and falsely accusing Repentance Institution? That’s not acceptable so I, the dean of Repentance, have no choice but to step in for my students.” Wenrui said flatly.

Wenrui didn’t seem powerful so few students outside respected him. Nonetheless, he was still a dean recognized by all four great academies. Thus, his status and position were the real deal.

Now, Dingyu failed to perform his end of the bargain so it was fine for a dean to step in. This couldn’t be considered a senior bullying a junior. None in the crowd had a problem with this.

“You, you dare to hit me?! I’m a student at Dawn! Our academy won’t let this go!” Dingyu shouted again.

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