Chapter 2874: Crystal Crab

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“Find a safe spot for them.” Li Qiye took a look at the two magpies and their nest before commanding.

These unique auspicious birds of virtue were very picky. They wouldn’t stay in regular areas.

Now, others have found their old location. The group needed to find a new spot in order to avoid the same confrontation.

“I know a place. Let’s go right now, they’ll be fine there.” The black bull accepted the task.

It led the way of this rather long trip. They eventually ended inside a valley.

One could feel a massive yet invisible light power in this place.

The same case could be made for the rest of the ancient courtyard but the light power here was a little different. It seemed purer; each strand has been refined multiple times.

It felt wet and cool, very refreshing especially during a hot summer. The group felt comfortable and couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

“A good place indeed, home of the water tribe.” Li Qiye judged the area.

The valley was surrounded by high mountains on all sides, looking like a fortress from faraway. The only easily accessible area was the mouth of the valley.

Inside were four seasons of spring with trees and flowers everywhere - certain befitting of the word, “paradise”.

“Such a nice place.” One student said.

The bull brought them to a pool with clear water and not a single ripple - akin to a well with unmoving water for years. Next to it was a steep cliff.

The group finally realized where the refreshing feeling was coming from after standing here.

“Old crab, come out here, hurry, I got a job for you.” The bull stomped and shouted.

“Splash!” The water in the pond started surging with increasing intensity. It eventually turned into a pillar of water gushing like the source of a spring.

They looked up and saw a crab being raised on top of the water pillar.

It was as large as a tabletop, quite a rare sight anywhere else but not in the ancient courtyard. After all, there were plenty of behemoths found here.

The most impressive thing wasn’t its size but rather its transparent body. One could clearly see its internal organs and other parts as if it was carved from a block of crystal.

Despite its shimmering and beautiful appearance, it didn’t give off a weak and feeble appearance like glass. On the contrary, its toughness was palpable.

Moreover, it looked amiable as well. People had an illusion that it was a kind old man meditating on top of this water pillar instead of a crab. He was just missing the two long whiskers.

“Ah, boss, which auspicious wind brought you here? Is the sun rising from the west? To have you visiting my humble abode is like a dragon entering the house of a shrimp. I am elated to be in your presence…” The crystal crab knew how to speak. Its voice was friendly too, true to the illusion prior.

“No time for nonsense today, I’ve grown bored of listening to your literary crap already.” The bull interrupted the crab, not showing an ounce of patience.

“I’m naturally here for a reason. There is an important task for you.” It added.

“May I ask what you require of me, boss? Just say the words and I will jump into a volcano for you without any hesitation…” The crab calmly responded, not minding the lack of civility shown by the bull.

“It’s not that serious.” The bull waved its hand again: “I just need to leave two little birds at your place.”

Meanwhile, the young ones found the crystal crab to be very interesting.

“Which birds are worthy of you personally coming here, boss?” The crab found it strange.

“Don’t you see the two birds on Sir’s shoulders over here?” The bull pointed with its chin.

The crab followed the direction and saw the two peacebringer magpies perching on Li Qiye’s shoulders. It naturally shuddered in response.

It got down from the water pillar and moved closer, looking as if it was prostrating after every step.

“No wonder why the birds chirped early this morning. Welcome, Sir.” The crystal crab acted even more respectful towards Li Qiye than the bull.

“Old man, you’re quite perceptive, to be able to see Sir’s amazingness.” The bull said.

“I’m sure that Sir is incredible to be loved by the magpies to this level.” The crab said. It didn’t know Li Qiye but to have two magpies with him?

This person must be unfathomable - a type never seen before in the past and will never appear again in the future.

“That’s no big deal, I don’t want to say more though or I’ll scare you to death.” The bull laughed for a bit before adding: “Oh fine, he also got a garland from them.”

“A garland from the magpie?” The crab shuddered and nearly dropped to the ground.

It became even more respectful: “Back in my early days, I heard that even Saint didn’t get a garland!”

“Saint” here was short for Desolate Saint.

“Now do you understand who you are facing?” The bull guffawed once more.

“Forgive me, Sir, for being so blind.” The crab respectfully said: “To have you in this world means peace for everyone, it is their blessing. I’m also blessed to be in your presence right now.”

“I do like being called Sir.” Li Qiye chuckled and looked at the crab: “A river crystal crab reaching this level of cultivation? Not bad.”

“Not bad” didn’t seem like much of a praise. However, it was the ultimate glory when it came from Li Qiye.

“Thank you, Sir.” The crab said: “I was lucky enough to find a golden pearl at the bottom of the river. Though I still can’t transform, I gained longevity and other techniques.”

This crab was being quite humble right now. It was actually extremely powerful and reigned this area in the ancient courtyard despite the presence of many behemoths.

“Haha, this old crab used to be very haughty back then and called itself Visceraless Young Noble, bullying everyone nearby. I got annoyed and gave it a good beating.” The bull laughed and revealed the crab’s history.

“Don’t bring up the past, boss. It was out of youthful ignorance.” The crab became awkward.

“You will be responsible for protecting their nest here.” Li Qiye glanced at the crab and smiled.

“Sir, to protect the nest of the peacebringer magpies is an honor.” The crab solemnly swore: “I will protect them for as long as I’m alive and will not let anyone set foot in this place.”

With that, Li Qiye set up the nest of the birds on the cliff nearby. The birds seemed satisfied with this new home.

“You all stay here for now.” Li Qiye told the students: “I’ll come to pick you up when I’m done with my business.”

The young ones didn’t know what Li Qiye wanted to do but they agreed.

“Crab, take care of these kids for me too. You’re responsible for them now.” The bull added.

“Boss, they will not be harmed when they are in my valley. No one will get past me.” The crab guaranteed.

The crab sent Li Qiye and the bull off till the entrance of the valley before stopping.

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