Chapter 2943: Supreme True Emperor

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Flying Sword Marvel - a person true to her title - a marvelous existence.

She was heaven’s favorite - hailing from a noble clan on top of possessing unmatched talents, destined to be brilliant since birth.

She was second to Three-eyed Prodigy in terms of age for being a half-step Everlasting, albeit only by six months. This was still an incredible feat.

That’s why her arrival stole the attention of all the young prodigies.

“So beautiful, she’s the prettiest I’ve ever seen.” One prodigy said while looking at her peerless features.

“Welcome, Fairy Xi.” A manager from Arrogance personally greeted her with the highest ceremonial style.

Few in Immortal Lineage were worthy of this reception. Ultimately, not many could match her in terms of status and power.

“Thank you, Elder Ye.” She revealed a breathtaking smile. The youths nearby were bewildered and charmed.

Everyone watched her disappear into the branch’s jade hall. Some youths still didn’t regain their sanity for a long time even though she was long gone.

Other big shots preferred keeping it low-key unlike her. Alas, a true dragon was still a true dragon regardless of its best attempt to remain unnoticed. Its tail would still be seen, not to mention the accompanying rain.

Keeping a low profile after reaching a certain power level was a difficult task.

A man walked in from the western gate without any follower, impressive mount, or expensive carriage.

His pace seemed slow but the scene ahead was constantly changing due to his amazing speed.

He took his time strolling through the streets filled with people and carriages. People were sweating from being shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers.

On the other hand, he treated the place like his own garden, seemingly basking in the beautiful sceneries to the left and right.

He didn’t activate any technique or aura during this walk. However, people still instinctively made way, not daring to get close.

This was akin to a tiger in a forest. It didn’t need to show its fangs or roar and everything would still keep a distance, even the little creatures unaware of what it was.

This phenomenon manifested in a magical manner on these streets. The man moved as freely as a fish in the water despite the mass.

He wore a yellow robe with golden stitches, looking as dominant and stately as can be. His staunch eyes deterred others from meeting his gaze. They would back off with fear after noticing.

“Supreme True Emperor!” A cultivator from the previous generation finally recognized him and bowed.

The man smiled and continued forward.

“Supreme True Emperor?” People haven’t seen him before but have heard of his title.

All eyes fell upon this man whose presence demanded respect.

“Is he really?” Most didn’t recognize him.

“Yes.” An expert who had met him before confirmed with a nod.

“The emperor is very low-key.” Some were surprised to see him hiding all of his auras and lacking followers.

Most big shots, even the ones wanting to stay inconspicuous, still rode divine carriages or had guards. Others couldn’t get close to them.

On the other hand, Supreme True Emperor was all by himself.

“Your Majesty.” Now that people have recognized him, the ones nearby started to bow out of respect. Many started quietly talking about him too.

The emperor wasn’t affected at all and continued his stroll.

“How exciting that he’s here, I wonder if Luminous Master and Orchid Sage will come too.” Discussion started.

“Yes, an emperor from High Sun Pavilion, so prestigious. Maybe the two progenitors will join as well.” Another expert speculated. [1]

People felt nothing but reverence for High Sun Pavilion, even the strongest masters present or those from powerful systems.

High Sun wasn’t a sect or a system. It was a relatively unconsolidated alliance.

The brilliant Progenitor Gao Yang created the alliance, not for the sake of leaving a legacy behind but rather, a point for the strongest cultivators with the same mindset to meet.

The pavilion passed down with greater prosperity. More and more powerful masters continued to join.

Normally, only the best emperors and progenitors were eligible. The selection requirements were extremely stringent. Plus, it didn’t recruit disciples either under normal circumstances. The rare disciples of this organization seldomly showed up in the world.

Supreme True Emperor was special. He was rumored to have been taught by several old ancestors of High Sun.

He didn’t let them down either and was most likely an eleven-palace or even twelve-palace emperor, depending on the sources.

He never bragged about his background either. In a certain sense, he was actually a vagabond since he didn’t belong to a particular system or sect.

Of course, a true vagabond wouldn’t have the same advantages as he did.

“Please forgive our late reception, Your Majesty Supreme.” Someone from Arrogance immediately came out to greet him.

Moreover, some members of Sky Pass Legion went up to greet him too.

This was surprising to the spectators. A while ago, big shots like Flying Sword Marvel were greeted by Arrogance workers but not the legion.

“I heard High Sun greatly supported Tai Yinxi in his attempt to become commander.” An expert aware of the situation revealed.

“I see.” The ones nearby understood.

“I apologize for the inconvenience, legion members.” The emperor cupped his fist, never assuming the haughty posture of an emperor from start to finish.

“You’re too kind, Your Majesty. The commander is occupied with business and can’t see you himself, please don’t take offense.” A soldier said.

He entered the enterprise, attracting the attention of many spectators.

“This auction will be hot like never before. It won’t be easy to get our items.” A few older masters became worried after seeing the powerful participants.

1. High Sun = Gao Yang. Still not sure if this is a name or a title

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