Chapter 2939: Riding

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Guan Yunpeng was relatively strong but still got scared out of his mind and started running.

“Too late for that.” The bull roared and pursued.

“Activate!” Yunpeng summoned treasures but couldn’t stop the mighty bull.

“Boom!” The bull slammed its head, causing the youth to vomit blood.

The moment he tried to get up, the bull stomped down. He started seeing stars while spitting out more blood.

“Protect the young lord!” The other Eternals got up and tried to save him.

“Boom!” Li Qiye forced them back on the ground with a kick.

“Crack!” Their rib cages broke down in the process as they painted the street with blood.

“Stay down.” He threatened.

These Eternals obediently listened. Plus, they couldn’t get up anyway. The pressure made them feel as if there were millions of mountains piling on them.

Yunpeng looked quite pitiful right now with blood everywhere.

“You, you’re dead!” He got up and roared: “I will exterminate you! And your nine clans!”

He had never experienced such humiliation before. His reputation was ruined after this public beating from a bull.

“Exterminate this!” The bull raised one hoof and slammed it down on the poor youth’s head: “On all four now, I want to ride you!”

The youth saw nothing but stars, completely dazed and confused while suppressed by the bull. He lost control of his body and got on all four like a beast.

The bull jumped on his back; its four hooves pressed down on him and robbed his breath. Bones issued cracking noises all over but he couldn’t move at all.

“Go, horsey, go!” The bull smacked the youth’s butt without showing any mercy.

“Bam!” The smack knocked him forward, causing him to start crawling.

This scene was hilarious and pitiful - a black bull riding the youth. The bull really carried out its threat.

“Faster, horsey, faster!” The bull kept on kicking the youth’s butt. The faster the kicking, the faster the crawling speed.

It didn’t take long before they circled around this street several times.

Many wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to.

“I, I will kill you!” Yunpeng shouted: “I’m gonna rip out your skin and drink your-”

The bull repeatedly stomped the youth’s head, resulting in huge bumps everywhere.

“You’re my mount right now, don’t talk back!” The bull roared, looking very unbridled: “Go, go!”

This abnormal scene was indeed the first for many, especially when the victim was such an influential figure.

“The Guan and Strong Grass won’t let this go.” A spectator shook their head.

“At least it’ll be fun to watch.” Another gloated.

Guan Yunpeng’s prestigious status was unquestionable. Today, a bull rode him before everyone. His system would never forgive this issue due to the damage inflicted on its reputation.

Meanwhile, Yunpeng wanted nothing more than to hide inside a pit.

“Enough, let him go.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The bull jumped off Yunpeng and glared at him: “I will spare your life today because Sir asks me to. Next time, I will ride you to death, understand, horsey?”

Being called “horsey” did quite a number on the youth. He nearly fainted from anger.

“I swear to have vengeance for today or I will stop being a man-” He raged.

“Bam!” Unfortunately, he didn’t finish before the bull knocked him unconscious.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” It stomped down a dozen more times, seemingly addicted.

Yunpeng’s head was bloodied and nearly disfigured. The bull seemed happy with the result: “That phrase doesn’t apply because you’re not human, just a nice horsey.”

Li Qiye thought that the youth was courting death. The bull could have easily killed their entire group long ago.

The suppressed Eternals were ashamed and furious. They were responsible for protecting Yunpeng. Who would have thought that such a humiliating event would happen under their watch?

“I’m not killing anyone today, stay far away from me since I won’t be so nice next time.” Li Qiye finally pulled back his foot and glanced at them.

They restrained their anger and didn’t dare to do anything after the previous attempt. Li Qiye and the bull were far stronger. Forcing the issue would only end in further humiliation.

“What is your name?” One person from Strong Grass asked, unable to hold back.

“Oh? Want revenge later?” Li Qiye turned around and looked at them.

“Strong Grass isn’t so easily bullied! I will report this to the sect and the progenitor! He’ll stand up for us!” The True God said.

Everyone held their breath while looking at Li Qiye. The progenitor in question here was Orchid Sage. Who wouldn’t be afraid of one?

“Idiot, you court death for threatening me with Orchid Sage.” Li Qiye snorted.

“Watch out!” The other Eternals shouted but it was too late.

“Boom!” This True God exploded into a bloody mist after being stomped by Li Qiye. He didn’t even have the chance to scream.

The crowd was horrified by this brutal display of force.

“Orchid Sage would be stomping you all for ruining his reputation.” Li Qiye added, as nonchalant as ever as if he had just killed a cockroach.

“Fool.” The bull laughed while glaring at the disciples from Strong Grass.

No one else dared to say anything and could only watch Li Qiye and the bull leave.

“This brat is so vicious, is he not afraid of revenge? Who is he?” A spectator took a deep breath.

“No idea.” Some exchanged glances.

“He calls himself Fiercest.” Someone quietly said before leaving right away, not daring to elaborate.

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