Chapter 2873: Treasure Source True God’s Plan

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Li Qiye and his group left behind the astonished and silent crowd.

No one dared to say a single word. The two emperors chose inaction instead of stopping him.

They knew that with their personal cultivation, they wouldn’t have been able to stop the centaur god’s final shot. Thus, Li Qiye was clearly superior.

They realized that they have underestimated Li Qiye. A while ago, they assumed that the Sword of Repentance was the guy’s strongest move. This was no longer the case. Li Qiye himself was immensely strong.

This brought up the question - since when did Repentance Institution have such a powerful student?

“Is he really from Repentance?” A few students questioned after Li Qiye left.

This academy hasn’t produced anyone worthwhile after millions of years. A selected few eventually had great accomplishments but this was only after they left the academy for a long time.

Li Qiye was still a student right now. Such a talent was unprecedented in that place.

“There’s something off about him, too devilish, this brat.” An older student said with certainty.

Treasure Source True God pondered in silence. The Centaur God of Archery was countless times stronger than him. Seeking revenge seemed suicidal now.

After a long while, he took a deep breath and clenched his fists - still maintaining his original stance. He must try to avenge Deng Rensen regardless of the price.

He owed this teacher a great debt. Without this person’s help, he wouldn’t have become who he was today.

In fact, he would only be a regular student in Northern Academy - a life of mediocrity and never becoming an Eternal.

Without Deng Rensen and the great fortune, perhaps the Ascender realm was his highest limit. Therefore, Rensen was like another parent to him, hence his determination.

At this moment, most of the students have left, leaving behind the two emperors who were about to leave as well.

“Dao Brothers.” Treasure Source True God caught up to them and cupped his fist. [1]

“Brother Treasure Source.” The two emperors stopped and greeted him.

An Eternal like Treasure Source wasn’t as strong as the centaur god. Nonetheless, he was strong enough to speak to the emperors.

Of course, his status and future potential remained inferior.

“Brothers, I have been a fan of you two for a long time but never got the chance to greet you.” The true god humbly said. [2]

“Your treasure source is also a source of envy. I have heard of your miracle before.” Stonecarver smiled and replied.

“It’s nothing, I only got lucky and swallowed this treasure source. It is the high heaven’s blessing that I’m still alive.” The true god hurriedly responded.

So it turned out that the true god accidentally swallowed a treasure source. This nearly killed him.

As the saying goes - great fortune comes after a narrow escape from death.

Sure enough, his cultivation soared like the wind, allowing him to stand out among the excellent students of Northern Academy. He eventually became an Eternal at a young age.

“Dao Brothers, you’re really dropping this issue?” The true god didn’t beat around the bushes.

“Brother, Do you have a better idea?” Goldpython wasn’t an idiot and smiled.

“Dao Brothers, the truth is that I have great enmity towards Li Qiye since he killed Teacher Deng of our academy. I owe Teacher Deng a great debt so I must avenge him no matter what.” The true god took a deep breath and solemnly said.

“It’s commendable that you still try to repay the debt despite knowing the difficulties.” The two emperors became surprised before nodding with respect.

They could see that this Eternal was no match for Li Qiye. He himself knew it but still decided to oppose the guy. This grateful mindset deserved respect.

“Dao Brothers, you can see that I alone am not Li Qiye’s match.” The true god straightforwardly said.

“The three of us still aren’t enough.” The emperors understood his intent.

“We’re not the only ones here in the ancient courtyard. Three-eyed Prodigy and Goldtypha True Emperor are around too.” The true god said.

“We have no real feud with Li Qiye.” Stonecarver shook his head.

“Do you not want the magpie eggs?” The true god asked.

“It would be nice to have them, but no point in forcing the issue.” Goldpython smiled.

They knew that going up against Li Qiye was unwise given their current power.

“What if I can get Three-eyed Prodigy and Goldtypha True Emperor to join us? Also, you two know that I have a treasure source. Its effect is heightened especially here, extremely powerful.” The true god said.

The two emperors exchanged glances. They would be lying to say that they didn’t want the eggs.

Plus, there was something else they didn’t bring up - Li Qiye killing their disciples in public.

These were only members of their sects, not their actual disciples. However, they still taught these young ones and had a teacher-student relationship. This wasn’t something easily forgiven.

The ones that could actually smile and let this go were frightening. They were emotionless or had the heart of a saint.

The two emperors didn’t fit into these two categories. The thing refraining them was their inability to see through Li Qiye.

Given the opportunity, they would certainly seek to avenge their fallen disciples.

“The truth is that my only goal is vengeance, I don’t care for anything else.” The true god sincerely said.

“You have a good plan?” Stonecarver inquired.

Li Qiye was extremely strong but they were still curious. Remember, the prodigy and Goldtypha True Emperor were no slouches either. The prodigy was already a half-step Everlasting.

Goldtypha, on the other hand, was the disciple of Orchid Sage. Few in all of Immortal Lineage would dare to provoke him. Plus, he was strong too with eight palaces.

“We can work together with them and prepare a fatal trap.” The true god said.

“It won’t be easy.” Stonecarver shook his head.

He didn’t deny the two men’s abilities. However, why would they join this mess?

“Don’t worry, Three-eyed Prodigy is our academy’s senior and will seek justice. As for Goldtypha True Emperor, he has unfinished business with Li Qiye too. His disciple, Tiger King, was killed by the guy. I’m confident that I can persuade them.” The true god revealed.

The two emperors became slightly tempted. Killing Li Qiye was akin to killing two birds with one stone - getting the eggs on top of avenging their disciples.

More importantly, they had the number advantage too if they could form an alliance with the prodigy and Goldtypha. Li Qiye shouldn’t be able to escape.

“Are you certain that you can invite those two?” Stonecarver looked at the true god.

“Dao Brothers, leave it to me. It will be either success or death.” The true god arched his chest forward.

“Might as well try.” The two emperors eventually agreed.

1. It’s actually Dao Older Brother but that is too long

2. He refers to himself as a little brother here

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