Chapter 2827: Shameless

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“Looks like you all want my sword.” Li Qiye smiled and tapped on his sword.

Wu Ke and the others felt that they have been too blatant. This was unbecoming of their status.

Going about this in the wrong way could ruin their reputation if words were to get out.

“We’re only here for justice.” Wu Ke coughed and said: “You cheated during the previous bet and damaged our brother’s reputation along with the academy’s. That’s why we’re here to get it straight.”

Wu Ke spoke as if his group was on the side of justice. They have surrounded Li Qiye so he couldn’t escape at all.

He was a fish on the chopping board right now. It was time for them to use words to change the circumstances, turning them into heroes instead of bandits.

“It’s funny that no one else there saw any cheating.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“That’s a one-sided perspective, I’m sure you did something to shroud their gazes. No one can knock down dozens of fruits at the same time, not even a True Emperor, let alone you…”

He gave Li Qiye a disdainful stare - clearly indicating that Li Qiye wasn’t strong enough to do so.

“That’s right, trickery certainly happened. I hate swindlers the most so we’ll get to the bottom of this. Dawn and Divine Beast Legion won’t let this go either.” Zhang Dingyu chimed in, stating his powerful backings.

He knew he wouldn’t be able to get the sword but just getting revenge was fine.

“No need to look for excuses after losing.” Li Qiye said.

“That’s not up to you.” Wu Ke uttered coldly: “The rat must come out to give a reasonable answer.”

“What do you want to do then?” Li Qiye smiled.

Wu Ke’s group exchanged glances, thinking that this guy was playing along with their game.

“Since everyone here are students of the Academy of Light, we’ll give you a way out instead of being too merciless.” Wu Ke scowled and said.

“I’m all ears.” Li Qiye’s smile became wider.

Those who knew Li Qiye would know that death was coming after seeing this smile of his - not just one but many victims.

“First, you must confess about cheating, second, apologize to Brother Dingyu.” Wu Ke then glanced over at Dingyu.

“Make him crawl in a circle ten times and bark!” Dingyu shouted with hatred in his eyes. His expression became twisted - a perverse grin after getting the satisfaction of retribution.

Zhou Qiushi and his peers became furious. They would smash Dingyu’s mouth if they were strong enough.

“Ahem.” Wu Ke said: “Well, let’s not go that far, we’re all gentlemen, right? I propose that you just need to kneel and bow your head to accept your mistake towards Brother Dingyu.”

This suggestion had nothing to do with mercy or kindness. Wu Ke just didn’t want to push Li Qiye too far and ruin his plan.

“Anything else besides this?” Li Qiye said.

“The third thing is…” Wu Ke paused for a bit and stared at Repentance: “You should know that forcing Brother Dingyu to bark in public is extremely humiliating - hurting both his personal reputation and Dawn’s. That’s why reparation is required. We’re not unreasonable and won’t force you to humiliate yourself in public, just doing it here is enough.”

“This reparation will cure the damages that have been done.” Wu Ke played the role of a nice guy and continued.

“What do you want?” Li Qiye asked.

“The Sword of Repentance!” Dingyu shouted: “Hand it over and we’ll spare you from an ugly death!”

“As you can see, the victim demands the sword. We don’t dare to overstep our bounds and will listen to him. The sword it is then.” Wu Ke coughed and said.

“Finally spilled it after half a day of nonsense. You’re just here for the sword, not because of the so-called cheating and upholding justice. The ancestral treasure trumps all, just admit that you have been tempted.” Li Qiye burst out in laughter.

He then shook his head and added: “The Academy of Light is losing face for accepting students like you. Just make sure to stop calling yourselves students from this place when you’re outside. But at the very least, Desolate Saint doesn’t have dishonest descendants like you all.”

“So you want this the hard way!” Wu Ke turned cold after seeing Li Qiye not wanting to confess.

“In my opinion, all of you should kneel and apologize now. I might be merciful and spare you all, otherwise…” Li Qiye smirked while speaking.

“Ignorant fool!” Zhang Dingyu bellowed: “Do you know who you’re speaking to?! Brother Wu Ke is a member of Divine Beast Legion under Violet Dragon Empress. They have swept through the nine firmaments, be smart and hand the sword or you will know a fate worse than death…”

“Never heard of them.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Go on, apologize now because relying on your empress and legion is useless. I’ll kill them to the last man if they dare to provoke me.”

“Is he insane?” A few hiding spectators were amazed at Li Qiye’s tone: “Does he not know who he is or his academy? Killing the empress and her legion? The guy’s tired of living.”

Regardless of the legion, just the empress alone was frightening enough since she could dominate by herself. People would definitely think he was crazy if they were to hear this.

“Insulting the empress is worthy of death and nine clans extermination!” Wu Ke’s eyes had murderous flashes.

“Clank!” He unsheathed his sword and pointed it straight at Li Qiye.

“You pick hell over heaven, not wise. I was merciful enough to think about sparing you but not anymore. No one can save you today!” He threatened.

Wu Ke no longer needed an excuse anymore after Li Qiye had insulted the empress. He could kill the guy now and had all the right justifications. The sword would be his for the taking afterward.

“It’s about time.” Li Qiye smiled while looking at the sword tip.

“Three moves and you’ll be dead.” Wu Ke coldly said.

“Three? No, what will happen is that I will kill all of you with one move.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Wu Ke and the others rolled their eyes, thinking that they had misheard.

“Is this guy serious?” The spectators couldn’t believe it.

“Hahaha, brat, are you insane?” Zhang Dingyu pointed at Li Qiye while guffawing: “Do you not know Brother Wu Ke’s power? He’s a fifth-level Ascender and his friends aren’t weak either. It’s more like they’ll kill you with one slash!”

Zhou Qiushi’s group was surprised too, thinking that Li Qiye was being too arrogant.

“Silly weaklings, I don’t even need to do anything. Just this sword will be enough.” Li Qiye didn’t mind the attacks and slowly unsheathed his sword.

“Clank!” The sword pulsed with holiness. Each strand was supreme and pure, allowing it to cross everything over.

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