Chapter 2876: Golden Eye

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The prodigy didn’t know what to do because of Li Qiye’s sudden shift in attitude.

He was prepared to fight, determined to teach this guy a lesson.

Now, all of his prior plans were ruined because of Li Qiye’s obedience and readiness to apologize to Spiritheart True Emperor.

“You need to show full sincerity while apologizing to the emperor, how will you do that?” The prodigy took a deep breath and said.

“What do I have to do to show sincerity?” Li Qiye said with a smile: “Becoming her ox or horse? Is that enough? Of course, I guess being around a beauty all the time is fine too, I’m more than willing to do so.

“Who says that you get to stay around her?” The prodigy snorted.

“You did? What’s more sincere than acting as someone’s ox or horse? Yes, it’s not a bad idea, I need to try my best to hang around this great beauty. Why don’t you introduce me so I can serve her? As the saying goes - the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first. Hehe, maybe I can eventually win her heart too.” Li Qiye shrugged in response.

“In your dream, you frog wanting to eat swan meat!” The prodigy turned red, fuming with anger.

“Indeed, you got a problem with that?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“You’ve been mocking me?!” The prodigy’s eyes pulsed with a ferocious light, not dumb enough to not realize the sarcasm.

“Why are you getting so serious?” Li Qiye didn’t care about his rage. He chuckled and continued: “You two have no relationship so even if I get together with her, it’s not like I’m stealing your woman. If I remember correctly, she’s betrothed to Metalkin War God, you should be excited if I can break them off.”

“Hmph, nonsense.” The prodigy scowled before falling into silence.

Everyone knew about the engagement between Spiritheart True Emperor and Metalkin War God.

Rumor has it that the latter was already a twelve-palace True Emperor.

He came from Metalkin Divine Court and was a top noble of this race. This background was prestigious beyond imagination. His power also exceeded many geniuses. He was a student in southern Lightless but rarely showed himself there.

The celests had a good relationship with the metalkins. The two were childhood sweethearts too. This marriage was proper due to the two tribes having equal social status.

“I’ll be leaving if there’s nothing else.” Li Qiye smiled and interrupted the silence.

“Not so fast!” The prodigy snorted and instantly blocked Li Qiye’s path with a loud suppression.

“What now? Still unhappy about something?” Li Qiye asked.

“You need to apologize to Spiritheart True Emperor right now or I’ll break your legs and drag you there.” The prodigy coldly said.

“Looks like someone has been whispering in your ears, trying to stir up trouble.” Li Qiye smiled: “Do you really want to curry favor with her? I can teach you how to flirt correctly.”

“Shut up! I will rip out your tongue if you keep talking!” The prodigy shouted, embarrassed.

“How boring.” Li Qiye lazily stretched and lost interest: “Little brat, you’re too innocent to start flirting. What’s the point of forcing me to apologize to her when you don’t even have the courage to admit your feelings? If I were to get close to her, I will be the one taking her and you will never get the chance, brat.”

“Ignorant fool!” The prodigy shouted: “Do you think the likes of you are worthy?! You deserve death for your insolence!”

“Really?” Li Qiye stretched his waist again and waved at the prodigy: “Okay, no more messing around, let me show you a few moves to take your arrogance down a notch.”

The prodigy’s eyes became fierce. After a buzz, arcs of light rotated within his eyes, looking quite magical.

“Good, I want to see what you’re going to do to teach me.” The prodigy laughed from being too angry.

He lived up to his fame as being one of the greatest contemporary geniuses. A half-step Everlasting was no joke.

In fact, he just needed one glance to understand the mysteries and essences behind profound merit laws.

On the road towards the dao, he was the one to educate; others weren’t qualified to teach him.

“I will, don’t worry about that. If I don’t hold back, just one is enough but since you’re so young, I will show you three.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Just one is enough to beat me?” The prodigy laughed again as if this was the funniest thing he had heard since his dao debut. He didn’t believe anyone in this world could take him down so quickly. In fact, he believed he could last around ten moves against Luminous Master or even longer.

“Nothing’s impossible.” Li Qiye looked at him and said: “Don’t cry in a little bit, okay?”

“Good, everyone says that you’re devilish to the extreme but I don’t buy it, let’s see how you’re going to beat me with one move!” The prodigy shouted and became apoplectic.

The whole issue with Spiritheart True Emperor no longer mattered. It was about showing this guy the immensity of heaven and earth.

“Come, do your best.” Li Qiye casually stood there as if the person in front of him was only a random passerby instead of a half-step Everlasting.

“Quite haughty you are.” The prodigy sneered.

He has never been treated in this manner before. Even the top masters such as brilliant emperors treated him seriously during their spars. Li Qiye’s nonchalant demeanor infuriated him, causing him to turn red and tremble with rage.

Nevertheless, he was smart enough to take a deep breath and calmed down, not wanting to make a reckless move.

“I hope you can back your words up!” He snorted and gathered energy.

“Buzz.” His third eye, still closed, lit up with golden strings of light oozing out.

These strings were enough to tear everything in the world, resulting in a state of primordial chaos.

“Ba.” He finally opened it, resulting in something akin to the world itself opening its eye. This looked like the legendary eye of heaven and earth.

The eye seemed to be cast from pure gold of the highest grade, both the eyeball and pupil, then engraved on his forehead.

People could suddenly see an all-seeing eye looming in the sky, capable of clearly taking in everything with a single glance, whether it be something as large as a mountain or as tiny as a mosquito. Even a tiny thread of fungus wouldn’t be able to escape from its sight.

Devilish methods and heaven-defying techniques couldn’t fool it either.

Only powerful cultivators of this tribe could refine their third eye and increasingly add a yellow hue to it, eventually culminating in this so-called golden eye.

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