Chapter 2877: I’ll Be Going First

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This golden eye could see through all illusions and techniques with extreme speed since it was a supreme type of gaze.

The prodigy’s golden eye has reached grand completion. He just needed to open it and see through everything. [1]

“Activate!” He roared and channeled his merit law. The light of the golden eye intensified with more strands rushing out.

With a nearly imperceptible buzz, the entire world has been locked on by this eye.

Time seemed to come to a stop along with the gentle breezes. The momentum and dao of all became exposed with obvious openings and weaknesses.

The prodigy started gazing at Li Qiye with his golden eye. Meanwhile, his opponent chuckled and stood there, letting him do as he pleases.

The illumination of the eye added a golden layer on him, looking just like a golden robe.

The light seemingly penetrated him, wanting to filter out relevant information and analyze them. There was no place for him to hide. Everything about him was about to be exposed.

The prodigy’s expression darkened as he took three loud steps backward and recalled his gaze.

He turned white and stared at Li Qiye in a daze. His eyes were filled with horror as if he had just seen a ghost.

Remember, the gaze allowed him to see through illusions and find the truth. He saw the things he shouldn’t have. Though it only lasted a split second, this was still enough to horrify him.

“There’s something on my face?” Li Qiye smiled, acting as normal as always.

The prodigy staggered backward even more after Li Qiye opened his mouth. In his eyes, this guy was more frightening than a devil right now.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Suddenly, a series of drumming came from the distance, seemingly a summoning call.

“I have other important businesses so I’ll be going first!” The prodigy took a deep breath and left.

His volume was unreasonably loud. Who knows who he was trying to communicate with?

All in all, he turned and left with haste, not because of the summoning call but because he simply wanted to get away from Li Qiye!

“Leaving so soon already?” Li Qiye joked but the youth completely ignored him and disappeared into the horizon.

“Haha, this brat is at least discerning. He saw something taboo and immediately ran.” The bull was very amused.

“This golden eye is not bad, it’s just missing further ignition and tempering. It can be refined into a great treasure.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The youth would be scared out of his mind if he were to hear this.

“Haha, I know there are several amazing geezers in that tribe with eyes not inferior to this brat. Do you want me to take you there so you can make treasures out of them?” The bull smiled deviously.

After all, clawing out the eyes of old monsters and refining them should be exhilarating.

“You just want to cause trouble everywhere. Nah, I will spare him because I adore talents.” Li Qiye looked at the bull and said.

“Haha, that’s the style of a big character for you.” The bull gave chase and flattered: “Sir, look at me, am I not peerless with the perfect constitution? You said you adore talents so you should teach me what to do. How could I perfect my bloodline?”

“Didn’t you claim to be a true immortal? Then this immortal bloodline already flows your veins, no need to temper it any further.” Li Qiye teased the bull.

“Hehehe… there’s a little problem with my bloodline… I need to refine it more to have a chance, yep.” The bull awkwardly laughed.

“Wait until after you defeat your inner demon. That’s when you reach your dao.” Li Qiye casually commented.

“Hmph, that damned Desolate Saint!” The bull gritted its teeth.

“This has nothing to do with Desolate Saint. So what if he’s not around? Don’t you see that old tree demon? Desolate Saint not being around only affected him even more than previously.” Li Qiye said.

“Yeah but he’s a demon, not a person…” The bull wasn’t convinced.

“Being victorious over oneself means being triumphant over all else.” Li Qiye finished with this.

The bull tilted its head, carefully pondering this comment.


Meanwhile, three figures on a mountain have been observing Li Qiye and the bull - Treasure Source True God, Stonecarver True Emperor, and Goldpython True Emperor.

“What’s going on?” The group became confused.

They thought that a battle was about to break out between Li Qiye and the prodigy. However, the prodigy had a strong start but a pathetic finish. He immediately ran after using his heavenly gaze.

“Was he afraid of Li Qiye?” Stonecarver pondered but this didn’t make sense. Even if he was afraid of Li Qiye, a half-step Everlasting shouldn’t have run so fast before battling.

“I don’t think so.” Goldpython didn’t understand either: “It’s logically impossible. I know his personality - arrogance and prideful, never bowing his head to anyone, not even Luminous Master.”

His arrogance was well documented. Everyone understood why he acted this way considering his current achievements and talents. Some believed that he could become a Fardao Everlasting eventually.

Remember, at that point, he would be able to fight against immortal-level progenitors and had no reason to be afraid of Luminous Master.

His peerless talents made him arrogant. Nevertheless, everyone else took it in stride.

Thus, his sudden departure astounded the three.

“He’s not afraid of anyone.” His fellow student, Treasure Source True God, added: “Back in Northern Academy, he sparred against Holyfrost True Emperor before. I don’t know the result but his arrogance remained the same. Yes, he might be apprehensive towards Luminous Master or Orchid Sage, but they definitely can’t make him run without fighting.”

“Right.” The two emperors agreed. This wasn’t the arrogant prodigy’s style, fleeing before fighting.

“Looks like he really had important businesses then.” Goldpython thought of the drumming noises earlier.

“What’s the next step?” Stonecarver asked the true god.

The two emperors were impressed that the true god managed to persuade the prodigy to come looking for trouble, thinking that this guy was indeed capable.

“Let’s go find Goldtypha True Emperor.” The true god answered right away.

“Where is he?” Goldpython frowned. Goldtypha has not shown himself after opening the ancient courtyard.

“My treasure source can find him.” The true god said.

“Good, let’s go then. We’ll make this exciting with a little fighting because this trip has been bland so far.” Stonecarver smiled.

“Indeed.” Goldpython smiled as well.

They didn’t only want the eggs but also wanted to use Li Qiye as a sharpening stone.

1. There was a repeated line here about how he was the current youngest half-step and the first in his tribe to have a golden eye. I omitted it this time. Repeated descriptions actually happened a lot and I’ve been thinking about whether to keep or to omit. Keeping might help remind the readers who skim, but for the careful readers, it becomes an annoyance. I know it bothers me when I see a sentence repeated, especially when the chapters are close together. If it was a description 100 chapters ago, I would definitely keep it in, but 5-10 chapters? That’s a different issue. I normally don’t omit them unless they are really sharp on my mind, like this particular one. It will just be something I have to tread carefully and make my own judgment for readability. Each time this repetition issue comes up, it slows me down a lot since I have to make a judgment call or completely modify what I have translated in order to add the repetition in. I would be translating a lot faster by going literal like the early chapters. With my current style, I still think there is a lot of repetition going on, but that’s because I want to stay true to the raws. I’m one of the translators who believes in staying as close to the source as possible. This is evident in some of the silly names we have by trying to stay too close, but recently, I’ve been shifting towards the side of readability more. As a fun fact for reading this whole thing, the two camps used to be - closer to raws: Me and CKTalon; readability and flexibility: Shanks, Deathblade, Etvolare

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