Chapter 2871: Ocean Of Arrows

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The area became surrounded by the ocean of arrows, resulting in a wondrous spectacle. Just one arrow alone was frightening enough, let alone so many of them?

There was no place to run, no technique to block. The toughest shield and thickest wall would eventually falter to the constant barrages.

Goldpython and Stonecarver True Emperor were intimidated just like the rest of the spectators. As emperors, they somewhat disapproved of the centaur god for accepting the false rumors of him being at the amaranthine level.

This vanity wasn’t commendable in their eyes. However, after seeing this all-piercing ocean, the two of them became emotional. The centaur god’s power hasn’t reached the amaranthine level but his peerless archery has made it there.

“Rumble!” Not even a fly or mosquito in the vicinity could survive the incoming barrages. The ground fell victim; rocks and soil scattered and smashed.

The students knew that if they were the targets, they would be turned to a bloody mist instantly.

Eventually, the explosion stopped. The targeted area turned into a forest of thorns made up of arrows. Everyone shuddered after seeing the aftermath.

“He gotta be dead, right?” One person murmured while looking at the numerous pits.

“There’s probably nothing left of him…” Another began to search for Li Qiye.

However, it wasn’t that easy to spot someone inside that mess.

“Is he okay?” Zhou Qiushi and the others were slightly startled. That move earlier was quite devastating. Most powerful True Gods would die to it.

“Look, over there!” Someone with a good pair of eyes finally spotted Li Qiye and shouted.

Everyone turned and saw Li Qiye standing still as if he didn’t move an inch from this spot.

Moreover, he was completely unharmed. An ocean of arrow but not a single one managed to prick his skin.

He looked nonchalant and calm, akin to a master walking inside a tornado but it couldn’t even move his robe.

“How can this be?!” Shouts of astonishment resounded.

“No way!” The centaur god became dazed and staggered backward.

He was completely confident in that shot earlier, even against emperors stronger than Goldpython and Stonecarver.

But now, his foe stood there and took the entire thing without trying to dodge - an act that could only be described as magic or devilish art.

The two emperors present exchanged glances, becoming increasingly alarmed. They didn’t see what Li Qiye did to survive the barrages, not his movement techniques or actual method.

To be as composed as him under that barrage was definitely something they couldn’t do.

“Now that move was more interesting.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “Unfortunately, it still lacks mastery. You did look like an archery god though.”

The centaur god’s expression soured after hearing the sarcastic remark. His proud archery was considered worthless by Li Qiye!

Nevertheless, he focused on the situation at hand, having never experienced something similar before.

He had fought against other emperors before. Even the powerful ones had a hard time dealing with the barrages. Those managing to come out untouched were extremely powerful. This guy shouldn’t have been able to withstand it in this manner.

“One more but let’s make it interesting this time. My shot versus yours, are you confident?” Li Qiye chuckled.

The centaur god froze and instinctively took one step backward.

A while ago, he would certainly take the bet against any emperor or even Everlastings. He had immersed himself in archery his whole life, believing that his dao was matchless.

Now, doubts overwhelmed him. He felt that Li Qiye was completely devilish. Intuition told him that he would lose for sure.

“An archery contest?” The students exchanged glances, thinking that it was a little ridiculous for Li Qiye to go against a known archery expert.

“Why not? Let’s do it!” The centaur god made up his mind and took one step forward, arching his chest.

This posturing was the opposite of his current state of mind. He lacked confidence about the result but alas, there was no other choice. Fleeing wasn’t an option.

To give up now? He would end up losing to Li Qiye and to himself, never able to overcome this shadow and keep his head high. All of his ambition and will would disappear.

“Good, very courageous, let’s begin.” Li Qiye smiled.

The centaur god snorted and assumed the archery pose with the bow in his hand.

The two emperors watched with bated breath, ready to analyze Li Qiye’s actual strength. This was the centaur god’s last shot so the guy should go all out. Perhaps they would be able to see Li Qiye’s abilities from this exchange.

“Buzz.” Radiance emerged around the centaur god in the forms of arrows. They turned into iron walls - a defensive archery dao.

“Archery is all or nothing, offense is the best defense.” Li Qiye saw this and critiqued: “You’re already putting up a defensive barrier before the contest, clearly lacking strength, momentum, and confidence. This isn’t the dao of archery.”

The centaur god was shocked to hear this. He understood the essences and mysteries of this dao so Li Qiye’s words were spot on. He had been shot in the heart just now.

He shuddered and staggered backward again.

“My bow is ready, arrow nocked.” Li Qiye smiled, putting his right leg forward and assuming the posture of an archer.

He wasn’t holding a bow or an arrow at all, only looking like an archer ready to fire.

The crowd was confused but the centaur god trembled in fear and staggered once more.

“Impossible!” He roared in disbelief.

The two emperors could understand this. Their expression darkened but they maintained their focus on watching Li Qiye.

“Archery in one’s heart!” The two of them said.

“Archery in all things!” The shocked centaur god finished the line. [1]

This was a state he has been pursuing his entire life. He could see through its mysteries - the highest state of archery, archery in all things!

Despite being an archery god, he still had a way to go before reaching this level!

1. So the lines go together - archery in one’s heart; archery in all things

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