Chapter 2828: Spirit Of The Sword

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Repentance slowly floated up without being controlled by Li Qiye. It seemed to have its own spirit and will.

“Buzz.” It no longer resembled an ordinary blade and exuded a holy pulse. Just this light alone could purify all darkness and evil.

Wu Ke and Zhang Dingyu trembled in response. This light illuminated deep into their heart and washed away their evil intents, forcing them to succumb.

They instantly protected their mind in order to prevent any further influence.

“What a good sword…” Wu Ke praised after protecting his mindset; his eyes were fixated on the sword.

Wu Ke might not be a top master of the sword dao but he still knew swords very well. Because of this, he instantly realized that this sword had become sentient with its own spirit.

This was very rare since it meant that the sword was a deity - a peerless weapon. Normally, only a sword always carried around by a progenitor and immensely gestated by their grand dao would achieve this level. Not all progenitorial swords were so lucky.

That’s why Wu Ke lusted this sword, evident by the fire in his eyes. He would become a tiger with wings since his sword dao would become so much stronger.

“Of course it’s good.” Li Qiye chuckled: “The progenitor groomed it for a generation so its light is supreme and mighty. It can spot evil and will automatically erase any existence with nefarious thought.”

“That’s a progenitorial sword for you…” Wu Ke’s gaze intensified and wanted to wield the sword right away.

“Be smart and hand it over right now!” Zhang Dingyu shouted.

Who wouldn’t want an ancestral sword? Even those not trained in the sword dao still wanted one. Possessing a weapon of this level boosted one’s battle potential by several levels.

The hidden spectators were shocked to hear Li Qiye too.

“Is it true? How can Repentance Institution have a progenitorial weapon?” One of them said in disbelief.

“That’s because you don’t know anything about that academy.” An older student shook his head: “Yes, it has a bad reputation, weak, and hasn’t taught any decent student. However, its history is as long as any of the four great ones, some say it is even older than Northern Academy. It is founded by the progenitor so it makes sense that it has some great resources. The only problem is a lack of effort from its future students.”

“I know of this sword. The progenitor left it there as the ultimate treasure of Repentance Institution. It’s just that very few can lift it up, let alone taking it away. In the present time, I only know one person capable of lifting it, and that’s Holyfrost True Emperor.” Another student added.

“The emperor is the only one?” The friend became startled: “Then how does this student have it here right now? Don’t tell me he’s stronger than Holyfrost True Emperor.”

“Don’t be silly, how can a student from Repentance compare to her?” The older student shook his head: “It might be a stroke of luck that he’s accepted by the sword. Fate and fortune are too intangible and mysterious, no one can predict these affinities.”

“So lucky.” All the students became jealous. After all, not everyone can possess an artifact of this level. Normally, only the most talented geniuses could possess a sword like this.

“This sword of light can dispel darkness and sever evil thoughts. Do you dare to test your righteousness with it?” Li Qiye saw their greed and smiled.

“And then what?” Wu Ke scowled, not really believing it.

“Let’s make another bet then. If you test this sword without suffering any backlash, it will show your innocence and righteousness. Of course, in the opposite case, if you can stop the slash, it will be considered your win too.” Li Qiye elaborated.

“What happens when we win?” Dingyu impatiently shouted.

“Very simple, when you win, this sword will be yours. But if you lose, then I have nothing to do with it. The sword will be the thing refining your evil intents. One can only say that you are punished by the judgment of the progenitor in that case.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Really?” Wu Ke’s eyes flashed brightly.

Why did he come all the way here? This sword was obviously his target, not justice.

“Of course.” Li Qiye chuckled: “So yes or no? Win and this great treasure will be yours. I’m sure your sect doesn’t have one like this.”

The group froze after hearing this since it was indeed the truth. What if they were to get one for their sect? They would be so well-respected and beloved in the future, perhaps becoming the sect master too.

“Let’s go!” Wu Ke and the other members exchanged glances before nodding.

“Okay, time to start.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Wait, if we need to block a slash, it will still be our win, right? All of us can do so together?” Wu Ke asked for confirmation.

“Yes, that will mean that you have evil thoughts but as long as you can stop it, it is your win.” Li Qiye said.

“It’s a deal. If we can’t stop the slash, we can only blame ourselves for being weak.” Wu Ke solemnly said.

Though the sword was a progenitorial weapon, they didn’t believe that someone as weak as Li Qiye could exert its true power - not even ten percent.

That’s why they were confident about stopping the slash when working together.

“Yes, gentlemen keep their words.” Li Qiye said.

“Very well, start the formation!” Wu Ke commanded and they jumped back on their beasts.

They swiftly moved to the correct positions, seemingly well-practiced. This only took a brief moment and a murderous aura engulfed the area.

The spectators knew that they were battle-hardened and not just pampered students stuck in the classroom.

After all, they were from big sects and clans before joining the academy as excellent geniuses. Thus, they had plenty of trials and training previously.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Everyone and their beasts were adorned in another layer of metallic plates, eventually forming a full armor.

“Ra!” The beasts roared. This activated the formation, causing it to pulse with them commanding various spots.

All of them disappeared and a gigantic armored leopard appeared in front of Li Qiye. This beast looked like a mountain made of metal. Its long tail was a steel whip. Its teeth and claws resembled sharp swords, capable of tearing all existences to pieces.

Moreover, its frightening aura had both the wild ferocity of a beast along with a murderous presence. People couldn’t help but shudder while being the target of its glare.

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